2022 03 07

Monday 7th March 2022
13043. CONFIRMED minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held on Monday 7th March
2022 at 7pm at the Silverdale Village Institute, Spring Bank, Silverdale.
13044. Present:
Chairman – M. Fletcher (Mike), Vice Chairman – J. Bennett (John)
Parish Councillors – T. Bond (Terry), J. Ferguson (Jim), S. Higham (Sue), A. Houghton (Tony),
K. Reed (Keith), E. Unsworth (Liz)
Clerk – L.D Challenor (Denise)
Deputy Clerk – K. Lambert (Katie)
Leader Lancashire County Council and County Councillor for Lancaster Rural North – P. Williamson (Phillippa)
Lancaster City Councillor – J. Greenwell (June)
Police Sergeant (Lancaster and Morecambe)- L. Brown (Lindsay)
13045. Apologies for Absence – none
13046. Declarations of Members Interests – none
13047. Approval of the Minutes from the Previous Ordinary Parish Council Meeting – The published unconfirmed
minutes of the ordinary Parish Council meeting held at the Silverdale Village Institute on 7th February 2022 were
APPROVED by Cllrs and passed to the Chairman for signing.
13048. Matters arising from the Minutes of Previous Meetings, not Covered by the Agenda:
a) 13032 r) – Climate Emergency Review of the Lancaster District Local Plan 2020 – 2031 – Cllr Reed circulated a
detailed, 5-page review of the documents ahead of the meeting outlining the possible effects to Silverdale
with suggested recommendations to submit online. Cllrs AGREED with the comments with nothing further to
add. The Planning Working Group to submit comments online by 15/3.
b) 13039 c) – Closure of public footpath on Storrs Lane – Cllr Bond has spoken with the Site Manager at the RSBP
who confirmed the path will not reopen as a new boardwalk has now been constructed within the site to
ensure all visitors register before entering.
13049. Report of Relevant Matters from Police Sergeant (PS) L Brown – Thanks given to PS Brown for his attendance
at the meeting to give a verbal report:
a) Reported incidents in Silverdale – 24 incidents reported since the last meeting; 4 road related, 7 public
safety, 7 administrative and 8 crime related, 6 of which were burglaries. The burglaries took place between
the 26th and 27th of February at dusk around the Emesgate Lane and Wallings Lane area, targeting
unoccupied houses and Bleasdale School. Jewellery was the target, mainly gold, given its high market value
and the ease of which it can be sold on. Their mode of entry was a rear window, a vehicle was involved,
potentially a white transit van and there were at least 2 offenders dressed in dark, urban attire. Similar
incidents were also recorded in areas of South Cumbria and Yealand. The Rural Task Force are currently
investigating the patterns and are confident the suspects will be apprehended soon. However, the
Lancashire Constabulary are urging residents to take measures to ensure their house does not become a
target in the meantime, measures which include enlisting the help of a neighbour to turn on the lights or
draw curtains whilst away, house sitters, plug-in timers for lamps, installing a RING doorbell which records all
those entering onto your property. Equally PS Brown has urged for residents to be vigilant and report
anyone they believe to be acting suspiciously to 101 as there will be an increase in police presence around
the area over the coming months and so will be able to respond quickly.
b) Questions from Cllrs – Cllr Ferguson asked whether officers would be available to visit residents in their
homes to discuss home security options. PS Brown advised that PCSO’s (Police Community Support Officers)
can discuss options with residents personally and that they should contact Morecambe Police Station
directly on 01524 596985 to arrange. Cllr Higham raised the issue of a recent court case involving RING
doorbells as footage is constantly being record and stored.
PS Brown assured Cllrs, having one installed himself, that parameters can be set on the area which is to be
recorded and to be aware that if the area recorded includes public property, then this footage can be
requested and viewed by the public. He also recommends that if the doorbell is to record footage of a
neighbouring property, to discuss this with the neighbour before installing.
13050. Matters Raised by the Public for Future Consideration – a resident attended the meeting and raised the
a) Planning application 21/00982/FUL, 25 Dovedale House – pleased to see the application has now been
b) Road sweeper – pleased to report it had been spotted in the village last month.
c) Minute item 13035 d) – misspelling of ‘circulated’.
d) Future village transport – wanted to highlight previous attempts to reduce the size of the bus to a mini-bus
had been previously rejected as the mode had to be of a certain size to accommodate children returning
from school.
e) 40mph speed limit – a blanket 40mph throughout an AONB area should be pursued as the national speed
limit on some of the roads is unsuitable and dangerous, particularly outside a railway station.
f) Holiday homes – on the increase in the village, believes this to be wrong and can something be done as
affordable housing is being taken away from families. Suggested looking at dividing larger properties.
g) Minute item 13029 c – a mayor is selected for election by rank and not gender so feels the fact the new
mayor is the first female in 6 years should not be something to highlight.
13051. Report of Relevant Matters from Lancaster City Councillor June Greenwell – The focus at City Council since
the last meeting has been on setting the City Council budget for 2022-23 and agreeing the Council Tax charges. As is
customary, information about the changes is stated for Band D properties which will see an increase of 2.11%, which
equates to a £5 increase from last year. Whilst there is a considerable amount of uncertainty about what the
financial position may be in 2023-24, the City Council has sufficient reserves to feel confident to be able to manage a
‘perfect-storm’ of unexpected financial pressures, a unique position compared with many other Councils across the
13052. Report of Relevant Matters from Lancashire County Councillor Phillippa Williamson – Thanks given to County
Cllr Williamson for her attendance at the meeting to give a verbal report:
a) 2022-23 budget – Council Tax will see an increase of 3.99%, 2% of which is for the Adult Social Care Levy as of
the £950million budget, over 50% goes towards the costs of adult social care which are expected to rise by
over £55million this year. The reserves are to be increased to £211million and 7% inflationary rate has also
been factored in however, given current volatile climate, this still may not be enough. Whilst the increase is
reluctant, County Cllr Williamson wants to reassure residents that there are no planned cuts to services and
that extra resources have been given to local departments and projects to enable communities to feel the
benefit of the County Councils strong financial position. These extras include £620k to Public Realm, a
doubling of the current budget for gully cleaning ensuring each district will have its own dedicated cleaner,
£500k to lining and signing, £2million towards ‘responsive road maintenance’ which will enable flexibility to
the departments when dealing with reported problems or incidents. There will be a ‘Local Nature and
Biodiversity Grant’ scheme for any nature enhancing projects, the £2.5k Members Grant scheme is to be
extended to include events and projects to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee plus £1million for
community-based projects to assist with the after-effects of COVID, including the catch-up of the under 5’s
and energy debt support.
b) Road safety – The Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire, Andrew Snowden, has recently given a talk
to residents and Cllrs at Over Kellet which has been very warmly received. If residents have concerns about
the speeding, perhaps this is an avenue that could be explored.
c) War in Ukraine – County Council have been investigating any connections they may have with Russia and can
reassuringly confirm they do not have any exposure to Russian assets, in their pensions, gas supplies etc and
are currently applying pressure where they can to ensure Central Government are doing all they can to
support the refugees.
d) Recycling Centres – County Council are looking into removing the current restrictions for larger vans and
trailers who currently must book in advance before they can use the sites.
e) Lancashire Climate Summit (9th March) – a chance for all district council leaders, the Environment Agency and
key stakeholders from across the region who can make a substantial impact on carbon reduction to start the
discussion on working more collaboratively together on achieving net zero and adapting to climate change.
f) Great British Railways – the Government has launched a competition to find a new home outside of London
for the Great British Railways headquarters , encouraging those stations across the country with strong
historical links to the railways. David Morris MP will be putting forward in Parliament on 8th March his
support for Carnforth. A shortlist of the best applications will be created in May, after which a public vote
will then help determine the winning location.
g) Museums – – County Cllr Williamson attends a meeting each quarter with the National Trust (NT) to look at a
possible partnership with Lancashire County Council to assist with the running of their museums and help
share some of the risks. Two sites have been chosen for piolet schemes, Helmshaw and Queen Street Mill,
which will be implementing some of the NT’s good practises, starting with the adjustment of opening times.
h) Warton Myers – There have been 3 meetings in the last 2 months between the RSPB, Environment Agency
and the County Council to try and move the project forward.
i) Eden Project – Cllr Ferguson enquired into the Eden Project and whether there has been any further
developments? County Cllr Williamson attended a conference in Liverpool last month where she was able to
speak and pitch to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP about the £40million
needed for the project, who promised a response by the end of March. He was very well versed and asked
pertinent questions on the project and whilst no one disagrees about the enormous benefits it would bring
to the area, the issue in Central Government is it crosses many departments and they just need one to
commit to the spend, which in the grand scheme of the nation’s budget, is not a huge sum.
j) Further questions from Cllrs – Cllr Bennett informed County Cllr Williamson to pass on to Highways of a new
piece of plant from JCB which is revolutionising the process of dealing with potholes. Piolet schemes have
been carried out Stoke-on Trent and can see a pot hole fixed in less than 8 minutes, .a reported 700 times
faster than current repair times.
13053. Verbal Reports from any Meetings of Relevance Attended by Members, or the Clerk, Circulated Before the
Meeting and Not Listed Elsewhere in the Agenda – none
13054. Correspondence – Receipt of the following items of correspondence were noted:
a) South Lakeland District Council weekly planning report. (Emailed 2/2, 9/2, 16/2)
b) Notice of M6 Southbound night-time closures during March. (Emailed 7/2)
c) Lancashire County Council provide the Annual Public Health Report for 2021/22. (Emailed 8/2)
d) SELRAP update. (Emailed 7/2)
e) Notice of the 2022 SELRAP Annual General Meeting to be held in the Lesser Municipal Hall, Colne at 7.00pm
on Monday 14th March. (Emailed 21/2)
f) Rural Bulletin. (Emailed 15/2)
g) Details of the Lancaster District Community and Voluntary Solutions Funding Fair to be held in the Vale of
Lune Rugby Union Football Club, Lancaster from 9am Wednesday 9th March (Emailed 17/2)
h) Keer to Kent publication.
i) The North West Coastal Access team at Natural England gives an invitation on 2nd March to join in a
celebration of Cumbria’s ECP journey so far, via the online premiere of their new 30 minute film and an
online ‘live chat’. (Emailed 28/2)
13055. Planning Matters:
a) The following planning applications dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25:
i. 22/0028/TPO – 17 Spring Bank (emailed 2/2) – Felling of an Ash tree. No objections
ii. 22/00049/FUL – 11 Stankelt Road (emailed 14/2) – Construction of new roof over existing rear extension
and erection of a single storey rear bay extension. Support with no concerns
iii. 21/01160/FUL – Chimney Tower, Lindeth Road (emailed 22/2) – Construction of a stone plinth. Cllrs
welcome the initiative and supports with no concerns
b) Consideration of the following Planning Applications:
i. 22/00132/FUL – West Lindeth Hall, 2 Stankelt Road (emailed 18/2) – Erection of a detached double
carport with electric charging point and construction of external steps. Support with no concerns
c) 55 Stankelt Road – Ideas were being considered as to whether under current planning legislation it would be
possible to revoke planning consent given the length of time is has now been in its current dilapidated state
together with the various safety concerns it brings. However, since the publication of the agenda, fencing
has now been erected around the site indicating the responsibility for property may no longer be with the
resident. The Parish Council however will continue to monitor the situation.
d) Planning conditions for future holiday homes / lets – a complex issue, the Working Group to discuss and
circulate proposals / thoughts to Cllrs for consideration and discussion.
13056. Clerk’s Report of any Action (other than consideration of Planning Applications) Taken Under the Provisions
of Standing Order 25 – Instruction of a local contractor, Ecoshield Environmental Pest Control Services to attend to
the sighting of rats in the playground. The matter appears to have been dealt with and the contractor has spoken
with the owners of neighbouring properties about the use of bird feeders and fat balls which are the main attractor
for rats. The cost is estimated at circa £200.
13057. Working Groups (WG) and Street Scape Matters:
a) Care of the public toilets tender – to date no applications have been received. As the current tender is to end
on 1st April, iClean has agreed to continue in the short term whilst a replacement is found. The WG to look
into the current tender to see if there are ways to make it more attractive for a contractor and perhaps
reallocate some of the jobs currently included. The vacancy to be re-advertised on Facebook.
b) Village notice boards – Cllr Bennett has now been in touch with a joinery manufacturer in Staveley, P & J
Walling. They have received a sketch of the design for the 3 new notice boards with weatherproof open
fronts to allow members of the public to display notices of events etc. Locations to be: 1) The Green (to
replace existing dilapidated board) 2) at the top of Cove Lane, (recommended by the Communications Group
to replace the fly posting that regularly takes place there) and 3) in the village centre on the side of the
butcher’s shop. Once a quotation has been received, Cllr Bennett will circulate to Cllrs for consideration.
c) Recycling bins – the relocation of the bins from The Shore is now with Lancaster City Council’s Public Realm
department. Cllr Fletcher has informed them the only suitable place would be outside the Co-op however,
permission for this would need to be sought beforehand.
d) Highways:
i. an online catch-up meeting had been arranged but due to technical difficulties could not be carried
out. Some of the issues raised in the meeting in January were rejected however given the extra
budget mentioned by County Cllr Williamson earlier, the WG will re-apply the pressure.
Confirmation has been received however, that the white lines at The Shore will be carried out soon.
Another area that pressure will continue to be applied is the speed limit on some of the roads in the
Parish, particularly by the train station. Cllr Unsworth raised the idea to put to Highways that an
AONB area should be considered in isolation and not have the blanket approach as the more urban
locations in Lancashire.
ii. Electric Car Club – The WG completed an online survey last month on Community Car Clubs which
had been created to gather evidence to identify the need for rural electric car clubs that could help
communities tackle the decline in public transport and reduce their carbon footprints. The
organisers of a scheme also believe that rural villages and towns may be left behind in the transition
to electric transport because of the costly charging infrastructure it requires and hope the research
will support a baseline of evidence to access funding to develop more local car clubs ensuring the
electric car transition is open to everyone. WG to arrange an online meeting with the Community
Energy Investment team to discuss the options with the WG.
e) Health & Safety – Cllr Bennett is continuing to develop a working document of procedures and assessments
and hopes to have a second draft ready for consideration within the next week.
f) Update on the Bright Agreement – The solicitors in Kirkby Lonsdale have confirmed all the documents are not
present, a request has been made to the Land Manager of the National Trust to search their archives in
Grasmere and Swindon for any further documents relating to Bank House Farm and its lands including the
Deed of Title.
13058. Finance:
a) For the monthly check of monies, a bank statement was given to Cllr Unsworth who verified the following:
i. £40,025.10 to be the balance on the Current Account on 1/3/22
b) The payments to the following accounts were approved and required cheques signed:
i. EDF Energy (toilets) – £28.00 BACS
ii. EDF Energy (clock) – £16.00 BACS
iii. Water Plus (toilets) – £146.83 BACS
iv. AONB (S137 donation) – £500.00 CHQ:622324
v. John Graves & Son (hedge cutting) – £72.00 CHQ:622326
vi. Lancashire Association of Local Councils (training for KR & KL) – £70.00 CHQ:622327
vii. Great Oaks Tree Services Ltd (contractor) – £590.40 CHQ:622328
viii. iClean (toilets) £251.55 CHQ: 622329
ix. Bay Search and Rescue (S137 donation) – £150.00 CHQ:622330
c) Review of the general Risk Assessment document – to be sent in alongside the Audit in June, the current
document as is would benefit from a review. Cllr Bennett and Cllr Fletcher to work through the document
and add additional reports and schedules where appropriate.
d) Review of the Asset Register – the Clerk has updated the register with the acquisitions in 2021/22 including
the new seats, total now standing at 51 together with altering the price of the SPID as the previous SPID was
valued at £1 due to it being a Gift. The Clerk has also included 2 document storage boxes which has
previously been overlooked.
e) Purchase of a laptop for use by the Clerk – Cllrs AGREED to the spend of up to £425.00 plus an additional
monthly subscription for Microsoft Office 356. The Parish Council will ensure that the new device is
compatible with Windows 11 since Microsoft are withdrawing support for Windows 10 in around 2 years’
f) Donation to Bay Search and Rescue – Cllrs AGREED to a £150.00 donation under Section 137.
13059. Tree Work Tenders for Works at Woodwell – 2 tenders were received and circulated to Cllrs for
consideration. It was AGREED to accept the tender submitted by Westmorland Tree Care Ltd at £700.00 given both
their previous experience and competitive price.
13060. Community First Responder (CFR) Defibrillators – it was discussed whether the spare defibrillators whilst the
volunteers are undergoing training could be sited near Cove Road. Whilst Cllr Ferguson has tried on many occasions
to determine whether there are any spares, Cllrs feel it is a duty to pursue as it is a waste for them not to be of some
use to the public. Cllr Ferguson to engage with the CFR’s once again and to try and find suitable locations with power
to site if available along with the current costs for the boxes for consideration.
13061. Clerk and Deputy Clerk Report Following Annual Review – Feedback to be very positive and both happy in
their current roles for the time being.
13062. Playground Matters – Cllr Bennett circulated a report to Cllrs ahead of the meeting which detailed the
a) Junior multi-unit – the temporary slat fitted last month is still in place and remains in a very satisfactory
condition. Replacement has now been sourced through P & J Walling, included in the estimated costs below.
b) Parish Council notice board – further works are required before it can be fitted back in the playpark.
Including a new top board, internal fibreboard bin surface, new support posts. Cllrs AGREED to the
estimated costs of £150 + VAT.
c) Quote for necessary maintenance works – Cllr Bennett approached two separate contractors to quote for the
works following Lancaster City Council (LCC) quote of over £3k, both of which were unable to supply. Cllr
Bennett has since requested a revised quote from LCC for the most urgent items, mainly the chain length on
the zip wire and the surface on the launch deck. Once received, will circulate to Cllrs for consideration.
d) Replacement trees in the arboretum – the 3 trees have now been planted plus an additional 120 along the
boundary wall. Thanks given to the bowling club who supplied the water on the day.
13063. Finalise plans and details for the Annual Assembly – Open to all residents, on Thursday 17th March in the
Main Room of the Gaskell Hall; starting at 7pm with displays outside from 6pm. Light refreshments will also be
13064. Items for Information:
a) A Music Evening is being held in the Gaskell Hall on Saturday 12th from 7:30pm. Entry will be £7.50 and all
proceeds will go to support the victims of the war in Ukraine.
b) A Coffee Morning is being held at the Silverdale Golf Club on Monday 14th March from 10am. Entry will be £5
and all proceeds will go to support the victims of the war in Ukraine.
c) Plea for residents and visitors to be mindful of Apps they use to obtain the tide times for Silverdale as
invariably most Apps are American and so give the information for the Silverdale in America. The most
reliable App for information is the BBC Weather App.
d) The safety video funded by the Welcome Back Fund for the Silverdale coastline is going ahead. Given the
concerns raised by both the RSPB and AONB, timelapse photography is being used rather than drone footage
which will hopefully be accompanied by a message from the Bay Search and Rescue. The video can then be
used on the new website, tourist information sites and YouTube.
e) A final bid to the Welcome Back Fund has secured 2km of Union Jack bunting to for the Queen’s Jubilee
f) The information boards have now been finalised and are currently in production.
g) 30 extra tree saplings have been delivered to Cllr Fletcher, Cllr Bond to orchestrate their use.
13065. Suggestions for Future Agenda Items:
a) Planning conditions for holiday homes / lets
13066. Date and Time of Next Meeting – Thursday 17th March at 7pm in the Gaskell Hall main room, the speaker
will be Mr Gary Parsons, the Commanding Officer from Bay Search and Rescue.
13067. Date and Time of Next Parish Council Meeting – The date of the next ordinary Parish Council meeting is to be
Monday 4th April 2022. Items for the agenda and copies of reports to reach the Clerk by 28th March 2022.

Councillors are hereby summoned, and members of the public are invited, to attend a Parish Council Meeting on 7th March 2022 at 7.00pm ,at the Institute, Spring Bank for the purposes detailed in the following Agenda:

1 To receive apologies for absence.

2 To receive declarations of Members’ interests relating to any items appearing on the agenda.

3 To approve the Minutes of an Ordinary Council Meeting held on 7th February 2022.

4 To receive information about matters arising from the Minutes of previous meetings, including the updating of the Action lists that are not covered by the Agenda.
• A report from Cllr. Reed regarding the Lancaster City Council Climate Emergency Review of the Local Plan circulated.

5 To receive a report from the Police if available.

6 To hear matters raised by Members of the Public for future consideration. Time is limited to 3 minutes per person. It is appreciated if a spokesperson is selected to represent a group with the same subject and one can also chose to write to the clerk in advance.
Note: Members of the Council are not permitted to respond, except to ask questions for the purposes of clarification only.

7 To receive a report of any relevant matters by City Councillor June Greenwell.

8 To receive a report of any relevant matters by County Councillor Phillippa Williamson.

9 To receive verbal reports from any meetings attended by Members, or the Clerk (verbal reports are only acceptable where no decision, or action, is required).

10 To consider the following items of correspondence received since the last meeting and to determine what, if any, action should be taken:
a) SLDC weekly planning report. (Emailed 2/2,9/2,16/2)
b) Notice of M6 Southbound night-time closures during March. (Emailed 7/2/22)
c) L County C provide the Annual Public Health Report for 2021/22. (Emailed 8/2/22)
d) SELRAP Update. (Emailed 7/2/22) Please find attached notice of this year’s Annual General Meeting to be held in the Lesser Municipal Hall, Albert Road, Colne at 7.00pm on Monday 14th March. Emailed 21/2/22)
e) Rural Bulletin (Emailed 15/2/22)
f) Details of of Lancaster District CVS Funding Fair – Wednesday 9th March 2022 (Emailed 17/2/22)
g) Keer to Kent publication.
h) The North West Coastal Access team at Natural England gives an invitation to join in a celebration of Cumbria’s ECP journey so far, via the online premiere on 2nd March to watch their new 30 minute film, and an online ‘livechat’. (Emailed 28/2/22)

11 Planning
a)To note that the following Planning Applications were dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25:
• 22/0028/TPO. 17 Spring Bank. Proposal : Felling of an Ash tree.
• 22/00049/FUL. 11 Stankelt Road. Construction of new roof over existing rear extension and erection of a single storey rear bay extension. (Emailed 14/2/22) – Council supports with no concerns. (Emailed 17/2/22)
• 21/01160/FUL Chimney Tower, Lindeth Road. Proposal : Construction of a stone plinth. (Emailed 22/2/22)

b) To consider the following Planning Applications: 22/00132/FUL
West Lindeth Hall, 2 Stankelt Road Erection of a detached double carport with electric charging point and construction of external steps.

c) To consider requesting the City Planning to have a site visit to 55 Stankelt Rd to consider safety aspects of the site and also whether action can be taken under current planning legislation to have the building restored to its original state and planning permission revoked.

d) To consider applying to have a planning condition on future developments to prevent more holiday homes/lets (See email of 19/1/22)

12 To receive the Clerk’s report of any action (other than consideration of Planning Applications) taken under the provisions of Standing Order 25. – Rat control – circa £200.

13 Streetscape/Working Parties
a) Toilets – To consider the Tenders submitted for Care of the Toilets and decide upon who to offer the Tender to.
b) Noticeboards – To receive an update and approve expenditure if appropriate.
c) To consider the location of new recycling bins in the village.
d) Highways.
i. Regarding Infill at road edges and drainage of effluent onto the Shore. (See TH’s Email of 7/2/22)
ii. To receive an update on communication with Lancashire Highways.

e) Health and Safety. To update on producing the necessary procedures and documentation. (See email attachments of 7/2/22)
f) What to do with the recycling bins on the Shore.
g) To receive an update from Cllr. Unsworth regarding the Bright Agreement.

14 Finance
a) To conduct the monthly check of all money received by the Council (bank statements to be inspected by a Member who is not a Bank Signatory)
b) To authorise payment and sign cheques for the following accounts:
• EDF energy, toilets, £28 bacs
• EDF energy, clock, £23 bacs
• Waterplus, toilets, £146.83, bacs
• AONB S137, donation, £500 cheque
• Designworks, information board, £108 cheque
• John Graves & Son, hedge cutting, £72 cheque
• iclean, (North West) Ltd., toilets, £251.55, cheque
• Great Oaks Tree Services Ltd, contractor, £590.40 cheque
• LALC, training KR & KL, £70 cheque

c) To review the general Risk Assessment. (Attached)
d) To review the Asset register. (Attached)
e)To authorise the cost of buying the Council a computer for the use of the Clerk and the associated running costs.
f) To consider a donation to ‘Bay Search and Rescue’.

15 To consider the Tenders for the tree works listed in email to Cllr’s on 30/1/22.

16 First Responders Defibrillators.
To accertain whether one of the Defibrillators in storage could be obtained to use at ‘The Cove’ area.

17 Clerk and Deputy Clerks. To report back following their annual reviews.

18 Playground – To receive a report on any urgent actions that have been taken and to consider any other issues raised in either the Lancaster CC quarterly, or Parish weekly inspections.
To consider the quotes for the repairs. (Emailed 7/2/22)

19 To finalise the Annual Assembly plans and details for 17th March which is for all Parishioners on 17th March in the Main Room of the Gaskell Hall; starting at 7.00 p.m, Displays outside from 6pm with light refreshments..

20 To note any “Items for Information” (no decisions or action permitted)

21 To receive items for consideration for a future agenda.

22 To note that the date of the next meeting Mr Gary Parsons, the Commanding Officer from Bay Search and Rescue will be giving a presentation.

23 The next Parish Council meeting is on the 4th April, 2022, Items for the agenda and copies of reports, to reach the Clerk before 28th March.

L D Challenor

Denise Challenor, Clerk to the Council, 01524 761824