2019/03/14 Minutes of the Annual Assembly

14th March 2019


12207    Unconfirmed Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting for Silverdale held in the Gaskell Hall, Silverdale on Thursday, 14th March 2019 at 7.30 pm.


12208    Present:  Chairman – T.G. (Terry) Bond, the Deputy Clerk – G.R. (Gill) Ribbons, City Councillor N. (Nigel) Goodrich, Sergeant 1938 Lindsay Brown (Lancashire Constabulary), Janet Doherty, Operational Library Manager (Lancashire County Council), Mr. Jarrod Sneyd, Site manager of RSPB Leighton Moss, Susan Haydock, spokesperson for W.I.  and 31 members of the public.

12209  Apologies for Absence:  County Councillor P. (Phillippa) Williamson

12210    Minutes of the Previous Annual Parish Meeting

The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 21st March 2018 were approved then signed by the Chairman.


12211    Matters Arising



12212    Police Report

Sergeant Brown reported that Silverdale has one of the lowest crime figures and least Police involvement in the county. Crime figures in Silverdale over the last year are down 46% compared with the national rise of 20-30%.  The police were called out to 6 burglaries and 3 instances of criminal damage, compared with the Fire service which was called out 13 times last year and the Ambulance service which was called out 227 times.

Lancashire Constabulary are currently concerned with the rise in knife crimes, mostly occurring in the southern half of the county. 

There have been budget cuts over the last 3 to 4 years which has led to Lancashire losing 800 officers. The Chief Constable has necessarily had to prioritise placing officers at the frontline dealing with violent crime, rather than dealing with petty crime in rural areas. There has been a restructuring in our area; previously there were 2 officers and 2 PCSOs covering north of the River Lune, now there are 3 officers and 2 PCSOs but they are covering north and south of the River Lune.  This team are focussed on the rural issues affecting this area.  In March this year they are currently focussing on:

·         Vehicles used in rural crime

·         Scrap metal operators (facilitating or committing crime)

·         Fly tipping especially of industrial waste (in partnership with Lancaster City Council)

·         Livestock destruction i.e. dogs attacking sheep or lambs


Sergeant Brown then addressed a couple of issues of concern to residents of Silverdale

·         Drug use/dealing – police are aware of activity on the road to Jenny Brown’s point, a police vehicle regularly patrols there, but the chances of catching them are slim, he asked if anyone sees suspicious activity to take a note of the car registration and phone 101 or preferably use the online reporting system on the Lancashire Police website – doitonline.lancashire.police.uk

·         Speeding – Sergeant Brown reported that accident figures in Silverdale are relatively low, there were 12 Road Traffic accidents last year, 1 serious, 3 minor and 8 vehicle damage only.  The 20 mph zones should have engineering features such as speed bumps to make them effective however there is a lack of funds to enable this.  If anyone has concerns about motorists regularly (significantly) speeding he advised videoing them and sending it to the police, they can then pursue the culprit and the video can be used as evidence against them.

A member of the public asked why the Council had not deployed the SpIDs (Speed Indicator Device) in their possession, Councillor Houghton explained that as the devices were old models the manufacturers won’t make the brackets to fix them up anymore and the SpIDs must legally be attached with genuine brackets for health and safety reasons, therefore the devices can’t be attached anywhere on the Public Highway.  Another problem being the batteries only last a couple of days.  The Council will be putting in a bid for new SpIDs again this year.

Councillor Bond mentioned that Staff from outside the village travelling to work at Bleasdale School had been seen speeding on several occasions, the matter has been raised by the Council with the Head teacher there. Sergeant Brown mentioned there is a scheme in Cumbria with groups of volunteers monitoring traffic, but, there must be a Police Officer present and Officers don’t currently have much time for this activity and currently Lancashire County Council’s policy is not to endorse such schemes mainly due to Health and Safety reasons; however this policy is currently being re-examined.

Sergeant Brown was then questioned about the Police helicopter, he informed the meeting that due to costs Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester now share one helicopter, however if there is a problem anywhere, 60-100 officers could be in attendance within an hour.  He also mentioned that local Police now use drones, which are especially useful in cases of missing persons.



12213   Library Report

Janet Doherty, Operational Library Manager (Lancashire County Council), reported that Silverdale library is performing as well as other libraries in the same band.  There were 810 physical visits in January 2019 compared to 633 in December 2018.  5 new members joined in December and 5 in January.  The library is issuing around 1065 books a month. Silverdale librarian Sharon was praised for her continuing involvement with the groups who meet in the library: Knit and Natter, Let’s get Digital Drop in, Lego Club and Chess club and for successful training completed; ‘Talking with Readers’.  The Library has advertised its services on the Silverdale Events website, www.silverdale.events and will be attending the healthy village event on 23rd March in the Gaskell Hall.  The library is now open 18 hours a week. The Home library service is thriving.

 The Lancashire library service has a new initiative launched on 25th January called ‘Blue Monday’, they have created a moodboosting list of books and created a small but targeted display of books that can help boost mental health as well as starting a list of linked titles also tagged with the ’50 book challenge 2019’.



12214    Chairman’s Report


A copy of the report was circulated at the meeting and is appended to these minutes. Councillor Bond informed the meeting that elections for Parish Councillors is on May 2nd and encouraged anyone that is interested in looking after Silverdale Village’s interests should stand in the forthcoming election.  There will be some current Councillors standing down and new Councillors are needed.


12215   Report from City Councillor Nigel Goodrich


Councillor Goodrich thanked Silverdale Parish Council members for all their hard work and support.   He informed the meeting he would be stepping down in May as he had not been approved by the local conservative party and this would be his last meeting.

He mentioned that the DPD (Development Plan Document) for Arnside & Silverdale had been signed off the previous evening, March 13th and would now govern planning for the AONB, it gives more protection to the AONB and more control and power to the planners to manage housing/planning.


As Councillor Williamson was stuck in traffic and unable to attend the meeting, Councillor Goodrich reported on her behalf that though there is currently little progress with the problems at the junction of Nineteen acre lane with the A6, there is now a plan for improvements to signage and speed limits which will be discussed next month.  Councillor Williamson had attended a meeting to look at maintaining a bus service in Silverdale, which she is optimistic about.  Councillor Goodrich again urged people to ‘use it or lose it’

Councillor Bond thanked Councillor Goodrich for all his hard work and said he will be missed.

12216   Presentation from Mr Jarrod Sneyd, Site Manager of RSPB Leighton Moss.

Mr Sneyd showed a film about the impact of pesticides on the environment and how this is impacting negatively on our native species, in particular the lapwing.

He then mentioned that with the increasing use of Digital Technology by children, a survey has shown that ¾ of children spend less time outdoors than do prisoners, 1 in 9 have not set foot in a park in over a year, they have very enclosed lives. This is of concern to conservationists as this generation will have little interest in nature and the environment and won’t protect what they don’t care about.  At Leighton Moss they are trying to reverse this trend, to inspire children and involve them, to forge a connection with and empathy for Nature.   The reserve has 2 to 3 thousand junior visitors every year to see the wildlife not just birds. 

Since 2009 Leighton Moss has brought 1-2 million pounds economic benefit to the area. 

Mr Sneyd then showed a film about Warton Mires, a new venture.  The RSPB in partnership with AONB and Lancashire County Council have purchased 32 hectares of land that regularly floods on the outskirts of Warton.  Along with many other organisations including Warton Parish Council, United Utilities, Natural England, Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, CEH and Lune Rivers Trust the RSPB are planning to improve flood protection, improve footpaths and create shallow features for water and islands.  This will help create a new area for wildlife and also help create links and corridors between reserves, vital to conservation.  Mr Sneyd also spoke about the coppicing on RSPB land adjacent to Challan Hall, this is to help create open areas to encourage butterflies, and this has also been taking place on Warton Crag.  Some of our local native species have been in serious decline, in particular the High Brown Fritillary which is close to extinction.

He ended his talk with a plea to spread the word to schools in the area to visit Leighton Moss, to join the RSPB and to support the Warton Mires project.

Councillor Bond thanked him and invited questions from the floor.  Councillor Houghton expressed concern about pedestrians walking in the road and asked if there were any plans to extend the car park.  Mr Sneyd responded that the RSPB are looking at possibilities and are working with the Leighton Hall estate on a number of issues including car parking as most of the surrounding land belongs to them. A member of the public expressed concern that Natural England are giving licenses to destroy birds such as Barn Owls and Swallows, were the RSPB aware of this and what are they doing about it, Mr Sneyd said he would look into it.


12217  Presentation by Susan Haydock on behalf of Silverdale W.I. on their proposal for Silverdale to become a Fairtrade Village.


Ms. Haydock began by explaining what the Fairtrade organisation is and what they do.  As a Fairtrade village, residents would be encouraged to choose Fairtrade products and encourage others to do the same.  Workplaces and organisations such as: Churches, Schools, Clubs and societies should use Fairtrade products.

The Parish Council need to give their permission before the process to begin as they would have to:

·         Hold events to raise awareness of Fairtrade

·         Provide a nominated member of the steering group

·         Issue a statement of support

·         Put up signs promoting Fairtrade around the village

·         Promote Fairtrade on their website

·         Make a commitment to use Fairtrade products

As well as the Parish Council passing a resolution, Silverdale would need to show that at least 2 Fairtrade products are available in 4 shops and 2 catering establishments.

Councillor Bond invited questions and comments from the floor.  A member of the public informed us that he had been researching the subject and had discovered that Fairtrade is now thought not to be as effective as it could be, larger cocoa users such as Cadbury’s are now getting their cocoa from Cocoa Life.  He asked if the Parish Council need to be involved and pointed out that there are other organisations which need support, is Fairtrade the best one.

Councillor Bond agreed that the issue requires debate and it will be on the agenda for the next Parish Council meeting on 1st April.


12218  Matters Raised by the Public


Councillor Greenwell informed the meeting that there were copies of a proposed bus timetable available and also information about the Dial-a-ride service ( appended to these minutes).   She mentioned that there will be a Saturday bus service but that has not been negotiated yet, information on this will be available in the near future. 

Councillor Houghton informed the meeting that the Parish Council have money, donated by the First Responders when they disbanded, set aside, for 2 more defibrillators in the village and he invited suggestions for possible locations.  Any site would have to have a power supply for the light and heat required to keep the device operational, this has an estimated cost of £2.50 per year. Currently existing sites are at Holgate’s Caravan Park, Silverdale Golf Club and the Gaskell Hall.

Councillor Houghton also advised that with any incident that requires a defibrillator speed is important, the box is kept locked and it is necessary to call 999 for the ambulance and to get the code to open it.  However Cardiac massage may also be required for at least an hour or until the ambulance arrives, which is extremely taxing physically.  He advised that anyone in the village needing aid should redial 999 immediately and ask for a fire engine as well, Silverdale Fire service can be there in minutes and are all fully trained in first aid and can carry out cardiac massage and supply oxygen for as long as necessary.


A member of the public inquired about when the benches will be replaced, Councillor Bond responded that the Village contractor has the materials and will be replacing some damaged benches over the next few months using recycled plastic ‘wood’.


12219    The meeting closed at 9.30pm.


Gill Ribbons, Deputy Clerk to the Council


Appendix 1.





This is my report to the community of Silverdale on the activities of its parish council over the past 12 months. During this period there have been several changes to the cast since I was re-elected as Chair last year. Both Paul Williams and Shirley Mason stood down from the Council last summer, both having served as Councillors for 11 years. After interviews, Steve Wales and June Greenwell were co-opted to the Council until elections this coming May. In December our Deputy Clerk, Sue Hayward, also finished after 15 years of good work in this post and she has been replaced by Mrs. Gill Ribbons who commenced the role in January.


Over the past year the Council received 237 items of correspondence, some of which required further action by Council.  In addition Council viewed 52 planning applications, some of which were commented upon and many of these comments relate to plans for inadequate drainage given the issues in this area.


Much of Council’s time is spent in ensuring that the parish precept is spent efficiently and appropriately. Maintenance of the Children’s Playground, looking after the benches within the parish, the War Memorial site and the areas of woodland owned by the Council all require attention.  A substantial sum each year goes towards looking after the Public Toilets and providing dog-poo bags.  Council always try to ensure that the County Council, via the Highways Department maintain the roads and verges of the parish, a task that has become more difficult with the reduction in resources of County Highways.


A new project this year has been the Healthy Village campaign. Three well attended public meetings resulted in six project groups set up to tackle areas which were felt to be important to improving the well-being of Silverdale.  The six task areas are: transportation within the village, improving communications, making more use of digital technology, better use of clubs/activities, improving provision for the young people of the village and tackling isolation and loneliness in the village. Council also decided to add another group, safety and resilience, which is looking at implementation of the emergency plan and tackling road safety/speeding in the village.


This coming May there will be elections held for the Parish Council, several of the current members will not be seeking re-election, and this means there is an opportunity for any resident to seek to become a Parish Councillor and contribute to their community. All meetings are of course open to the public and it is always good to see interested people at our meetings.


Finally I wish to record my thanks to my fellow Councillors for all their hard work over the year and also to our Clerk, Denise Challenor and her Deputy, Gill Ribbons.


Cllr Terry Bond MBE

Chairman, Silverdale Parish Council.                                                            28/2/2019




Appendix 2


DIAL-A-RIDE shopping bus service for pensioners


Dial-a-Ride is a pensioners shopping bus service that is rather like a taxi service, because the bus collects people from their own home, and takes them back home at the end of the trip.


At present, the service goes from Silverdale to Booths in Carnforth, on a Wednesday, but if there were a sufficient number of people wanting to go to Tesco’s, that could be arranged. Each bus is equipped to carry wheelchair users, and staff go out of their way to help people with mobility problems.


There is a charge; – there has to be to keep the service going. It costs £2 each way, so £4 to get to Booths and back home.


The bus runs weekly or fortnightly depending on demand from people who are registered with the service. Dial-a-Ride drivers know that there will be days when people don’t want to go shopping – there is no obligation to turn up every time the bus arrives in Silverdale.


There is a belief in Silverdale that there are no spare places left on the Dial-a-Ride bus, but this isn’t so. If there was more demand the service would be extended.


REGISTERING TO USE DIAL-A-RIDE is straightforward.

Ring 01524 425902.

You will need to have a current County Council free bus pass to hand, called the ‘NOW Card’, which provides proof that you are a pensioner, and you will be asked for the long number on the card. If you want more information, ring the same number and ask to speak to Andrew McCann, who will be pleased to help.



Information provided by Silverdale Bus Transport Group with the support of Lancaster & Morecambe Dial-a-Ride service