Latest Agenda



Councillors are hereby summoned, and members of the public are invited, to attend the Annual Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 3rd May 2018 at 7.30pm, in the Silverdale Institute, Spring Bank, Silverdale, for the purposes detailed in the following Agenda:

1 To elect the Chairman of the Council, and to receive his Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

2 To elect the Vice Chairman of the Council.

3 To receive apologies for absence.

4 To receive declarations of Members’ interests relating to any items appearing on the agenda.

5 To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 5th April 2018.

6 To receive information about matters arising from the Minutes of previous meetings, not covered by the Agenda.

7 To hear matters raised by Members of the Public for future consideration. Note: Members of the Council are not permitted to respond, except to ask questions for the purposes of clarification only.

8 To receive the Police Report.

9 To receive a report from City Councillor Nigel Goodrich.

10 To receive a report of any relevant matters by County Councillor Phillippa Williamson.

11 To receive verbal reports from any meetings attended by Members, or the Clerk.
• Woodland Working Group

12 To consider assigning Parish Council duties. (List provided below agenda)

13 To elect members of committees and representatives to other organisations. (List provided below agenda)

14 To consider the following items of correspondence received since the last meeting and to determine what, if any, action should be taken:
a) SLDC weekly planning update. (Emailed to Ciirs. 13/4/18 & 18/4/18, 25/4/18)
b) The March North West Coast Access update. (To Cllrs 28/3/18)
c) The March 2018 Marine Conservation Advice update – Invitation to Comment draft CA packages & Stakeholder Information Pack. (To Cllrs 28/3/18)
d) Information from PKF Littlejohn LLP regarding access to the Annual Governance and Accountability Returns and instructions. (To Cllrs 28/3/18)
e) LALC writes to encourage responses to the Ethical Standards consultation. (Emailed to Cllrs. 29/3/18)
f) County Cllr. Williamson advises that the stretch of the A6 has provisionally been set for resurfacing during the night late August.
g) Rural Services Network news. (Emailed to Cllrs. 4/4/18 & 23/4/18)
h) Lancashire Belle, Jane Francis a vintage singer writes, to promote her services for possible events in Silverdale. (Emailed to Cllrs. 6/4/18)
i) Cllrs. are invited to a meeting of the CPRE on 24th April. (invitation emailed 10/4/18)
j) News that in July this year Lancaster Business Improvement District (Lancaster BID) will launch its very first Community Magazine. (Emailed to Cllrs. 13/4/18)
k) Notice that the City Council’s Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) has been updated to take account of changes to neighbourhood planning legislation and development management (planning application) practice over the past 18 months. (Emailed to Cllrs. 13/4/18)
l) Notice of Emesgate Lane being closed to traffic from 0800 hours on 11/6/18 until 1700hours on 22/6/18. (Emailed to Cllrs. 13/4/18)
m) An email informing that there is to be a ‘big push’ at Station by way of a ‘Volunteer Day’ 6th June ’18. (Emailed to Cllrs. 14/4/18)
n) A resident highlights problems with cars being led down Cove Lane by satnav’s and then being forced to reverse out. (Emailed to Cllrs. 14/4/18)
o) LALC supply details of a consultation on community transport in Lancashire. (Emailed to Cllrs. 16/4/18)
p) Rural Housing Spotlight publication. LALC supply details of a consultation on community transport in Lancashire. (Emailed to Cllrs. 18/4/18)
q) Consultation on street lighting (changeover to LED’s/less maintenance and fuel costs) – ends 17/6/18. (Emailed to Cllrs. 23/4/18)
r) A copy of a resident’s letter to the police about inconsiderate parking on the pavements being difficult for people with disabilities. (Emailed to Cllrs. 23/4/18)
s) information to promote: Public Health, Lancashire County Council is leading a health week/day ‘Your Mile Your Way’ event on Friday 18th May 2018. As part of an initiative to get everybody up and active, the challenge for the citizen of Lancashire is to walk, run, swim, dance, bounce, bike, skate, row, cartwheel, skip or jump around the world in a day (this equates to 24,901 miles). (Emailed to Cllrs. 25/4/18)
t) Flag Publication.

15 Planning Matters:
(a) To note that the following Planning Application was dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25a, and comments made as indicated:
• 18/00252/FUL 1 Lindeth Road. Demolition of existing conservatory, erection of single storey rear extension, erection of a first floor extension over existing garage incorporating dormer window to the front and alterations to existing access.
• 18/00368/FUL Barn at Far Waterslack, Waterslack Road. Partial demolition of existing outbuildings and conversion of barn to facilitate the change of use of agricultural barn to dwelling (C3), erection of an extension to the rear, construction of a new bourdary wall, alterations to existing access point and associated landscaping.

(b) To consider the following Planning Applications:
• 18/00316/FUL Lake View, Red Bridge Lane. Change of use from agricultural land to domestic curtilage to include erection of garage and storage building, alterations to existing access incorporating a new gate and creation of an access track and turning area. (Emailed to Cllrs. 16/4/18)
• 18/00496/PAM Telephone Exchange. Prior approval for the installation of electronic communications apparatus for Arqiva.

16 To receive the Clerk’s report of any action (other than consideration of Planning Applications) taken under the provisions of Standing Order 25:
25(a) Parish Council Property
25(b) Non-Parish Council Property and Functions
• Wrote to Highways in support of deferring roadworks whilst the Art Festival is on.

17 Finance
(a) To conduct the monthly check of all money received by the Council (bank statements to be inspected by a Member who is not a Bank Signatory, or more than one such Member)
• Precept by BACS £34,780

(b) To authorise payment and sign cheques for the following accounts:.
• T Lambert, contractor, £200 cheque
• Malcolm R Richardson, internal audit £100 cheque.
• Silverdale Village Institute, S137 grant/field Day/F £150 cheque
• Clarkson Electrical Solutions Ltd., clock’s electrical check, £148.80 cheque
• FLAG subscription, £10, cheque
• Mr J Bennett, reimbursement/play’d unit boarding, £160.80 cheque
• Boibag Ltd, dog bags/toilet, £174.24 cheque
• Mr P Williams, toilet duties, £230, SO
• Envirocare, contractor, £199.99 SO

(c) To approve the Accounts 2017-18
To acknowledge that the accounts have been returned from the internal auditor.
• To complete and sign the Annual Governance Statement of the Annual Return ending 31/3/18
• To sign the Accounting Statements 2016-18 (Emailed to Cllr’s)

18 Streetscape
• AONB Information boards To decide upon the content of the boards; how many to order; locations and who will gather the information and diagrams.
• Road Signs To decide whether to fund the restoration of some of the old white painted board directional signs in the village out of Council reserves.
• Parish Council notice board. To decide on the size and colour and whether to relocate it to beside the Co-op, behind the refurbished seat.
• SPID devices To have an update on the SPID deployment: mounting plates required and locations.
• Defibrillators To decide upon the locations and authorise the ordering of them. To consider adding them to the insurance policy.
• White Lines To update on any progress.
• Pillar Clock To record the electrical check has been undertaken, is satisfactory and the next one will be due May, 2023. To decide whether to authorise the change over to LED.

19 Playground – To consider the report issues.
• Latest condition Report
• Playground gate. To decide what action to take about the health and safety of it.
• Multi Unit. To record the repairs it has received.

20 To consider the route of the North West Coastal footpath as proposed and decide whether a better alternative can be suggested.

21 To decide whether to invite the RSPB to speak to Councillors about litter at the Cove as requested under April’s “Items for information”.

22 To update on GDPR progress.

23 To consider External Works Report no. 16.

24 To note any “Items for Information” (no decisions or action permitted)

25 To receive items for consideration for a future agenda.

26 To note that the date of the next meeting is Monday 4th June 2018. Items for the agenda, to reach the Clerk before 28th May.


Mrs L D (Denise) Challenor
Clerk to the Council, Tel. 01524 761824


Parish Council Duties:
GDPR (Data Protection)
Health and Safety
Woodland Working Group
Wells and Quarries
Road Safety
Sports and Recreation
Defibrillator (InstallationsCare/Records)
Emergency equipment and operating plans
Streetscape – Clock, seats, bus shelter, noticeboards etc.
Highways – Liason with LCC

Representatives to outside organisations:
Morecambe Bay Partnership
Lancaster and District Sustainable Transport Forum
Silverdale United Charities
Mansergh’s Charity
AONB Executive Committee.
LAPTC – Lancaster Area Committee
Archbishop Hutton Trust (changes to Ray Halliday, 732391)
The Institute
Friends of Silverdale Station