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5th March 2007

8423 Un-confirmed Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday, 5th March 2007.

8424 Present: Chairman – Councillor P. (Peter) Roberts, Councillors C.J. (John) Eden, S. (Susan) Fletcher, T.B. (Bernard) Fryer, R.M. (Ralph) Henderson, the Deputy Clerk – S.D. (Sue) Hayward, PC1118 John Bassinder, District Councillor S.M. (Sarah) Fishwick,
 Mr Paul Holgate and 6 members of the public.

8425 Address from, and Discussion with, Mr Paul Holgate regarding the Playing Field
 Mr Paul Holgate advised that he wishes to continue with the maintenance of, and small projects on, the playing field and to be paid a nominal amount for this. Mr Holgate listed the outstanding jobs and new projects as follows:
 1.  The entrance gate is in need of urgent attention (it does not shut properly).
 2.  The signage is to be put in place.
 3.  4-5 litter bins are to be provided, these will be emptied at the same time as the grass is cut.
 4.  Bulbs will be planted around the edge of the field.
 5.  A tree will be planted, and a bench fitted, in the space between the toddler play area and the bowling green.
 6.  The ‘scrub’ area, at the top of the field, will be cleared.
 7.  Consideration is being given to a seat under the lime tree.
 8.  A beech hedge is to be planted with a view to, eventually, providing hedging all the way round the playground. An old hedge has been removed and this has already been replaced with new hedging.
 9.  Another Christmas tree is to be planted to replace the one planted for Christmas 2006.
 10.  Councillor Fletcher agreed to act as the Member who will liaise with Mr Holgate.
 Members wished to record their thanks to the Holgate family for their contribution to the field and appreciation of their continued enthusiasm.

8426 Apologies for Absence: Councillors J. (John) Burrow, A.W. (Arthur) Graves, A.J. (Tony) Houghton and the Clerk – P.G. (Peter) Challenor.

8427 Receipt of Declarations of Members’ Interests Relating to any Items Appearing on the Agenda

8428 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
 The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Monday, 5th February were approved and then signed by the Chairman.

8429 Receipt of Information about Matters Arising from the Minutes of Previous Meetings, not Covered by the Agenda
 Councillor Eden referred to item 8406 regarding the gate by the cattle grid at The Shore, the small gate is in need of rehanging due to the difficulty of passing through the opening. RESOLVED that this matter be referred to the Highways department. Councillor Eden also reported that the public telephone on Park Road (item 8420 1. (b)) has now been repaired.
8430 Matters Raised by Members of the Public for Future Consideration
 A member of the public referred to the letter sent to this Council by Mrs Lawton (agenda item 10, correspondence item 14) and expressed her concern about the lack of provision for bridleways in the parish, she handed this Council a document indicating suggested routes which could be adapted as bridleways. Many of the existing bridleways are fragmented and are not sign posted. There is an increasing number of horse riders in the area and the roads are becoming busier. Bridleways are used by cyclists, walkers and other users as well as by riders.

8431 Update from the Community Police Officer
 PC Bassinder gave a verbal update. One crime had been reported in February – a stone trough had been stolen from a garden in Stankelt Road. Councillor Eden thanked the Lancashire Constabulary for organising the St. Valentine’s tea dance which had been an enjoyable event.

8432 Report from County and District Councillor Sarah Fishwick Councillor Fishwick gave a verbal report on the following: (1)  the problem with rubbish at Gaskell Close, the owner of the land concerned has still not been identified. RESOLVED to ask Councillor Fishwick to seek the advice of Lancaster City Council (Lancaster CC) as to how this matter can be dealt with, (2)  the works to the level crossing which have resulted in damage to the verges etc (where the vehicles had been parked), the fencing is also unsatisfactory. RESOLVED to ask Councillor Fishwick to raise these matters with Lancashire County Council (Lancs. CC). RESOLVED to ask Councillor Fishwick to also pursue the 20mph traffic scheme for Emesgate Lane.

8433 Reports on any Meetings Attended by Members, or the Clerk
 Limestone Heritage Lottery Project
 Councillor Henderson had attended the final meeting on 21st February at which there had been a review of the Project; the 2 main failures were the failure to provide a ramp from Silverdale station to the RSPB car park, and the lack of cooperation from some local landowners with regards the provision of new bridleways to benefit riders, walkers, cyclists etc.

8434 Correspondence
 Receipt of the following items of correspondence was noted and any action determined as indicated:
 1.  Lancaster CC  –  Letter notifying of the bid for Unitary status.
 2.  AONB Landscape Trust  –  notification that the restoration of Woodwell will be a suitable project to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Trust and awarding a grant of £1,000. RESOLVED that the Clerk write to the AONB Landscape Trust suggesting that the commemorative plaque be similar in size to the plaques used by the Limestone Heritage Lottery Project.
 3.  NALC  –  review of the Quality Parish scheme.
 4.  Mr McCourt  –  further letter re rubbish in Gaskell Close.
 5.  NALC  –  legal briefing re Freedom of Information Act.
 6.  NALC  –  Policy Briefing re Local Government & Public Involvement in Health Bill.
 7.  NALC  –  legal briefing re Disability Discrimination Act.
 8.  AONB  –  “Waymarker”, February.
 9.  Lancs. CC  –  road safety literature.
 10.  Lancs PFA  –  free copy of “The Playing Field”.
 11.  STILE  –  letter & newsletter re wind turbines in the Lunesdale environment.
 12.  Enjoy England  –  promotional literature for St. George’s Day celebrations.
 13.  Communities & Local Government  –  consultation re draft revised Model Code of Conduct.
 14.  Mrs Lawton  –  letter re Integrated Access Demonstration Project. It was noted that Rights of Way are not the parish council’s legal responsibility but that this Council cares for matters of access of all types.
8435 Planning
 (1)  It was noted that the following planning applications were dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25a, and comments made as indicated:
  07/00106/ FUL – Hazelwood Hall – erection of a portico/balcony to serve apartments 6 and 9 and erection of a balcony to serve apartment 10:  NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.

 (2)  The following planning application was considered and comments made as indicated:
  07/000222/FUL  –  9 Stankelt Road  –  construction of a single storey extension to rear and raised sitting area. RESOLVED that Councillor Fletcher visit the site before comments are recorded.
 (3) It was noted that the following decisions had been advised by Lancaster CC:
  06/01433/FUL – 31 The Row – erection of a garden shed to the rear:  GRANTED.
  06/01329/FUL – Westfield, Gaskell Close – erection of extensions and alterations:  GRANTED.
  06/01357/FUL  –  28 Stankelt Road  –  erection of porch, sun room and two storey extension:  GRANTED.
  06/01539/FUL  –  3 Cove Road  –  erection of a single storey extension to the rear:  GRANTED.
  06/01418/FUL  –  Waithmans Barn  –  erection of a garden store:  GRANTED.
  06/01584/FUL – 2 Shore Green – erection of a single storey extension to front:  GRANTED.
  06/01532/FUL  –  16a Emesgate Lane  –  change of use of part of ground floor from retail to residential and erection of a two storey extension:  REFUSED.
  06/01330/FUL – St. John’s C E Primary School – erection of a single storey extension to accommodate new classroom and storeroom:  GRANTED.
  06/01572/FUL  –  Blue Hills Cottage, Spring Bank  –  erection of a detached house: WITHDRAWN.

8436 Urgent Action Taken in Accordance with Standing Order 25 (other than Planning)
 25(a)  Parish Council Property and Functions
 25(b)  Non-Parish Council Property and Functions
  It was noted that the broken stone pillar to the kissing gate between Churchfield and Bottoms Lane had been reported to the AONB unit. RESOLVED that the Clerk write to Mr Steve Edwards at Lancs. CC Highways to expedite the matter.

8437 Bank Accounts
 RESOLVED to defer the signing of the application for a Community Plus current account with the Co-Operative Bank, and the authorisation of all Members of the Council to be authorised signatories, until after the May elections.

8438 Sewerage System
 RESOLVED that the Clerk write to United Utilities to find out the current situation for Silverdale.

8439 Affordable Housing
 It was noted that there are no current plans for the provision of new affordable housing in Silverdale. Lancaster CC is currently carrying out a consultation exercise on the issue of affordable housing (e mail: nwilliams@lancaster.gov.uk).

8440 Finance
 (a)  Councillor Fryer conducted the monthly check of all money received by the Council and found the bank statements to be satisfactory.
 (b)  Cheques for the following accounts were signed:
  Mr CJ Eden (travelling exps for attending AGM of Lune Valley Housing)   10.40  (199)
  Primal Printing (Annual Newsletter)      85.13  (200)
  LAPTC (annual subscription)     247.91  (201)

8441 Amenities Under Threat
 It was noted that there are no known plans to close Silverdale post office. This Council continues to encourage members of the public to use the post office and will keep people informed if the situation changes. RESOLVED that the Clerk write to the TV Licensing Authority to complain that TV licenses can no longer be bought at post offices.

8442 Items for Information
 1.  The Chairman notified Members that the Clerk, Mr Peter Challenor, has resigned from his position, with effect from 30th June, due to his deteriorating health. Members wished to thank the Clerk for all his excellent work and for his help in the achievement of Quality Parish status and hoped that his health improves.
 2.  Councillor Eden advised that: (a)  work is being carried out to produce a parish map. The draft map will be brought to a meeting of this Council for approval, (b)  considerable progress has been made on the restoration of Woodwell and the works should be completed by 31st March; there has been some delay to the removal of silt due to the presence of frog spawn, (c)  he will not be standing for re-election at the parish council elections in May, Councillor Eden added that he has completed 25 years as a councillor, both in this parish and in his previous parish, and that serving the community is a very satisfying task which has brought rewards in many ways, he wished the Council all the best for the future.
 3.  It was noted that several of the current parish councillors will not be standing for re-election in May.

8443 Suggestions for Future Agenda Items
 1.  The proposal for assisted living/ extra care at Cove House (Councillor Henderson).

8444 Date of Next Meeting
 To note that the date of the next ordinary meeting is Monday,2nd April 2007. Items for the agenda to reach the Clerk before Friday, 23rd March and copies of reports to reach the Clerk before Monday, 26th March.




Sue D. Hayward
Deputy Clerk to the Council

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