Latest Agenda

Councillors are hereby summoned, and members of the public are invited, to attend a
Parish Council Meeting on Monday 5th November 2018 at 7.30 pm, in the Silverdale Institute,
Spring Bank, Silverdale, for the purposes detailed in the following Agenda:

1 To receive Apologies for Absence.

2 To receive Declarations of Members’ interests relating to any items appearing on the agenda.

3 To approve the Minutes of an Ordinary Council Meeting held on Monday 1st October 2018.

4 To receive information about Matters Arising from the Minutes of previous meetings, not covered by the Agenda.

5 To hear matters raised by Members of the Public for future consideration. Note: Members of the Council are not permitted to respond, except to ask questions for the purposes of clarification only.

6 To receive a Police Report.

7 To receive a report of any relevant matters by City Nigel Goodrich.

8 To receive a report of any relevant matters by County Cllr. Phillippa Williamson.

9 To receive verbal reports from any meetings attended by Members, or the Clerk (verbal reports are only acceptable where no decision, or action, is required).
• Sue’s Contract and replacement

10 To select those who will interview for the Deputy Clerk on behalf of the Council.

11 Planning Matters:
(a) To note that the following Planning Applications were dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25a:
• 18/01304/FUL 6 Levens Way. Erection of single storey side and rear extension and the construction of a dormer extension to the rear elevation.
(b) Planning Applications:
• 18/01239/FUL Gibraltar Farm Campsite, Lindeth Road. Creation of hard standings for 37 pitches and associated access roads.
• 18/01343/FUL Land to side of 5 Wallings Lane. Erection of a dwellinghouse (C3) with associated access and parking.
• 18/01357/FUL 14 Levens Way. Conversion of garage into ancillary accommodation, erection of garage to the front with link to existing dwellinghouse and construction of a rear porch.
(c) To discuss the lack of progress at Corner House and whether anything could be done to help.

12 To receive the Clerk’s report of any action (other than consideration of Planning Applications) taken under the provisions of Standing Order 25:
25(a) Parish Council Property and Functions
25(b) Non-Parish Council Property and Functions

13 To consider the following items of correspondence received since the last meeting and to determine what, if any, action should be taken:
a) Parish Online news (Emailed to Cllrs on 25/9/18).
b) SLDC weekly planning updates. (Emailed to Cllrs. 26/9/18, 8/10/18, 18/10/18 & 24/10/18)
c) North West Coastal Access news. (Emailed to Cllrs. 26/9/18 & 25/10/18)
d) Priority Services register – a utilities survey to establish whether the parish would like to have a register of people to receive special consideration in disruption of services. (Emailed to Cllrs. 26/9/18)
e) Morecambe Bay and Duddon Estuary Special Protection Area – conservation advice.(Emailed to Cllrs. 28/9/18
f) Joint Lancashire Minerals and Waste Local Plan review. (Emailed to Cllrs. 28/9/18)
g) ‘Toilets for All’ newsletter. (Emailed to Cllrs. 28/9/18)
h) Rural Services network bulletin. (To Cllrs 2/10/18 & 4/10/18 & 16/10/18 & 24/10/18))
i) Lancaster City Council submitted its Local Plan to the Government on 15th May 2018 and now consults on the suggested modifications to the draft which concludes 2/11/18. (Emailed to Cllrs. 06/10/18)
j) A resident makes the Parish Council aware of Knotweed problems at the former Kayes Nursery site. (Emailed to Cllrs. 6/10/18)
k) A request to display a poster advertising a herd of Exmoor Ponies being grazed in Silverdale for 25 years. (Emailed to Cllrs. 6/10/18)
l) Notice that the Planning Inspector, Richard McCoy, has been appointed to independently examine the soundness of the Local Plan documents. The Inspector will shortly list the matters and issues that he wishes to consider at the local hearing sessions from 8 January 2019. (Emailed to Cllrs. 8/10/18)
m) Minutes of the Trowbarrow LNR advisory group. (Emailed to Cllrs. 10/10/18)
n) Copy of a reminder to the police; with photo’s to illustrate; the parking problems near the Row entrance. (Emailed to Cllrs. 10/10/18)
o) Press releases concerning the change of name for both the Same Day Access Centre (Morecambe) and Primary Care Assessment Service (Kendal) which will become Urgent Treatment Centres. (Emailed to Cllrs. 10/10/18)
p) Notice that the 11th edition of the Charles Arnold Baker publication, covering Local Council government is available at £110.99. (Emailed 10/10/18)
q) Copies of correspondence regarding access and activities around Gaitbarrow and Hawswater. (Emailed to Cllrs. 13/10/18)
r) November Bus Service changes leaflet. (To Cllrs. 16/10/18)
s) Ordnance Survey PSMA News strategy. (To Cllr.s 18/10/18)
t) The Council is invited to comment on the AONB Draft Management Plan and supporting documents – deadline 3/12/18. Cllrs. emailed 24/10/18)
u) AONB DPD main modifications; 6 attachments supplied. These are being consulted on for 6 weeks from 25 October until 6 December 2018. (Cllrs. emailed 24/10/18)
v) Re: Footpath 14, Browns Houses to Lindeth Rd. copies of the County Council’s statement of case including lists of their supporting documents. (Emailed to Cllrs. 26/10/18).

14 Emergency Plan -To update activities.

15 To discuss whether the Parish Council should subsidise B4RN provision at the Gaskell Hall and Village Institute to promote digital availability in the parish.

16 a) To conduct the monthly check of all money received by the Council (bank statements to be inspected by a Member who is not a Bank Signatory, or more than one such Member):
b) To authorise payment and sign cheques for the following accounts:
• Gaskell Memorial Hall, public meeting S137 cheque, £45
• British Gas, toilets, £32.00 Bacs
• British Gas, clock, £33.76 Bacs.
• Paul Williams,toilets, SO, £230
• Broadband for the Rural North Ltd, generator, £1104 cheque
• A Bodenham, toilet supplies, £56.36 cheque
• Thomas Graham, toilet supplies, £106.44, cheque
• David Ogilvie Engineering Ltd., WW1 seat, £960 cheque
• T Lambert, contractor, £280 cheque
• Envirocare, contractor, £312 cheque
• Waterplus, toilets, £123.21, bacs.

c) To authorise the restoration of the Chairman’s allowance of £185 per annum.
d) To Authorise donating the budgeted S137 amount of £700 to the AONB.
e) To consider the request for a S137 grant of £200 to re-start the Silverdale Newsletter.
g) To finalise the Budget for 2019-20.

17 To receive and comment on the External Works Chart content No. 22

18 Toilets
a) To review current and projected operating costs for the Toilets in the light of the investigation made by the Clerk regarding costs at Arnside and Milnthorpe.
b) To consider whether to continue to provide a public toilet facility.
c) To consider whether access can be improved for people with disabilities.

19 To receive an update on the “Healthier Villages” initiative and consider funding two more meetings at a combined cost of approximately £60 (S137).

20 Streetscape
a) Pillar clock update on renovation.
b) To consider approaching Smith & Derby for a contract to service the pillar clock.
c) To receive an update on the replacement footpath signboards.

21 Playground.
a) To consider playground reports 30/9/18, 5/10/18 & 13/10/18 & 16/10/18
b) To look at Cllr. Bennett’s response to the inspection. (To Cllrs. 15/10/18)
c) To agree expenditure of £130 plus vat for a new gate closer insert.

22 Co-op Store
a) Delivery waiting restriction – update on arrangements and progress.
b) To decide whether to investigate the possibility of registering an interest in the Co-op store building becoming an Asset of Community Value.

23 Remembrance Day & WW1 Armistice 100th Anniversary
a) To note that the correct WW1 Remembrance Bench has now been received and a location agreed within the War Memorial site.
b) To confirm arrangements for the Beacon on 11th November 2018.

24 Road Safety
a) To receive an update concerning the local Lancashire policing team and an explanation regarding the actions of the “Community Speedwatch Team2 that was recieved last month.
b) To agree what actions can now be taken with regards to the SPIDs.
c) To note the new pedestrian markings in Arnside and consider whether to requst again that L County Council provide similar in Silverdale.

25 To note any “Items for Information” (no decisions or action permitted)

26 To receive items for consideration for a future agenda.

27 To note that the date of the next meeting is Monday 3rd December 2018 items and reports to reach the Clerk before 26th November.

Signed: Mrs Denise. Challenor
Clerk to the Council, Tel. 01524 761824