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19th March 2007

8445 Minutes: of the Annual Parish Meeting for Silverdale held in the Gaskell Hall, Silverdale, on Monday, 19th March 2007, at 7.30 pm.

8446 Present: Chairman – Councillor P. (Peter) Roberts, Councillors C.J. (John) Eden, T.B. (Bernard) Fryer, R.M. (Ralph) Henderson, the Deputy Clerk – S.D. (Sue) Hayward, PC 1118 John Bassinder, Mrs Rachel Bodenham, Dr Peter Dyer and 16 members of the public.

8447 Apologies for Absence: Councillors S. (Susan) Fletcher, A.W. (Arthur) Graves, A.J. (Tony) Houghton and the Clerk P.G. (Peter) Challenor.

8448 Minutes
 The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 20th March 2006 were approved and signed by the Chairman.

8449 Matters Arising
 There were no matters arising from the Minutes for discussion.

8450 Police Report
 PC Bassinder advised that: (1) 19 crimes had been reported in 2006, (2) during the year Mrs Shirley Pott had been awarded second prize in a national competition, run by the Home Office, for her work on crime prevention through neighbourhood watch, (3) 2 patrol cars are now operating from Carnforth, (4) unfortunately, PC Bromilow is leaving at the end of April to become Youth Involvement Officer for Lancaster and Morecambe, (5) villagers are reminded that PC Bassinder holds a surgery every Wednesday morning in the car park at The Royal.
 Members expressed their appreciation for the work of PCs Bassinder and Bromilow.

8451 The Future of our Local Hospitals
 Dr Peter Dyer addressed the meeting on primary and secondary care in the local area. He explained that general practitioners and hospital consultants will be working more closely together to integrate patient care and the service is being reorganised with a view to shortening and improving the patient experience. Clinical efforts are to be concentrated on Barrow and Lancaster hospitals where, for example, equipment such as CAT scanners are available and where emergency admissions are made; the intention is that patients can be seen quickly by a consultant in a hospital where specialist equipment is on hand. The overall number of beds for cardiac care (at Barrow and Lancaster) will increase. Whilst emergency cases will not be dealt with at Westmorland General ‘elective’ patients in need of short stay/ simple procedures will be treated there and the wards and operating theatres are being reorganised to deal with this. A new breast consultant will also be based at the Westmorland. The independent sector will be used on a 5 year contract to help reduce the period from patient referral to treatment to 18 weeks. Dr Dyer was very positive about the future of the NHS in the area.

 The Chairman thanked Dr Dyer for addressing the meeting.
8452 Children’s Playground
 Mrs Bodenham reported on the work of the Action for Silverdale Children’s Trust (ASCT). The playground was officially opened on May 6th, this was a very successful and enjoyable event. The playground was very well used over the summer and there has been a lot of positive feedback. The ASCT appreciate the landscaping work which is being carried out by the Holgate family and the children had enjoyed the Christmas tree. A monthly check on the condition of equipment is carried out. The broken entrance gate is being attended to by Mr Paul Holgate. It is recognised that there is a need for a seat in the toddler’s play area and Mrs Bodenham suggested that a village map at the entrance to the field would work well.

 Members thanked the ASCT for their help in bringing this amenity to the village.

8453 Library Report
 Ms Julie Bell, Librarian in charge of Lancaster district, was unable to attend the meeting but had provided a written report, extracts of which were read out by the Chairman: “…The work with young people continues to be delivered providing them with the opportunity to develop their enjoyment of books and reading. The Librarian, Mrs Jill Mason, actively promotes work with young people in the community via the Monster Reading Challenge scheme and the summer reading scheme. A new online magazine for young people called ‘Word Up’ has been developed. This is now on its second issue and uses new technology to engage with young people outside the normal library opening hours. They can keep up to date with the latest teenage fiction and offer their own review and comments…As was reported at the last meeting the new doors into the courtyard have been completed. The second phase, which is still in progress, will be finalised this year. This phase will free up much needed space in the library for more stock and a second computer…”

 Members praised Mrs Mason for all her hard work, she will be given a copy of the report for information.

8454 Charity Reports
 (a) Mansergh’s Charity: Silverdale Parish Council is not represented on this charity at the moment, however, villagers might like to note that grants are available to applicants (aged under 21) who live in Carnforth, the Yealands, Warton or Silverdale and who are undergoing ‘on the job’ training towards an NVQ. Grants average £100 a year. The charity is keen to encourage applications, those interested should look out for a notice in Silverdale Post Office.
 (b) Silverdale United Charity: Councillor Henderson reported that there had been no activity during the year.
 (c) Warton Archbishop Hutton Charity: Representatives are now ‘Representative Governors’ elected for a period of 4 years and Silverdale Parish Council is not represented.

8455 Chairman’s Report
 The Chairman advised that a written report had been circulated to all households and added that local elections will be held on 3rd May. A number of Parish Councillors will not be standing for re-election including Councillors Fryer, Eden and Henderson. The Chairman, Councillor Roberts is also standing down and Mrs June Greenwell had resigned during the year. A notice will be published in the parish magazine asking for members of the public to put themselves forward for election and a notice will be posted on the notice board outside the Gaskell Hall. The Chairman also reported that the Clerk, Mr Peter Challenor, has resigned and that it is hoped that a new Clerk will be appointed by 30th April. A member of the public asked about the design guide for Silverdale, this follows on from the Parish Plan and a draft is being prepared by Lancaster City Council for discussion at a meeting of this Council.

8456 Parish Council Accounts
 The Chairman advised that a financial report had been prepared by the Clerk and had been issued with the Chairman’s report. There were no questions from the public.

8457 Matters Raised by the Public
 A member of the public notified the meeting that the Silverdale First Responders had been given the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in recognition of their valuable work. The First Responders are anxious to recruit more volunteers (contact Mrs Sheila Suthers 07816008793/ 01524 702533).

8458 The meeting closed at 9.15 pm and light refreshments were served.
Sue D. Hayward
Deputy Clerk to the Council

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