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20th January 2003

7247 Minutes: of a Special Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday 20th January 2003.

7248 Present: Councillor Mr C.J. Eden (Chairman), Councillors Mrs S.M. Fishwick, Mr T.B. Fryer, Mr A. Graves, Mr R. Henderson, Mr A.J. Houghton, Mr P. Roberts, the Clerk, ten members of the public and one press reporter.
7249 Apologies for Absence: None

7250 Suspension of Standing Orders

It was proposed by the Chairman and unanimously RESOLVED that Standing Order 28 be suspended, in order to allow members of the public and representatives of Hazelwood Hall to speak freely and without the restrictions which normally apply at Parish Council meetings.

7251 Proposed re-development of Hazelwood Hall

Mr Peter Bailey, a director of Professional Health Care UK Ltd, gave an explanation of the background to the proposal for re-development. The property had been in the ownership of P.H.C. since 1988 and had been a thriving operation, as a nursing home, for around five years, after which decline had started with the introduction of community health care in approximately 1993. With the impending introduction of new standards for ‘long term care’ it was realised that the property would no longer be suitable and that an alternative use must be found. During the last few years the owners had been looking at a range of possible uses and had come to the conclusion that the most viable, and the one most appropriate to the site, would be that proposed in the Planning Application to be considered this evening.

The meeting continued with a detailed discussion of the proposals, involving councillors, members of the public, and Mr Bailey. At the conclusion of the discussion the Chairman thanked Mr Bailey and the members of the public for their attendance and participation.

7252 Reinstatement of Standing Orders

Standing Order 28 was reinstated for the remainder of the meeting.

7253 Planning

The following applications were considered:

02/01508/CU – Hazelwood Hall, Hollins Lane – conversion and reconstruction of nursing home to provide 30 apartments with new access off Hollins Lane. Members considered that it would not be appropriate to determine a consultation response without further information. The Clerk was therefore asked to write to the Planning Officer, County Highways and the applicant, with questions on the following matters:

(1) definition of site boundary,

(2) need for new driveway and trees to be felled,

(3) standards for new access driveway and lighting thereof,

(4) sewage disposal system and arrangements to protect neighbouring properties,

(5) surface water drainage,

(6) water for firefighting,

(7) adequacy of mains water supply, without prejudicing neighbouring supplies,

(8) traffic-calming measures for Hollins Lane,

(9) affordable housing and local occupancy conditions,

(10) play areas for children,

(11) electricity pylon in neighbouring property,

(12) an undertaking that there would not be any further development on the site.

The responses will be circulated to members and then considered at the next meeting:

DEFERRED until Monday 3rd February 2003.

02/01538/FUL – Lindeth House, 27 Lindeth Road, Silverdale – erection of a single storey extension to rear to form kitchen/breakfast room: NO OBJECTIONS.

03/00003/FUL – 49 The Row, Silverdale – retention of two satellite dishes: NO OBJECTIONS.

03/00005/FUL – 14 Gaskell Close, Silverdale – demolition of existing utility room and erection of two storey side extension to form enlarged kitchen, utility room, cloakroom, bed/work room and bathroom to first floor: NO OBJECTIONS.

03/00020/FUL – Haweswater, Moss Lane, Silverdale – erection of extension to side and garage:


03/00030/FUL – 49 Emesgate Lane, Silverdale – erection of extension to bungalow:

DEFERRED until Monday 3rd February 2003.

7254 Date of Next Meeting – Monday February 3rd 2003.


Peter G. Challenor

Clerk to the Council.

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