Latest Agenda


Councillors are hereby summoned, and members of the public are invited, to attend a
Parish Council Meeting on 4th September 2017 at 7.30pm, in the Silverdale Institute, Spring Bank, Silverdale, for the purposes detailed in the following Agenda:

1 To receive apologies for absence.

2 To receive declarations of Members’ interests relating to any items appearing on the agenda.

3 To approve the Minutes of an Ordinary Council Meeting held on 7th August 2017.

4 To receive information about matters arising from the Minutes of previous meetings, not covered by the Agenda.

5 To hear matters raised by Members of the Public for future consideration. Note: Members of the Council are not permitted to respond, except to ask questions for the purposes of clarification only.

6 To receive a Police report.

7 Presentation (now postponed) / Discussion: County Councillor Keith Iddon, Cabinet Member with responsibility for County Highways.
a) Lancashire County Highways – Current situation and future vision
b) Maintenance of roadside hedges and verges – To review the County and City provision.
c) Clearing of roadside Channels and Gullies
d) Repairs to road surfaces and road markings
e) A6 and 19 Acre Lane, Yealand Redmayne – Safety of Junction.

8 To receive a report of any relevant matters by City Councillor Nigel Goodrich.

9 To receive a report of any relevant matters by County Cllr. Phillippa Williamson.

10 To receive verbal reports from any meetings attended by Members, or the Clerk (verbal reports are only acceptable where no decision, or action, is required).

11 Planning Matters:
a) To note that the following Planning Applications were dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25:
• 17/0108/TPO 39 Emesgate Lane. Crown reduction, thinning and removal of branches to x1 sycamore tree. – No objections.
• 17/00801/AD Gibraltar Farmhouse. Agricultural determination for erection of a portal framed building. -No objections.
• 17/00935/FUL Gibraltar Farmhouse. Change of use of field to install four camping pods and car parking for four cars. (Emailed 16/8/17)
• 17/00967/FUL 19 Shore Road. Erection of a detached shed to the rear. (Emailed 10/8/17)
• 17/0118/TPO 6 The Green. Remove dead branches to x 1 Oak tree. . (Emailed 15/8/17)
b) To consider the following Planning applications:
• 17/00935/CU Change of use of part of field to accommodate four camping pods and a car parking area. (Emailed 18/8/17)
AONB supplies a copy of their response to this application. (Emailed to Cllrs. 22/8/17)
• 17/01014/LB & 17/01013/FUL 3 The Green. Erection of a two storey rear extension and listed building application.
c) To note decisions made by City Council Planning.
• TPO 621 (2017) Relating to Land South of Bank Well, The Row.

12 To receive the Clerk’s report of any action (other than consideration of Planning Applications) taken under the provisions of Standing Order 25:
25(a) Parish Council Property and Functions
25(b) Non-Parish Council Property and Function

13 Insurance Matters
a) Risk Assessment -To approve the updated version.
b) To ensure the insurance cover is adequate. (Insurance doc.s emailed to Cllrs. 16/8/17)

14 Finance
(a) To conduct the monthly check of all money received by the Council (bank statements to be inspected by a Member who is not a Bank Signatory, or more than one such Member – £2513 contribution from L City Council towards running costs of the public toilets.
(b) To authorise payment and sign cheques for the following accounts:
• Paul Williams, toilet cleaning, £230, SO
• Envirocare, contractor work, £199.99, SO
• Tim Lambert, contractor, £310.00 cheque
• S Hull, grass cutting, £68.27
• Came and Company, insurance, £1169.84 (or £1111.35, 3 yr agreement) cheque
• L D Challenor, cones £33, cheque
• D Sandiford, Emergency Plan, £18.16

15 Correspondence
To consider the following items of correspondence received since the last meeting and to determine what, if any, action should be taken:
a) To consider the Local Plan Consultation Report: Addendum to Appendix 2 and form a response if required, to be submitted by 15/9/17. (Emailed to Cllrs. 7/8/17)
b) Walney Extension offshore wind farm newsletter – July 2017.
c) Cllr. Williamson supplies a response about the process of reinstating the library. (Emailed to Cllrs. 7/8/17)
d) LALC informs of free entry to the Low Carbon Britain Event to be held in Westminster on 8/11/17. (Emailed to Cllrs. 10/8/17)
e) A reminder from Morecambe Bay Partnership that the deadline for commenting on how to encourage investment in the area is 18/8/17. (Emailed 11/8/17)
f) LALC Supplies information about Kompan Playgrounds. (Emailed 18/8/17)
g) A bereaved family, regular to Silverdale asks if they can place a memorial plaque on a playground bench close to where the deceased once lived. (Emailed to Cllrs 16/8/17)
h) A resident writes to appeal to the Council to take action against the invasion of Japanese Knotweed on Lindeth Road. (Emailed to Cllrs. 22/8/17)
i) A resident writes to comment about the bus service around Silverdale and gives suggestions for improvement to be considered. (emailed to Cllrs. 23/8/17)
j) Mr Jon Charters responds to the Council’s comments regarding Lancashire Fire and Rescues IRMP Consultation and offers to meet with the Parish Council directly.(Emailed to Cllrs. 23/8/17.
k) An invitation to a regional Ordnance Survey public sector mapping agreement event. (Emailed to Cllrs. 23/8/17)
l) Invitation to the NHS Morecambe Clinical Commissioning Group AGM on 27/8/17. (Emailed to Cllrs. 23/8/17)

16 Library
To receive an update and discuss/agree any necessary actions.

17 Streetscape
• To review progress on the renovation of the benches.
• To decide upon the location of the Hankinson family’s proposed memorial bench and determine whether it can be in place for a family occasion at the end of September.
• To consider buying a new Notice Board for the Parish Council for the Gaskell Hall site. To hold 10 to 12 x A4 sheets and with magnetic holders.
• To receive an update on the speed indicator device.
• To agree any high priority actions for the Parish Contractor

18 Health and Safety
To review progress on the Parish Council Health and Safety Policy and other associated documents

19 B4RN High Speed Community Broadband
To receive an update

20 External Service Report
To review progress and add any new works to the report. (See attached)

21 Bus Service
To review current situation.

22 Emergency Plan
To review and plan future actions.

23 Sports and Recreation.
To discuss the results of the article in the Parish Magazine regarding the prupose of the Silverdale Sports and Recreation Group and agree actions.

24 To note any “Items for Information” (no decisions or action permitted)

25 To receive items for consideration for a future agenda.
• Set the meeting dates – November.

26 To note that the date of the next meeting is 2nd October 2017. Items for the agenda and copies of reports, to reach the Clerk before 25th September.


Denise Challenor, Clerk to the Council Tel. 01524 761824

SILVERDALE PARISH COUNCIL – Trustees of Silverdale Childrens Playground Charity

Trustees are hereby summoned, and members of the public are invited, to attend an extra Ordinary Meeting of the Playground Charity 521323 Trustees, on 4th September 2017 following the Parish Council Meeting, in the Silverdale Institute, Spring Bank, Silverdale, for the purposes detailed in the following Agenda:
1. To receive apologies for absence.
2. To confirm the Minutes of the last meeting held on 5th June 2017.
3. To raise any matters arising.
4. To receive declarations of Trustees interests relating to any items appearing on the Agenda.
5. To receive Matters Raised by Members of the Public for Future Consideration.
6. To consider a formal proposal received from Silverdale Parish Council to Silverdale Children’s Playground Trustees to take over responsibility for all ongoing Playground inspections, maintenance repair and the costs thereof.
7. To receive an update on Playground Issues and consider the reports emailed
8. To record the acceptance of Paul Holgate’s offer to replace the missing named trees in the playground.
9. To decide where to obtain the new rubbish bin from and approve the expenditure.
10. To confirm the date for the next meeting of the Trustees.



Denise Challenor
Clerk to the Trustees