Latest Agenda

Councillors are hereby summoned, and members of the public are invited, to attend a
Parish Council Meeting on Monday 4th November 2019 at 7.30 pm, in the Silverdale Institute,
Spring Bank, Silverdale, for the purposes detailed in the following Agenda:

1 To appoint a Chairman for the remaining year to end of April 2020

2. To receive Apologies for Absence.

3 To receive Declarations of Members’ interests relating to any items appearing on the agenda.

4 To approve the Minutes of an Ordinary Council Meeting held on Monday 7th October 2019.

5 To receive information about Matters Arising from the Minutes of previous meetings, not covered by the Agenda.

6 To hear matters raised by Members of the Public for future consideration. Note: Members of the Council are not permitted to respond, except to ask questions for the purposes of clarification only.

7 To welcome Kath Armstrong representing the Police and hear her proposal.

8 To receive a report of any relevant matters by City June Greenwell.

9 To receive a report of any relevant matters by County Cllr. Phillippa Williamson.

9 To receive verbal reports from any meetings attended by Members, or the Clerk (verbal reports are only acceptable where no decision, or action, is required).
• Footpaths meeting information circulated from Cllr. Fletcher 25/10/19
• Meeting with Lancaster City and Lancashire County Council representatives regarding the additional cutting back of vegetation on roadsides required in certain areas.

10 To consider involvement in the Lancashire Volunteer Partnership Scheme.

11. To consider camping issues at Woodwell following local information of misuse. (Emailed 7/10/19)

12 Planning Matters:
(a) To note that the following Planning Applications were dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25a:
(b) Planning Applications:
19/00018/ENF Land at Hawes Villa, Moss Lane. Appeal against change of use of land to a campsite and the building of a kitchen and toilet and shower for campsite use. Response by 18/11/19 (Emailed to Cllrs. 8/10/19)

(c) To consider the effects of the ongoing development works at 55 Stankelt Road and agree any actions to be taken.

13 To receive the Clerk’s report of any action (other than consideration of Planning Applications) taken under the provisions of Standing Order 25:
25(a) Parish Council Property and Functions
25(b) Non-Parish Council Property and Functions
Been trying to find out who owns the Milk Churn stand in Bank House Lane as it is in need of repair.

14 To consider the following items of correspondence received since the last meeting and to determine what, if any, action should be taken:
a) SLDC weekly planning update, (Emailed 9/10, 23/10,.
b) Trowbarrow LNR Management Advisory Group Minutes of the meeting held on 4/9/19.
c) A resident draws attention to large vans using Woodwell to stay and leaving human waste behind. (Emailed to Cllrs. 7/10/19)
d) Our Community Connection Manager writes to explain the role of promoting all the great community work and hopes to meet up with groups from her area to learn how support can be given. (Emailed 7/10/19)
e) Rural Services Bulletin. (Emailed 8/10/19 & 18/10)
f) Alan Ferguson writes about the extensive pollution from plastic particles on our local beaches. (Emailed 11/10/19)
g) Lancashire 50+ Assembly and Champions Newsletter October 19. (To Cllrs. 14/10/19)
h) Lancaster City Council Development department informs of their intention to review their local list for the purposes of validating planning related applications. (Emailed 16/10/19)
i) ‘Power for People’ ask the Parish Council to pass a motion in support of the Local Electricity Bill. A model resolution is supplied. (Email of 16/10/19)
j) Lancaster County Council write about their preparations for looking after the Highways over the Winter. (Emailed to Cllrs. 21/10/19)
k) A resident writes about one her trees being trimmed without permission and wonders who has done it. – The Parish and County Council’s haven’t . (21/10/19)
l) NALC’s publication LCR
m) Notification of the A601m special road scheme. (Emailed 23/10/19)
n) An update from SELRAP. (Emailed 23/10/19)
o) The Parish Council Website challenge is to remain compliant. (See Email of 28/10/19)
p) Came & Company Publication – Council Matters autumn 2019. (Emailed 28/10/19)
q) Parish Online News & Updates. (Emailed 23/10/19)
r) Winter Bulletin from CC Highways. (Emailed 23/10/19)
s) Cllr. Williamson reminds that the Household Waste at Carnforth from 1/11/19 only open 9-5pm Thursdays to Mondays (5 days a week). (Emailed 23/10/19)
t) Keer to Kent publication.

15 Emergency Plan – To update on progress.

16 Footpaths – to update on progress with improving access, safety and connectivity.

17 a) To conduct the monthly check of all money received by the Council (bank statements to be inspected by a Member who is not a Bank Signatory, or more than one such Member):
b) To authorise payment and sign cheques for the following accounts:
• British Gas, toilets, £32.66 cheque
• British Gas, Clock, £39.73 cheque
• Lancaster City Council, charge for elections, £144 cheque
• Lancaster City Council, septic tank charges, £187.36
• T Lambert, contractor £300, cheque
• Envirocare, contractor, £312 cheque
• Paul Williams, toilets, sundries £8.98 cheque & £234.17 SO

c) B4RN
• To consider whether to invest the B4RN repayment of £6850.43 for a further 3 years, share prices do not fluctuate, 5% return. (Email 22/10/19)
• To confirm Route Maps and Wayleaves are recorded and copies held by the Parish Council for B4RN installations on Parish Council owned land.
• To check on completion and approval of installations and ensure that they correspond with route maps.

d) To finalise the Budget for 2020-21.

e) To consider whether the report from AONB justifies the allocated £700 donation on S137. (Emailed to Cllrs on 28/10/19)

18 Highways
• To consider asking County Highways to place double yellow lines round the corner of Emesgate and Stankelt junction.
• To receive and comment on the External Works Chart content No. 31.
• To comment on the DVD of the drains on Shore Road received.

19 To decide whether to seek a new representative for the “Huttons Trust” following the resignation of our current one or discontinue involvement..

20 To receive a Healthy Village Update – one year on.

21 Christmas Lights – to update on arrangements.

22 Streetscape
a) Pillar clock update on renovation.
b) To decide whether to object to the removal of the telephone kiosk opposite Royal Hotel as proposed by BT. Objections by 18th November. (Emailed to Cllrs. 12/10/19)
c) To decide on appropriate action regarding the playing field notice board. (See email of 18/10/19)
d) Defibrillator at Gaskell Hall. To record details of the origin of this item and agree the Parish Council takes ownership and responsibility on behalf of the community for its ongoing maintenance/repair using Section 137.

23 Playground – To receive a report on any urgent actions that have been taken and to consider any other issues raised in either the Lancaster CC quarterly, or Parish weekly inspections.

24 Mobile Phone Coverage
To agree what action to take in light of the Service Provider/ Government’s announcement on 28th October, regarding measures to improve coverage in rural areas

25 To note any “Items for Information” (no decisions or action permitted)

26 To receive items for consideration for a future agenda.

27 To note that the date of the next meeting is Monday 4th December 2019 items and reports to reach the Clerk before 25th November.

Signed: Mrs Denise. Challenor
Clerk to the Council, Tel. 01524 761824