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2nd December 2002

7206 Minutes: of a meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday 2nd December 2002.

7207 Present: Councillor Mr C.J. Eden (Chairman), Councillors Mrs S.M. Fishwick, Mrs J. Greenwell, Mr R. Henderson, Mr A.J. Houghton, the Clerk and one member of the public.
7208 Apologies for Absence: Councillors Mr T.B. Fryer, Mr A. Graves and Police Constable 874 Daley (Community Police Officer).

7209 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held on the 4th November were approved and then signed by the Chairman.

7210 Matters raised by Members of the Public for consideration.

There were no matters raised by the member of the public.

7211 Matters arising from the Minutes of previous meetings:

7074 Provision of a seat in memory of Mrs Annie Lynch (nee Webster). The Chairman reported that he is awaiting a response from Mr Metcalfe.

7105 Ambulance Service request that the First Responders group pay an Administration Fee The Clerk advised that he had written again and had received a response. It was noted that the Chief Ambulance Officer indicated that they would no longer recommend the request for an Administration Fee, but that this would be subject to agreement of the Trust, at a meeting scheduled for December.

7212 Report of any relevant matters by City and County Councillor Mrs S.M. Fishwick.

The County Council’s report on the future of ‘special schools’ indicates that Bleasdale House School will retain its approved occupancy, but there will be a broadening of the scope for acceptance of children.

There had been reports of concern about the size of the new buildings being erected at Bank House Farm and particularly the fact that they would obstruct the view of the ornate window on the corner of the listed building. It was confirmed that the dimensions of the buildings had been clearly indicated on the plans submitted for Planning Permission.

7213 Reports on Meetings

(a) The Clerk reported that he had attended a “Budget, Finance and Audit” training session, organised by the Lancashire Association of Parish & Town Councils, at Preston College, on November 19th. The Clerk felt that the session did not explore the subjects in sufficient depth to justify the time and expense involved in attendance. Members asked that this be brought to the attention of LAPTC, as feedback is usually appreciated.

(b) Councillor Henderson reported that he had attended a meeting of the Lancashire Branch of LAPTC, at Morecambe, on November 25th. In additional to the usual items there was a report from the County Committee, which had decided to take up the issues of (1) making it compulsory to fit bells on bicycles and (2) a lobby for there to be a restriction on the period during which fireworks can be ignited.


(c) Councillor Henderson had also attended a meeting of the North Lancashire Transport Initiative, at Leighton Moss (RSPB) on November 26th. There had been a discussion about the “green initiative”, aimed at encouraging people to visit Leighton Moss without using cars. A comment had been made that there was a need to improve the railway station access and to provide trains on Sunday mornings.

7214 Parish Plan

Councillor Greenwell reported on progress, which had been reviewed at the meeting of the Steering Group on November 18th. May Malteno, from Pathways, had collated the responses to the questionnaires and the comments made at the Village Conference and had brought them together in the form of a report. Copies of the report were distributed to councillors at the meeting. It was agreed that the size of the document could be reduced by printing on both sides of each page, removing page breaks from between sections and revising font properties. Once done, copies of the document would be printed and sent to those who had requested them. A note will be added about the meeting of the Parish Plan ‘Planning Groups’, in the Gaskell Hall, on January 16th.

Concern had been expressed about the possibility of confusion between the work of the Parish Plan Steering Group and that of a group formed under the auspices of the Neighbourhood Watch Group, for the specific purpose of providing additional sports and recreational facilities. It is understood that a ‘flyer’ will be included with the January edition of the Parish Magazine, possibly including a survey questionnaire. Whilst the Parish Council and the Parish Plan Steering Group are very sympathetic to the ambitions of this group, it was considered that a further survey questionnaire was unnecessary, as it would cover ground which had been included in the Parish Plan surveys. The Clerk mentioned that he had been approached about the possibility of the Council making a grant of £200 to assist in the setting-up of the group, on a formal basis. He had found it necessary to refuse this request because it would not come within the guidelines set out in the Parish Plan Grant, nor would it comply with the conditions which would need to be met for a Parish Council donation under Section 137. He did however indicate that, once the group is properly constituted, it might be possible to consider an application for financial assistance.

It had become clear that there is a very strong need for a ‘planning group’ to explore the possibilities for a new, or enlarged, library. This group would be included amongst those invited to participate in the Parish Plan meeting on January 16th. The Clerk will contact the Divisional Librarian requesting specifications of space and amenities which would be required. It was also hoped that the plans for extension of the present library, which were drawn some years ago, could be obtained for further consideration.

7215 Planning

(1) It was noted that a response to the following application was deemed to be urgent and was therefore dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25:

02/01332/CU – Workshop to rear of 17 Stankelt Road, Silverdale – Change of use and conversion of workshop to dwelling:

whilst the members of the Council continue to be concerned about the un-neighbourly nature of this proposal, it is accepted that the building is not to be enlarged and that access has already been approved. It is therefore resolved that the Council has NO OBJECTIONS to the application.


(2) The following applications were considered and commented upon:

02/01314/FUL – 25a Stankelt Road – erection of a sun lounge to the rear:


02/01365/FUL – Bottoms Farm, Bottoms Lane – Listed Building Application for

repairs to disused limekiln: NO OBJECTIONS

02/01376/FUL – 31 Emesgate Lane – erection of a detached single garage:


(3) The following decisions from Lancaster City Council were noted:

02/01182/FUL – 48 Emesgate Lane – erection of a dormer to the side – REFUSED.

02/01213/FUL – 1 Elmslack Lane – erection of a ground floor rear extension –


02/01227/FUL – Bank House Farm – Installation of two self-bunded 2500 litre fuel stores on concrete bases – GRANTED.

7216 Correspondence

27 items of correspondence had been received since the last meeting and were tabled for the information of members. Several items were discussed but there were no requirements for any action.

7217 Co-option of a new councillor

An application from Mr Peter Roberts, for co-option onto the Council, in order to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Mr Cyril Beckford, had been received. Copies had been circulated to all members, at the same time as the agenda. There was a brief discussion and then it was unanimously RESOLVED that Mr Peter Roberts be co-opted onto the Council. This co-option to take effect once Mr Roberts has been served with the statutory documents and has signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Undertaking to comply with the Model Code of Conduct.

7218 Possible “Parish Lengthsman” scheme in conjunction with neighbouring parishes

The Chairman and the Clerk had attended a meeting of Warton Parish Council, in order to hear information about a Parish Lengthsman scheme, proposed for the parishes of Warton, Yealand Conyers and Yealand Redmayne. It was noted that the Chairman and members of Warton Parish Council were keen to promote the involvement of Silverdale Parish Council, but the representative of Lancashire County Council did not seem to be in favour. It was also noted that the cost of involvement for Silverdale could be in the region of £2000 per year, although this depends on a number of factors which cannot be readily determined at this stage. AGREED that Mr Steve Edwards, Countryside Officer (Lancashire County Council) for North West Lancashire, be invited to address a future meeting of the Council.

7219 Budget for 2003-2004

The Clerk presented a zero-based draft Part 1 budget for consideration. Whilst it was appreciated that there was scope for modification, it was considered prudent to budget for all items in accordance with the presented draft. It was unanimously RESOLVED that the draft Part 1 budget (precept-related) be adopted and that the Precept for 2003-2004 be set at £9892.71. It was noted that this would represent a 10% increase on the Parish Precept for 2002-2003.


The Clerk explained that it would not be possible to specify the Part 2 Budget (Reserve Funds) until after the end of the current financial year. The full budget (Parts 1 & 2) will be presented to members at the April meeting.

7220 Finance Committee

The Clerk explained that one of the provisions of the new Accounts & Audit Regulations proposed for 2003, would probably be an easing of the requirement for an independent internal auditor, for small councils. The approved substitute provision would be for the Council to appoint a Finance Committee, which would undertake the duty of internal auditing, as specified in the 1996 Regulations. In order that there should be authority for the appointment of a committee to be included in the agenda for the Annual Parish Council Meeting, it was unanimously RESOLVED that, with effect from 1st May 2003, there should be a Finance Committee, comprising the Chairman, two councillors and the Clerk (non-voting), subject to ratification by the incoming Parish Council.

7221 Subscription to the Society of Local Council Clerks

The Clerk explained that, because he is also Clerk to Arnside Parish Council, the subscription to SLCC could be shared between the two councils. RESOLVED that the Silverdale Parish Council will pay 50% of the annual (combined parish) subscription to SLCC, subject to the remaining 50% being paid by Arnside Parish Council. It was noted that this would result in a charge of £27 (as 50% of the charge of £54), rather than £48 for the single parish subscription.

7222 Provision of an illuminated Christmas Tree.

In the absence of permission for a tree to be erected in the grounds of Bleasdale House School, the Chairman had obtained permission for a tree to be provided in front of the Gaskell Memorial Hall. RESOLVED that the Chairman be authorised to purchase one large Christmas Tree and replacement tree lights, with the costs being met out of Section 137 funds.

7223 Accounts for Payment

Cheques for the following accounts were signed:

Mr P.G. Challenor – reimbursement of payment to Miss Lisa Peet

of fee for music services at Remembrance Sunday service (Section 137)£ 20.00 (888)

Mr P.G. Challenor – arrears of salary increase Apr – Dec 2002 £ 93.09 (889)

Society of Local Council Clerks – 50% subscription for one year £ 27.00 (890)

Mr Doug Fishwick – garden maintenance at War Memorial £100.00 (891)

John Graves & Son – grass & hedge cutting at Playing Field £141.00 (892)

Mrs D. Kitson – Parish Plan expenses £ 37.41 (893)

Mrs D. Kitson – Parish Plan postage expenses £ 5.40 (894)

7224 Items for Information

(a) A comment had been received from the Post Office to the effect that the leaflet being issued about revisions to the method of payment for pensions is misleading. Members wish to draw attention to the fact that it is not necessary to have a bank account. Anyone wishing to draw pension payments from the Post Office can do so by using a Post Office Payment Card. Members wished to encourage this practice, in order to support the Silverdale Post Office and hopefully obviate closure.


(b) Councillor Henderson drew attention to the fact that not all trains were stopping at Silverdale, despite the verbal promise given by a Director of First North Western Trains. The Clerk will write to Mr Vernon Barker (Managing Director) to clarify the position.

(c) Councillor Houghton expressed his concern about the under-use of the Playing Field and asked for information about the possibilities for putting the area to better use. On the basis of past enquiries it seems unlikely that there is scope for any other viable use, but the Clerk will contact the Charity Commission to ascertain the current position.

(d) Councillor Houghton had become aware of a large number of properties in Cumbria being subject to ‘local occupancy agreements’, but was not aware of any corresponding conditions within Lancashire. As he is concerned about the number of second homes in the area, he wondered if similar conditions could be introduced in the area. The Clerk will contact the Chief Planning Officer for information on this matter.

(e) Concern was expressed about the felling of a large beech tree in the grounds of the Royal Hotel. It is understood that this tree had not been subject to a Tree Preservation Order.

7225 Date of Next Meeting – Monday January 6th 2003


Peter G. Challenor

Clerk to the Council.


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