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SILVERDALE PARISH COUNCIL – Proposal for a Working Group Meeting

Since a conventional, formal Parish Council meeting in April 2020 is currently not possible within the restrictions now imposed by the Government, Councillors are asked to take part in a Working Group meeting to discuss important matters of Parish Council business. The date of Saturday 4th April 10:00am is suggested to allow time for prior resolution of technical matters and for participation by members who have work commitments.
In accordance with the requirements of the LGAct and SPC Standing Orders, Councillors at this meeting can only make recommendations for action to the Clerk. The Clerk as Proper Officer of The Council can consider the recommendations and, if satisfied they are appropriate and within the Council’s remit, may take any necessary action.
The meeting may be held as a Teleconference or Video conference, depending on how successfully the necessary technical issues can be resolved. If the technical issues cannot be resolved, a suitably configured physical meeting may be agreed upon.
Mike Fletcher/John Bennett
(note: items in italics are for information only)
1 To record participants.

2 To receive declarations of Members’ interests relating to any items appearing on the agenda.

3 Minutes of SPC meeting – 2nd March 2020 – To raise any matters considered critical, agree any actions required.

4 Report from City Councillor June Greenwell –circulated prior to meeting. To propose actions for any critical issues.

5 Report from County Councillor Phillippa Williamson – circulated prior to meeting – To propose actions for any critical issues.

6 Reports from any meetings attended (in person or online etc) by Members. (Report needs to have been circulated prior to meeting) – To propose actions for any critical issues.

7 To receive a report from the Clerk of any actions taken under provisions of Standing Order 25.
a) Various communications regarding the distribution of the Directory and leaflet.
b) Communication with contractors.
c) Authorised the killing of the ivy on the wall adjoining the horses field if contractor is allowed.

8 Planning Matters:
(a) To note that the following Planning Applications were dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25a:
• 20/00222/ADV Jack Scout, Lindeth Road. Advertisement application for the display of a non-illuminated free standing sign (Emailed 29/2/20).- no objections.
• 20/00223/ADV Eaves Wood, Silverdale. Advertisement application for the display of a non-illuminated free standing sign (Emailed 29/2/20) – no objections.
• 20/00231/FUL 18 Cove Road. Installation of rooflights to the front and rear elevations. – Comments: Council consider sewage and parking might not be adequate if house size is increased.
• 20/0036/TPO the Vicarage, St John’s Grove. All works to be carried out as indicated in the Tree schedule submitted. (Emailed 9/3/20) no objections.
• 20/00273/FUL 10 Lindeth Close. Erection of a single storey front and side extension. – No comments.

(b) To consider the following Planning Applications:
• 20/00327/FUL Orchard Cottage, Waterslack Road. Erection of a single storey rear extension and porch and construction of a raised terrace.

9 To consider the following items of correspondence received since the last meeting and to determine what, if any, action should be taken:
a) SLDC weekly planning list. (Emailed 28/2,4/3, 12/3, 25/3/20)
b) L County C Parish Champion Grant – closing date 13/3/20 (Emailed 28/2/20)
c) Parish online news. (Emailed to Cllrs. 28/2/20)
d) Fields in Trust Newsletter. (Emailed to Cllrs. 29/2/20)
e) PSMA newsletter for February 2020. (Emailed to Cllrs. 29/2/20)
f) The Rural Bulletin. (Emailed 3/3/20, 17/3)
g) Clerk & Council’s Direct.
h) Keer to Kent.
i) Notice of the Calor Community Fund giving grants. (Emailed 6/3/20)
j) Lancashire Care Services directory. (Emailed to Cllrs. 6/3/20)
k) Natural England’s response to comments regarding the Summary Guide to Management of Gait Barrows NNR and the Grazed Habitats Management Plan. (Emailed 15/3/20)
l) The Forestry Commission their assessment of the RSPB site A full list of the forest / woodland locations within their Group Scheme is attached with this consultation document and feedback regarding management practices at any of these sites is welcome. (Emailed 16/3/20)
m) Response from NT regarding Parking problems in the village. (Emailed 18/3/20)
n) The great British Spring Clean will be postponed until 11-27 September 2020. (18/3)
o) “Power for the People” asks the Council to support the Local Electricity Bill? (13/3/20)
p) An invitation to contribute to the County APPG Rural Bus Inquiry, the new deadline is 8/5/20. (Emailed 26/3/20)

10 Finance
a) To note
• £100 contribution from the Gaskell Hall towards Xmas trees in village.

b) To authorise the following payments:
• G Ribbons, 3 mths salary, years holiday pay & exp. £897.96 cheque.
• L D Challenor, 3 mths salary, years holiday pay & expenses, £1652.80 cheque.
• HM Revenue & Customs only, PAYE for LDC, £388.46 cheque
• Envirocare, contractor, £312 cheque.
• T Lambert, contractor, £350, cheque
• LALC subscription, £327.51
• British Gas, toilets, £37.12 bacs
• P Williams, toilets, £234.17, SO.
• D Wain, grass strimming, £155 cheque
• British Gas, clock, £23.06, bacs
• Silverdale Community First Responders, remaining funds, £3102.74
• J Bennett, reimbursement, Carnforth Print and Design Ltd, maps, £14.40
• RF Design, template directory, healthy village fund, £252.00 cheque
• Carnforth Print Design, 2020 Directory, £550 cheque

c) To note the public toilets have been granted small business relief for 2020-21 and therefore the amount due is nil.

11 Playground Matters.
• To receive a report on any urgent actions that have been taken and to consider any other issues raised in either the Lancaster CC quarterly, or Parish weekly inspections.
• To decide whether to replace the rotten train and if so what apparatus to choose.
• To update on the repair of the wall

12 Corona virus COVID 19 – To summarise actions already taken and to decide what actions may still need to be taken.

13 Defibrillator /First Responder Matters
To record that the First Responders are now operational and will take over the inspections and upkeep of the two Defibrillators reporting to NWAS as appropriate. The Parish Council will contribute to running costs.

The next scheduled meeting of the Council is 7th May 2020 and it is the Annual meeting. Items for the agenda and copies of reports to be with the Clerk by 30th April. It is quite likely that restrictions may still be in place at this time. It is suggested Councillors agree a provisional date for further working group meeting in case this is still the situation.

L D Challenor
31st March 2020