5th December 2016
11429 Un-confirmed Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday, 5th December 2016.
11430 Present: Chairman – T.G. (Terry) Bond, Councillors J. (John) Bennett, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, S.L. (Shirley) Mason, K. (Keith) Palmer, N. (Nigel) Ribbons, D. (David) Sandiford and P.N. (Paul) Williams, the Clerk – L.D. (Denise) Challenor, the Deputy Clerk – S.D. (Sue) Hayward, City Councillor N. (Nigel) Goodrich and 5 members of the public.
11431 Apologies for Absence: PC 2675 Andrew Massingham.
11432 Receipt of Declarations of Members’ Interests Relating to any Items Appearing on the Agenda
11433 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Monday, 7th November were approved then signed by the Chairman.
11434 Receipt of Information about Matters Arising from the Minutes of Previous Meetings, not Covered by the Agenda
11389 – The Clerk reported that Mr Dave Berry (Highways) is unable to give the parish council a copy of the survey of the drain on Shore Road as it’s a confidential report for Lancashire County Council (Lancs. CC).
11399 – Councillor Bennett advised that the lights for the Christmas tree in the children’s playground are in place and working. RESOLVED to keep the tree lights used previously in case other groups in the village would like to borrow them. It was noted that the lights currently in use may also be borrowed by other groups after Christmas until needed again next year.
11400 – Councillor Bennett reported that Cooper Electrical have provided a copy of the completion certificate for this council’s records.
11414 – Councillor Mason advised that the Treasurer for Silverdale United Charites is looking for someone to help with the accounts.
11415 – Councillor Bennett read from the Environment Agency’s “General binding rules” wherein the regulations for wastewater/sewage disposal facilities are clear; RESOLVED that he draft another letter to Mr Andrew Dobson, Chief Officer (Regeneration & Planning), Lancaster City Council (Lancaster CC). It was noted that the sewage from some properties in Silverdale discharges to open water and that by 1st January 2020 they will need to upgrade their systems.
11426 – The Clerk reported that she has checked the situation regarding business rates following a letter from the Valuation Office Agency and the public toilets are not affected.
11434 Matters Raised by Members of the Public for Future Consideration
1. A resident commented on how she, and many others, find the bus service to be invaluable. She thanked Members for their hard work in enabling a service to be maintained and would like villagers to be reminded to use it.
2. Supplies of the Friends of Silverdale Station (FOSS) newsletter are available in the newsagents and an order has been raised for a pair of cast iron ends for a bench.

11435 Update from the Community Police Officer
PC Massingham had sent his apologies; PC 3573 Robert Barnsley had also been invited to attend, but hadn’t been in contact. A police report was not available. RESOLVED that the Clerk write to the police expressing disappointment that the council hadn’t been informed of the change of Police Officer for Silverdale (having only found out about it by chance) and that there had been no response to the invitation for a representative to attend the meeting.
Councillor Williams advised that the police are taking the incidents of vandalism at the toilets seriously.
11436 Report from City Councillor Nigel Goodrich
Councillor Goodrich reported that: 1. he has spoken to both Mr Dobson and Mr David Porter (Senior Planner, Lancaster CC Regeneration and Planning Service) about the issue of wastewater/sewage disposal facilities and that Mr Porter will investigate this matter further; 2. he is awaiting a response from Lancaster CC regarding the Silverdale Parish Council/ Lancaster CC toilet contract and funding; 3. he had attended a presentation on Lancs. CC’s property strategy and advised that buildings providing multi-services and/or catering for multi-communities are favoured.
11437 Reports on any Meetings Attended by Members or the Clerk
Councillor Houghton advised that he had met with Mr Berry about the drains on Shore Road.
11438 Urgent Action Taken in Accordance with Standing Order 25 (other than Planning)
25(a) Parish Council Property and Functions
It was noted that: (1) the expenditure for the children’s playground Christmas tree lights and electricity works had been authorised and arranged; (2) the vandalism in the ladies’ toilets had been reported to the police.
25(b) Non-Parish Council Property and Functions

11439 Correspondence
Receipt of the following items of correspondence was noted and circulated:
a) North West Coastal Access update;
b) AONB responses to 16/01982 /FUL Hawthorne Bank, planning application;
c) copy of response from Mr David Morris MP to Ms P. Davies regarding the closure of Silverdale library;
d) notice of Draft Development Management Policies DPD Consultation with dates for public participation events;
e) LALC write with an invitation to a meeting on the Transparency Code on 7th December;
f) Lancs. CC Parish Champion Newsletter – highlighting an invitation to a meeting on transport on 10th December;
g) LALC notice of their meeting on 5th December 7.30 with minutes of the previous meeting. Details of a vacancy for a Clerk for Overton;
h) Mr William Griffith from Lancaster CC has requested to meet with the Council regarding the lease for the public toilets – it was noted that Councillor Bond will meet with him on 7th December;
i) Ms Sue Hunter supplies a copy of the AONB responses to two of the recent planning applications – one being in Silverdale;
j) LALC advise of a parish council workshop on sustaining a bus service and alternatives, to be held on 10th December 10.00-12.30 at Preston – it was noted that Councillor Bennett will attend;
k) a resident suggests the provision of a footpath between Holgate’s and the Cove House bend;
l) Lancs. CC inform that part of public footpath No 39 off Redbridge Lane will continue to be closed for works until 25th December;
m) a resident writes to request that the Council does something to improve the condition of the Woodwell footpath in the dip off Stankelt Road. It was noted, however, that this isn’t parish council land;
n) Lancs. CC Winter Update;
o) Clerk and Councils Direct;
p) Keer to Kent.
11440 Planning
(1) It was noted that the following planning applications were dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25a and comments made as indicated:
16/01449/AD The Sheiling, Slackwood Lane. Agricultural determination for the erection of an agricultural storage building. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
(2) The following planning applications were considered and comments made as indicated:
16/01334/FUL 18 Stankelt Road. Construction of a dormer extension, a first-floor balcony and external staircase to the rear. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS;
16/01393/FUL Red Bridge, Moss Lane. Demolition of existing agricultural buildings and erection of two replacement agricultural buildings. RESOLVED to follow the recommendations and comments made by the AONB detailed in their letter of 22nd November to Lancaster CC and copied to this council;
SL/20161044 development.management@southlakeland.gov.uk South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) application to demolish the existing buildings and replace with 25 static caravans. It was noted that details will be on the SLDC’s website when required final information is supplied and that this council is unable to discuss this matter until the specific proposals are available.

(3) It was noted that no decisions had been advised by Lancaster CC.

11441 Annual Parish Meeting
RESOLVED to book the Gaskell Hall for Wednesday, 15th March for the Annual Parish Meeting, if possible, and to invite a speaker from the Environment Agency.

11442 2017 Meetings
RESOLVED to book the Silverdale Institute on the dates circulated with the agenda for the parish council’s monthly meetings.

11443 Library and Information Hub
Councillor Bennett reported on a meeting that the library working sub group has had with a representative of the Lancs. CC Asset Transfer Team. Lancs. CC went through the application and confirmed that the proposed community operated library and information hub would qualify for community asset transfer and will firm up on their decision to offer the building by the end of January. It was noted that the sub group wish to carry out further research and investigations prior to a final decision being made and asked if they have the support of Members in doing this. RESOLVED to continue to support the group and to pay up to £250 to cover the costs incurred when researching etc. Members thanked the sub group for all their work in pursuing this project.

11444 BT Broadband cabinets
Members discussed the revised locations of the cabinets on Stankelt Road and The Chase.
11445 Mobile phone masts
a) Councillor Bond believes that the plan to fit a mast inside the church tower is going ahead and noted that Silverhelme Scout Camp had been suggested as another location.

b) RESOLVED that Councillor Bennett draft a letter to Mr David Morris MP asking him to support the British Infrastructure Group report.

11446 Phone Boxes
It was noted that the Lancaster Guardian has reported that BT have earmarked 2 phone boxes in Silverdale for removal. RESOLVED to investigate the possibility of this council adopting the phone box at the junction of Elmslack Lane/ Cove Road and fitting it with a defibrillator and to agree to the phone box on Park Road being removed. Further RESOLVED that the Clerk contact the Fire Service to ask why the 999 public phone has been taken out of the fire station.

11447 Finance
(a) It was noted that no payments had been received since the last meeting.
(b) RESOLVED to authorise payment and sign cheques for the following accounts:
Mr S. Laws (contractor) £196.25 (1218)
FOSS (s137 grant for station bench ironwork) £350.00 (1219)
Mr J. Bennett (library posters) £10.00 (1220)
Mr P. Williams (toilet cleaning and supplies) £258.31 (1221)
Lancaster City Council (mats and repairs to playground) £1035.00 (1222)
Mrs L. D. Challenor (reimbursement/lights4fun) £74.43 (1223)
North West Air Ambulance (s137 donation) £300.00 (1225)
Community and Seasonal Engineering (Christmas lights) £450.00 (1226)
Lancaster City Council (s137 AONB donation) £700.00 (1227)
Silverdale Village Contact Group (s137 grant) £106.00 (1228)
United Utilities (water/toilets) £99.70 (BACS)
Envirocare (contractor) £199.99 (BACS)
Silverdale Children’s Playground Charity £25.00 (standing order – 22nd November)
(c) RESOLVED to authorise the budgeted s137 grant of £700 to the AONB.
(d) RESOLVED to authorise the Silverdale Village Contact group request for a s137 grant of £106 towards the production of the annual directory.
(e) RESOLVED to include £3,000 for matting to the runway of the aerial slide and £500 for the repair of benches in the budget. It was noted that budget now totals £30,942; RESOLVED to ask for this as the precept amount.

11448 Draft AONB Development Plan Document (DPD)
It was noted that the draft DPD is available and comments are invited by 5th January. RESOLVED that Councillor Bond draft a response based on the comments made by this council last year and which are published on the Silverdale Parish Council website.

11449 Bench at Burton Well
It was noted that a new bench has been installed at Burton Well made with wood donated by the National Trust (from Eaves Wood) and transported by the National Trust to the site. RESOLVED to send a letter of thanks to the National Trust. It was noted that the person who made the bench wishes to be anonymous.

11450 Risk Management
It was noted that Councillor Bennett has found a generic Risk Assessment template on the Lancs. CC website which contains a list of prompts to help users create an adequate risk assessment for many different situations. He has also obtained copies of Heath and Safety statements from a number of parish councils, which, again, can be used as a basis for producing one for Silverdale. RESOLVED that Councillor Bennett draft the risk management documents for Silverdale and circulate them to Members.

11451 Public Toilets
It was noted that the ladies’ toilets are currently being locked at night following the recent incidents of vandalism. RESOLVED to put up a notice stating that CCTV cameras are operating in the area.

11452 External Services Report
It was noted that this had been circulated with the agenda. The report was discussed and updated.

11453 Items for Information
1. Councillor Bennett advised that a Tree Preservation Order is now effective at Woodwell.
2. Councillor Sandiford reported that an electrician will be fitting the cabling for a generator at the Gaskell Hall before Christmas.
11454 Suggestions for Future Agenda Items
1. Emergency plan
11455 Date of Next Meeting
It was noted that the date of the next meeting is Thursday, 5th January 2017. Items for the agenda and reports to reach the Clerk before 27th December 2016.
Sue D. Hayward
Deputy Clerk to the Council