AONB DPD Response – Sites

S41 36 Lindeth Road Silverdale Silverdale
S46 Kayes Garden Centre, Lindeth Road Silverdale Silverdale
S47 Land Between 10B And 12 Lindeth Road Silverdale Silverdale
S56 Land South Of Whinney Fold Silverdale Silverdale
S58 Land West of Lindeth Road Silverdale
All of these sites comprise the area of Whinney Fold through to Kays Nursery which when linked form a large development site. Site 47 already has existing permission for a dwelling, but could also be used as access to other sites. The old nursery is a ‘brownfield ‘ site, that is to say the top part where the shops etc were situated, and with easy access on to Lindeth Rd. The rest of the nursery, where the greenhouses are is not necessarily considered brownfield, and there is a large area of limestone pavement. Waithmans is also a listed building and any development needs to take into account impact upon the historical aspects of that site. Many comments were submitted when the consultation on Whinney Fold occurred earlier this year and they apply still. Flooding occurs in parts of this site and there will be drainage issues. Visual impact upon the area, apart from the houses adjacent to the development sites, will be limited. Concerns re access and a possible ‘through’ road are real.

S42 Blue Hills Cottage, Spring Bank Silverdale Silverdale
This is the subject of an existing planning permission and indeed a dwelling has already been built. Further dwellings would exacerbate access issues down Spring Bank and are inappropriate.

S43 Elmslack Field, Cove Road Silverdale Silverdale
S57 Land South of Windyridge, Walling’s Lane Silverdale
These sites are adjacent and could comprise a large development site, which is infill. There is the aspect of visual impact to consider, particularly as the eastern boundary is next to open space, a playground and bowling green.

S44 Hawes Villa, Moss Lane Silverdale Silverdale
S52 Land East of Hawes Villa, Moss Lane Silverdale Silverdale
Currently agricultural use. Access is down a narrow lane, flooding an issue given proximity of Haweswater Moss, as well as visual impact on this area. Detached from village centre, no public transport available. Haweswater is an SSSI.

S45 Hawthorn Bank, Cove Road Silverdale Silverdale
No comment

S48 Land East of Lindeth Close Silverdale Silverdale
Area with limestone pavement and currently a public amenity area. Footpath through it, no access except by a private road. Abounds National Trust land.

S49 Land East Of 12 Emesgate Lane Silverdale Silverdale
Would be a ‘brownfield’ site and within village centre.

S50 Land East Of St Johns Avenue Silverdale Silverdale
A large area for development, more than current housing needs identify. Access limited. Visual impact from northwest would be intrusive. It would extend the current developed village boundary.

S51 Land North Of Woodlands Cottage, Woodlands Drive Silverdale
Site of historic garden, steep ground and has blanket TPO on it. Access limited.

S53 Land South East Of Woodlands Hotel Silverdale Silverdale
Access to this site would be via a private road, our understanding is that the owner of the drive is against the development of this site.

S54 Land South Of Cove Drive Silverdale Silverdale
Greenfield on sloping site, currently susceptible to flooding and drainage issues.

S55 Land South of Park Road and East of the Row Silverdale Silverdale
Detached from village. Could have detrimental visual impact.

S70 Railway Goods Yard, Red Bridge Lane 1 Silverdale
A ‘brownfield’ site, has potential for extending the carparking for the railway station and/or light commercial use. Detached from village.

S98 Sixteen Buoys, Ford Lane Waterslack Silverdale
Footpath goes through site. Steep ground. Detached from village.
A2 Arnside Edge, Far Arnside
Detrimental visual impact, isolated from village, would impair current public amenity. Drainage issues given adjoins sea.
A97 Middlebarrow Quarry
Detached from village. Access down narrow lane and would mean reintroduction of level crossing over railway – Network Rail currently have policy of reducing crossing points and are unlikely to allow this.