1st August 2016

11326 Un-confirmed Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday, 1st August 2016.
11327 Present: Chairman – T.G. (Terry) Bond, Councillors, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, N. (Nigel) Ribbons and D. (David) Sandiford, the Clerk – L.D. (Denise) Challenor and 2 members of the public.
11328 Apologies for Absence: Councillors P.N. (Paul) Williams, K. (Keith) Palmer, S.L. (Shirley) Mason, J. (John) Bennett; City Councillor N. (Nigel) Goodrich and the Deputy Clerk – S.D. (Sue) Hayward.
11329 Declarations of Members’ interests relating to any items appearing on the agenda.

11330 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The Minutes of an Ordinary Council Meeting held on Monday, 4th July 2016 were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

11331 Information about matters arising from the Minutes of previous meetings, not covered by the Agenda.
• 11292 Cllrs Bond, Houghton and Bennett had had a meeting with several trustees from the Institute Committee. There was a discussion about future plans for the Institute and some of the issues the Council felt were relevant. The trustees do not intend to change their decision on Parish Council representation on the Silverdale Institute Committee.
• 11305 There is now a new bus timetable but still some problems to resolve. Mr D
Porter from City Council is trying to arrange a meeting with Lancashire County Council.
• 11318 Envirocare were not able to give a discount for payment by BACS; RESOLVED to arrange to pay them via the BACS system anyway.
• 11321 Mrs Hartley has agreed to fund a replacement seat in memory of her husband.
• 11311 The updates on the External Service Requests chart was considered and a copy of the response regarding Footpath 22 was passed to a resident of Elmslack Close.
• 11322 The wall which was damaged at the War Memorial site has now been repaired.

11332 Matters raised by Members of the Public for future Consideration – None.

11333 Report from City Councillor Nigel Goodrich
• No success to date in obtaining the information regarding the proposed library closures that is necessary to make an informed appeal against.

11334 Reports from any meetings attended by Members, or the Clerk – None.

11335 Correspondence
The following items of correspondence received since the last meeting were noted and any decisions made as indicated:
a) A resident writes about the recording of the Minutes in the public participation section of June’s meeting and asks for additional information to be added. (Received and forwarded to Cllr.s 4/7/16) – RESOLVED The relevant Minutes were considered to be correct and the clerks response to this letter appropriate.
b) The Institute writes to say why they do not want a representative from the Council on their Committee and lists their progress on serving the village needs.
c) A response from Highways to say all jobs are inspected and prioritised and to allow 20 working days before requesting an update. (Emailed 12/7/16)
d) Carnforth Rotary Club write to ask if Bleasdale House children can be involved in planting purple crocus bulbs “purple for polio” in a designated patch of parish council land. – The island on St John’s Close is thought to be the only suitable place.
e) Came and County advice that the Council’s insurance is changing it’s trading style and company number to 1163431 and regulatory number to 309340 due to joining Stackhouse Poland.
f) Lune Valley Rural Housing Association’s Annual Report and Financial Statements 2016. – Former Chairman of the Council Mr John Eden can no longer by the Council’s representative. A replacement is not thought to be necessary.
g) Notice of new number (105) to dial if there are power cuts in the area. (Emailed 22/7/16) – This number will be recorded on the Emergency Plan and put in “Parish Jottings”.
h) Clarke Telecom www.clarke-telecom.com inform of a proposed upgrade to telecommunications radio base station installation on land on Hilderstone Farm, Hilderston Lane, Burton in Kendal. LA5 9RR – This may improve reception.

11336 Planning Matters:
(a) The following Planning Applications were dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25a, and comments made as indicated:.
• .16/00749/FUL 4 Yew Tree Gardens. Erection of porch extension, conversion of garage to study and installation of 2 windows. – No objections to design but if original planning was based on 2 parking spaces, the change of the garage will reduce that space.
• 16/00831/FUL Scout Camp, The Row. Installation of a 0.6 metre transmission dish attached to existing mast with associated cabling and fixing.- No comments.
(b) The following Planning Applications were considered and comments made as indicated:
• 16/0865/FUL Former Tearoom, 36 Lindeth Road Demolition of tearoom and erection of a 2 storey dwelling and detached garage with association landscaping and creation of a new vehicular access point. – OBJECTIONS on the following grounds:
1. No case has been put forward to say the business is not viable. It is still commercial premises closed by the owner on own volition.
2. Sewage tank is not suitable, it’s commercial and does not operate successfully on significantly reduced input.
3. Dwelling too close to northern boundary.
• 16/00017/HAS The Sun House, Lindeth Road. (Appeal) Erection of a 2 storey side extension. -No further comments.
• 16/00893/FUL 25 St Johns Avenue. Erection of a single storey rear extension. – No objections.

11337 Parish Public Seats – a review and proposals for repairs and replacements was considered and all remedial work was approved at an estimated cost of £1165 plus any additional contractor hours. It is hoped that the WI might agree to fund the materials for the seat opposite ‘The Royal’. Cllr. Bennett will make the approach.
Mrs Hartley is willing to replace the seat by the Co-op and would like the help of the Parish Council to achieve this. Cllr. Bond will speak to Arthur Graves before going ahead with a new seat as it thought to be his land that the bench will be seated on.
The bench currently beside the waste bin at Woodwell will be relocated to Stankelt Road to provide a resting place en-route from the railway station.
Cllr.s Bennett and Houghton will make all necessary arrangements and repairs including obtaining the services of a sandblaster to remove the many layers of paint on two bench frames.
The clerk to ask Stefan to neaten the grass round the benches concrete plinths. There is now a spare concrete plinth on the shore for any other donated bench.

11338 Waste Water/Sewerage (Off Mains Systems)
New regulations together with publicity material to help inform and guide; Owners, Duty Holders and Users has been collated by Cllr. Bennett. He has also drafted an information sheet to put before the public but it was considered to need further details. RESOLVED to put it on the agenda for September.

11339 Urgent Action (other than Planning) taken under the provisions of Standing Order 25:
25(a) Parish Council Property and Functions – None.
25(b) Non-Parish Council Property and Functions – None.

11340 Finance
a) RESOLVED to authorise payments and sign cheques for the following accounts:
• Paul Williams, toilet cleaning, £225.83 cheque 1184.
• Envirocare, contractor, £199.99 cheque 1185.
• British Gas, toilets, by BACs £16.59
• British Gas, clock, by BACs £22.90
• Kenneth A Fraser Ltd, war memorial inscription, £144.00, cheque 1186.
• S Laws, contractor work, £196.25 + £79.32 strimming = £275.57, cheque 1187
• Andrew Bodenham, toilet supplies, £16.05, cheque 1188.

c) Expenditure for essential playground repairs. This decision was suspended until after the Playground Meeting.

Once the meeting was reconvened the expenditure of an estimated £1008 was approved. Since the Budget 2016-17 allowed £1500 for benches and playground repairs; the remaining amount estimated at £868 will be taken out of reserves.

d) The Clerk informed the Council that the Annual Return has been amended by removing the toilet rate from box 2 and adding it to box 3 as per instructed by the External Auditors.

11341 Charities The Clerk confirmed that the three charities Annual Submissions have been made to the Charity Commission for 2015-2016.

11342 Risk Assessment/Insurance
This will be an agenda item again in September. Consideration should be given as to whether to add the wall round the War Memorial onto the insurance cover. (Insurance doc. and risk assessment emailed to Cllrs. 25/7/16)

11343 Millenium Clock RESOLVED Cllr. Houghton will approach the sandblasters chosen to work on the benches to paint the Millenium clock as it is expected they will have both skills.

11344 Emergency Plan
The Gaskell Hall Committee have agreed to allow the Hall to be used in the event of an Emergency.
It has yet to be confirmed whether the equipment can be stored in the Gaskell Hall.
The allocation of funds following the invitation for applications requesting grants has yet to be decided.
To ask the Gaskell Hall committee to obtain quotes from two electricians to fit a socket to the outside of the Hall. Cllr. Sandiford agreed to oversee this work.
Cllr. Sandiford will only progress with the formation of an Emergency Plan when the funding for equipment is in place. Parish Council insurance will be amended to include cover for the new equipment.
Cllr. Bond asked Cllr. Sandiford to keep him up to date with developments.

11345 Library
The report received from the library service did not contain the information most needed by the Council, despite three requests made under the ‘Freedom of Information Act’ and a appeal for support made to D Morris MP. The criteria for deciding closure, which was outlined under Annex 1 Weighting and Scoring Methodology, includes various points and it is the results from this that Silverdale Parish Council has been trying to obtain. Without such information it is difficult to structure comments and in particular objections to closure of the library. RESOLVED To send the letter Cllr. Bond has circulated round the Councillors, to Chief Executive of Lancashire County Council, Ms Jo Turton. Also, contact Bolton-le-Sands and Carnforth clerks to see what they are doing about the loss of their libraries. Contact NALC to ask about starting a Legal Challenge to force County Council to verify the due process has been gone through, before it’s decision to close the libraries.

11346 Neighbourhood Plan Information obtained from D Porter (Emailed 10/7/16) regarding the production of a Neighbourhood Plan showed it was though to be an expensive process and possibly unnecessary. What would be put into it? The Chairman will invite feedback from the parishioners via ‘Parish Jottings’ and they will be taken into consideration in the October meeting.

11347 Dog Fouling and Dog Control. – there are some reported issues of regular non-compliance to the Lancaster City Council regulatory requirements that are currently in place. RESOLVED to adjourn discussion until September.

11348 Items for Information
• A resident has commented that Bankwell is very overgrown and needs clearing.
• The war memorial trees are in need of a trim.

11349 Suggestions for Future agenda Items.
Risk Assessment/Insurance – September (Renewal due 1/10/16)
Dog Fouling and Dog Control – September
Waste Water/Sewerage (Off Mains Systems) – September
Meeting dates/venue – November.
Emergency Plan – September.
Neighbourhood Plan – October

11350 Date of the Next Meeting
Monday 5th September 2016; Items for the agenda and copies of reports to reach the Clerk before 29th August.

Mrs Denise Challenor,
Clerk to the Council