Tenders Invited

Silverdale Parish Council
Clerk to the Council:  Denise Challenor
“Tanglewood”,  New Barns Close,  Arnside, Carnforth, Lancs,  LA5 0BL.
Tel: 01524-761824                 E-mail: clerk@silverdale-pc-lancs.gov.uk
Silverdale Parish Council invites tenders for the Parish Contractor, to run from 18th May 2017 for a period of one year.
Applications should be sent to the Clerk to arrive by 26th April, 2017.
  Tender 1. Parish Contractor
Responsible for:
General Maintenance around parish, 15 hours a month.
Additional work as agreed with Parish Council Clerk.
Duties are:
Minor repairs, general maintenance, controlling weeds and removing debris and litter from:
• 43 public seats and the area around them and  following a schedule of maintenance;
• The War Memorial area;
• The area around the Millennium Clock;
• Parish Council notice boards and signs;
• Bus Shelter on Park Road (opposite The Row);
• Other maintenance activities as they arise;
Weekly checking and recording of the condition of all playground equipment and the play area.  Any defect to be rectified if possible, otherwise to be reported to the Clerk if no remedial action has been taken.
Safety inspection reports (e.g. from RoSPA or Lancaster City Council) to be adhered to and any matters should be brought up to standard.
Quarterly safety check of facilities owned by the Parish Council (as per checklist)
Brief monthly report of work undertaken (including details of any repairs) to be submitted to the Clerk.
The Parish Council expects the Parish Contractor to meet material costs below £50 per month. Works requiring materials beyond that would need authorisation from the Clerk.
Tender 2.  Grass Cutting
St John’s Avenue
To cut area 15 times a year in total, to approximately 1”, and properly dispose of cuttings.
On average every 2 weeks depending on season.
To cut 15 times a year, depending on season.
To keep grass areas tidy approximately 2”- 4” in length – allowing areas for wild flowers etc., as currently laid out, and properly dispose of cuttings.
To notify the Clerk of the dates when cutting has taken place.
Notice: These contracts can be terminated by either the Contractor or the Council with a period of two months notice.
All tenders to include full insurance (including public liability), labour, plant, fuel and other costs.