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6th January 2003
7226 Minutes: of a meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday 6th January 2003.
7227 Present: Councillor Mr C.J. Eden (Chairman), Councillors Mrs S.M. Fishwick, Mr T.B. Fryer, Mr A. Graves, Mrs J. Greenwell, Mr R. Henderson, Mr A.J. Houghton, the Clerk, Police Constable 874 Daley (Community Police Officer) and three members of the public.
7228 Apologies for Absence: None
7229 Welcome to New Councillor

The Chairman welcomed Councillor Peter Roberts, who had been co-opted onto the Council in order to replace Mr Cyril Beckford. The Chairman also welcomed back Councillor Fryer who had been unable to attend several meetings due to a hip-replacement operation.
7230 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held on the 2nd December were amended to indicate that Councillor Henderson had declared a prejudicial interest and withdrawn from the meeting for the duration of the item recorded at Minute 7215 (2), relating to Planning Application 02/01376/FUL. The Minutes were then approved, and signed by the Chairman.
7231 Joint Parish Lengthsman Scheme

Mr Steve Edwards, Countryside Warden for North-West Lancashire was invited to acquaint members with details of a possible Joint Parish Lengthsman Scheme for the parishes of Warton, Silverdale, Yealand Conyers and Yealand Redmayne. Members discussed the possibilities and then decided to defer a decision until the Clerk has obtained observations from several other councils which currently participate in a similar scheme.
7232 Matters raised by Members of the Public for consideration.

There were no matters raised by the members of the public.
7233 Matters arising from the Minutes of previous meetings:

7222 Provision of an illuminated Christmas Tree – members wished to record their considerable dismay at the damage done to the Christmas Tree and Lights by vandals.
7234 Update from PC 874 Daley (Community Police Officer).

PC Daley made reference to the malicious damage to the Christmas Tree and Lights placed outside the Gaskell Hall, by the Parish Council, but indicated that there had been very little other vandalism. Members then informed him of a significant number of cases of malicious damage, which had come to their notice, but which had clearly not been reported to the Police. PC Daley emphasised the need to report all incidents believed to be of a criminal nature.

Councillor Fishwick raised a query about the riding of motorised scooters, eg “Go-Peds” on the public highway, without road tax or insurance.

PC Daley reported two incidents of juvenile nuisance and one road traffic accident. However, it was pleasing to report that there had been a significant reduction in burglaries.
7235 Report of any relevant matters by City and County Councillor Mrs S.M. Fishwick.

The County Council had recently been subjected to an external review of standards and had received an excellent report.

The suggestion of devolution to regional government was being opposed by several political parties at both district and county council level.
7236 AONB Executive Committee Constitution

A revised draft constitution had been received by the Chairman and Councillor Henderson. It was noted that the main cause for concern had been resolved by the reinstatement of the former representation from each of the six parish councils within the AONB. Although most other points had also been addressed, Councillor Henderson expressed his continuing concern about the inclusion of the word “international” in clause 2.2.(k) and asked that his objection be noted. This comment will be forwarded to the AONB office.

Members also expressed their concern about the prospect of the AONB unit ceasing to undertake certain practical work which had been the basis of the justification for the annual donations from the parish councils. The Clerk will contact the AONB office for clarification and will also request a draft ‘service level agreement’.

During the discussion it became apparent that there may be some misunderstanding as to the role of the Landscape Trust. Many people are of the opinion that the voluntary workers who form working parties on Tuesdays and Thursdays, do so as members of the Trust, whereas Councillor Henderson advised that they had undertaken voluntary work directly for the former Countryside Management Service. The Clerk will contact the AONB office for clarification.
7237 Reports on Meetings

Councillor Houghton reported, pursuant to his appointment as a school governor, representing the Parish Council. He indicated that the school had been informed that there was a need for enlargement and that a variety of plans for extensions were being considered. He was not however aware of the details of the possibilities being considered.
7238 Parish Plan

Councillor Greenwell reported that the report produced by Pathways had now been condensed down to 49 pages and that 160 copies had been printed. Copies were being sent to all those who had asked for them and a copy was handed to each councillor at the meeting.

There is to be a public meeting in the Gaskell Hall, at 7.30pm, on Thursday 16th January.

The Chairman reported on an informal meeting with the Chairman and a Committee member of the newly formed Sport and Recreation Development Committee, which he had attended in company with the Clerk. The discussion centred around the need for the Committee to come within the umbrella of the Parish Plan project and it was suggested that a Parish Councillor should be invited to attend meetings. This suggestion had been accepted by the Chairman of the Committee and therefore the Chairman of the Parish Council had spoken to members in advance of the Council meeting. AGREED that Councillor Houghton be nominated as representative of the Council, subject to receipt of an invitation from the Committee.
7239 Planning

(1) It was noted that responses to the following applications were deemed to be urgent and were therefore dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25:

02/01458/FUL – Finkle Cottage, 4a Bottoms Lane, Silverdale – erection of a first floor extension, new porch and internal alterations : NO OBJECTIONS.
02/01478/FUL – 40 Lindeth Road, Silverdale – erection of a single detached garage: NO OBJECTIONS, but members would suggest that the applicant is asked to specify the colour of the garage roof and that this should be in keeping with the neighbourhood.
(2) The following application was briefly considered and commented upon:

02/01508/CU – Hazelwood Hall, Hollins Lane – conversion and reconstruction of nursing home to provide 30 apartments with new access off Hollins Lane. It was agreed that the project is too large to be dealt with during the course of an ordinary meeting of the Council. AGREED that members would carry out site inspections at their own convenience. RESOLVED that a special meeting of the Council be arranged for 7.30pm on Monday 20th January in the Silverdale Institute. The Clerk will write to the Chief Planning Officer to request an extension of time for the Consultation Response.
(3) The following decisions from Lancaster City Council were noted:

02/01228/LB – Bank House Farm – Listed Building Application for the installation of two self-bunded 2500 litre fuel stores on concrete bases: GRANTED.

02/01314/FUL – 25a Stankelt Road – erection of a sun lounge: GRANTED

02/01365/LB – Bottoms Farm, Bottoms Lane – Listed Building Application for repairs to disused limekiln: GRANTED

02/01376/FUL – 31 Emesgate Lane – erection of a detached single garage: GRANTED
7240 Correspondence

30 items of correspondence had been received since the last meeting and were tabled for the information of members. Several items were discussed and the following items will receive further attention:

(a) The Limestone Heritage Project Officer, for the AONB, had written indicating that some restoration work was envisaged at Burton Well and he had suggested that the Council may wish to have some input. The Chairman agreed to contact him to discuss the matter.

(b) The North West Air Ambulance Service had written to request a donation. It was thought that this service is of benefit to the community and the Clerk confirmed that a donation could be made under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972. It was agreed that a donation of £50 should be made, subject to confirmation, by resolution, at the next meeting of the Council.
7241 Contracts for 2003

The Clerk had previously distributed copies of a draft advertisement of Contracts for 2003. RESOLVED that the Clerk should advertise the contracts on the Parish Council Noticeboard and Web Site and invite the submission of tenders by 31st January 2003. The agreed list of contracts is appended to these Minutes.
7242 Request for an additional street light in Lindeth Close

Several residents of Lindeth Close had expressed concern about a dark area of the Close and had asked the Council to request that Lancashire County Council should provide an additional light. Members considered that this request is justified and endorsed the request with an expression of concern about the likelihood of elderly persons falling in this location.
7243 Banking Facilities

The Clerk reported that he is still experiencing difficulties with the National Westminster Bank, as a consequence of their loss of the Parish Council Mandate, submitted in February 2002. Whilst it remains necessary to resolve these difficulties, the Clerk suggested that it might be appropriate to consider transferring to the Alliance & Leicester. Members readily agreed to this suggestion, which will be implemented by formal resolution of the Council, as and when the appropriate arrangements can be made.
7244 Accounts for Payment

Cheques for the following accounts were signed:

William Potts & Sons (clock maintenance) £160.98 (895)

N. Simpson (grass cutting at St.John’s Ave) £435.00 (896)

British Gas (electricity for pillar clock) £ 7.78 (897)

Gaskell Memorial Hall (Parish Plan room hire) £ 52.00 (898)

R. Mason, for St.John’s PCC (Parish Plan printing) £ 0.72 (899)
7245 Items for Information

(a) Concern was expressed about a metal grid, in Shore Road, which rocks. The Chairman will investigate.

(b) There is also some tarmac missing adjacent to a nearby grid. The Chairman will investigate.

(c) Several members expressed their dismay at the large size of the buildings being constructed at Bank House Farm. Whilst it is accepted that they are in accordance with the plans submitted, it was realised that members had not been able to ‘translate’ these drawings into a full appreciation of the sizes proposed. It was felt that the production of isometric drawings would have been very helpful. These comments will be passed to the Chief Planning Officer.

(d) Following the recent accidents at the junction of Cove Road and Park Road, it was noted that the provision of a grit/salt bin could have been of benefit to road user safety. The Chairman will discuss with County Highways.

(e) Councillor Henderson produced a copy of the Provisional Map of Registered Common Land & Open Country, produced by the Countryside Agency, under the provisions of Sections 4 & 5 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. There is a large area of Registered Common Land extending well out into Warton Sands, a small portion of which lies within the Parish of Silverdale. As most of this area is under water for considerable periods of time, Councillor Henderson considered that the representation of this area, in green, on the map, could constitute an unfortunate invitation for the unwary to venture out into the Bay, in a dangerous area. This comment will be passed to the Countryside Agency.

(f) Councillor Greenwell reported that the bin collection procedures over the Christmas period had not been satisfactory to meet the needs of many residents. As this is a trial scheme she wondered when the project would be reviewed. The Clerk will write to Lancaster City Council.
7246 Date of Next Meeting – Monday February 3rd 2003
Peter G. Challenor

Clerk to the Council.

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