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8th May 2003


7331 Minutes: of the Annual Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Thursday 8th May 2003.


7332 Election of Chairman: Unanimously RESOLVED that Councillor Cyril John Eden be elected as Chairman. Councillor Eden then signed the statutory Declaration of Acceptance of Office as Chairman of Silverdale Parish Council.


7333 Election of Vice-Chairman: Unanimously RESOLVED that Councillor Peter Roberts be elected as Vice-Chairman.


7334 Present: Chairman – Councillor C.J. (John) Eden, Councillors: J (John) Burrow, T.B. (Bernard) Fryer, J. (June) Greenwell, R.M. (Ralph) Henderson, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, P.(Peter) Roberts, the Clerk – P.G. (Peter) Challenor and City & County Councillor S.M. (Sarah) Fishwick.
7335 Apologies for Absence: Mr A.W. (Arthur) Graves (elected to hold Office) and Community Police Officer – Police Constable 874 (Ged) Daley.


7336 Declarations of Acceptance of Office

The Clerk confirmed that all those Parish Councillors listed at Minute 7334 had signed the statutory Declaration of Acceptance of Office, witnessed by himself. It was noted that Mr A.W. Graves had been elected to hold office, but had not yet signed a Declaration and would not be entitled to carry out any duties as a Councillor until such time as he has signed the form. It was AGREED that he could sign a form, witnessed by the Chairman, at a convenient time prior to the next meeting of the Council on June 2nd 2003.


7337 Election of representatives and other nominations

(a) Representatives were unanimously elected to outside organisations, as follows:

Silverdale United Charities Councillors Henderson and Roberts.

Mansergh’s Charity Councillor Greenwell.

Warton Archbishop Hutton Charity Councillor Greenwell.

C of E School Governor Councillor Houghton.

AONB Executive Committee Councillor Eden.

LAPTC – Lancaster Area Committee Councillors Roberts and Henderson.

Lune Valley Rural Housing Assoc Councillor Eden.

Churchyard Care Group Councillor Fryer.

National Trust Local Committee Councillors Fryer and Henderson.

Social Services User Groups Councillor Greenwell.

Morecambe Bay Partnership Councillor Henderson.

Joint Parish Councils Committee Councillors Eden, Roberts and Henderson.

Carnforth Market Town Initiative Executive Committee Councillor Henderson.


(b) The following members were unanimously elected to serve on the Internal Audit Committee: Councillors Eden, Roberts, Houghton and Burrow.

It was noted that this Committee must act independently of the Council and that the Chairman of the Parish Council shall not be elected as Chairman of this Committee.


(c) The following members were unanimously elected to act as representatives of the Council on ‘action groups’ for the duration of the Parish Plan project:

Sports & Recreational Development Councillor Houghton.

Village Centre Councillor Burrow.

Transport & Traffic Councillors Roberts and Henderson.

Children’s & Parent’s Interests Councillor Greenwell.

Public Services Councillor Eden.


7338 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held on 7th April 2003 were approved, and then signed by the Chairman.


7339 Confirmation of Standing Orders

RESOLVED that Standing Order 25 be amended, so as to read:

Urgent matters arising between ordinary meetings of the Council shall be dealt with by the Chairman (or, in the Chairman’s unavoidable absence, the Vice-Chairman) and two other Members (one of which shall, if possible, be the Vice Chairman), details of which shall be reported to the next ordinary meeting of the Council.

Following this amendment, Standing Orders were approved.


7340 Public Participation

There were no members of the public present.


7341 Matters arising from the Minutes of previous meetings:

There were no matters arising.


7342 Update from PC 874 Daley (Community Police Officer).

PC Daley was unable to attend the meeting. Councillor Henderson reported that there are to be further ‘campaigns’ using number-plate recognition cameras. It is also understood that the Police ‘mobile surgery’ caravan will be visiting Silverdale, probably to a location within the vicinity of the Gaskell Memorial Hall.


7343 Report of any relevant matters by City & County Councillor Fishwick.

(a) There had been an excellent election turnout for Silverdale of approximately 60%.

(b) The Planning Committee have decided to defer a decision on the proposals for Ridgway Park School, in order to permit a site inspection. The Clerk was asked to contact the Planning Department and request a copy of the report, which had been distributed to members of the Planning Committee.

(c) The Refuse Disposal Centre, at Carnforth, will no longer accept any trade waste.

(d) Councillor Fishwick reported that County Council departments are not aware of any concern about inadequate water supplies for firefighting in the area of Hollins Lane. As she had heard many adverse comments about this matter, she wondered if the Parish Council would like to raise it officially. It was agreed that the Clerk will write, in the first instance, to the Officer in Charge, at Silverdale Fire Station, in order to voice local concerns through the correct channels of communication.


7344 Reports on Meetings

There were no reports to be received.


7345 Parish Plan

(a) The Chairman and Councillor Greenwell had recently attended a meeting, hosted by the Countryside Agency and Pathways, which had also been attended by representatives of the other two parishes which had been selected for ‘pilot’ schemes (one in Cumbria and one in Cheshire). The Council in Cumbria had been very active and probably taken the project somewhat further than had been envisaged by the Countryside Agency (and had over-spent on budget), whereas the Council in Cheshire had aborted the project soon after initial public consultation. The collective advice to the Countryside Agency was to the effect that the Agency needs to make it much clearer, in their literature, as to what are the benefits of the scheme, and the wording of the literature is somewhat off-putting.

(b) Mr Keith Reed has commenced work on compiling the draft Plan.

(c) One or two of the ‘action groups’ are now thinking of making application for the award of a Community Services Grant and Councillor Greenwell asked about the manner in which the Parish Council should determine any formal support which might be given to such bids. The Clerk advised that the Council should not give any formal support to an individual bid, until the final compilation of the Parish Plan has been agreed. There may be a problem if more than one group wishes to apply for a grant, as there is currently only the possibility of one grant per parish.

(d) Although the Plan will be based upon the outcome of the public consultation, which has already taken place, and the recommendations of the ‘action groups’, Councillor Greenwell suggested that the Plan should also include the work of existing community groups.


7346 Correspondence

17 items of correspondence have been received since the last meeting and were tabled for the information of members. The following items were specifically noted:

(a) The LAPTC accounts for 2000/2001 and 2001/2002, were duly noted and considered to be satisfactory.

(b) It was noted that Lancashire County Council and the successor to Railtrack have agreed to renew existing signage at Silverdale Level Crossing.

(c) A letter has been received, seeking permission to supply and install a public seat, dedicated to the applicant’s mother. The Chairman will examine the existing seats to see if any (un-dedicated) seats need to be replaced. If not, members will be asked to consider whether there is a suitable location for another seat.

(d) A letter has been received from the Silverdale Institute enquiring about sources of funding for the repair of the boundary walling (approx. £5000). Members are of the opinion that the wall in question may well be an ancient boundary wall, and as such, it might qualify for repair under the Limestone Heritage Project.

(e) LAPTC have sent round a questionnaire asking for preferences for training subjects. Preferences were agreed and a reply will be sent.

7347 Planning

(1) The following applications were considered and commented upon at the meeting:

02/01508/CU – Hazelwood Hall, Hollins Lane – conversion and reconstruction of nursing home to provide 22 apartments with new access off Hollins Lane:

The Parish Council considers that the proposals for the buildings are quite satisfactory and the use proposed seems to be the best which could be suggested for this site. However, there is a great deal of concern about the proposals for the remainder of the site and the following comments are submitted for consideration:

(a) The requirement to provide a new site access driveway appears to derive from the traffic hazard at the existing entrance, which is in itself related to the permissible speed limit for Hollins Lane. This Council has long been advising that a 20mph speed limit be imposed on Hollins Lane, but has met with refusals from the highway authority. If however this recommendation were to be adopted, the need for a new driveway would be removed, although some improvements might still be appropriate at the existing entrance. The provision of the new driveway would be detrimental to the gardens and the landscaped areas and would do nothing to address the ongoing traffic problems in Hollins Lane. This Council therefore OBJECTS to the provision of the new driveway.

(b) The previously proposed car park area was in an area where parked cars would be largely hidden by trees. The new location is on open and elevated ground, and members of this Council are quite certain that this will result in the car park becoming a “blot on the landscape”. The Applicant’s notes quite correctly point out that this change of location is largely to address Policy 19 of the LCC Structure Plan, but the unfortunate consequence is that it will be in conflict with Policy 1(C), bullet points 2 and 3. Members of this Council therefore strongly OBJECT to this element of the proposal. It is further suggested that Officers of the City Council should take photographs of the revised site and indicate the current car park proposals, so that members of the Planning Committee can appreciate the concern of members of the Parish Council.

(c) In response to the original application, this Council stated “there are a number of important questions, which have been put to the Applicant and for which answers are still outstanding. The Council therefore considers that it is necessary to protect the public interest by OBJECTING to this application”. Whilst the answers to some of the questions have since been provided by Officers of the City Council, the applicant has still failed to respond to any of the questions and therefore the objections of this Council remain valid.


03/00509/FUL – 44 Lindeth Road – removal of chimney stack and erection of two storey extension to form lift enclosure: NO OBJECTIONS.


(2) The following decision, notified by Lancaster City Council, was noted:

03/00153/CU – The Parrock, Shore Road – change of use and conversion of outbuilding into dwelling with attached garage and studio: REFUSED.

7348 Maintenance of Public Seats

It was noted that, further to Minute 7313, a Contract has been agreed for Mr Philip Hargreaves to carry out essential maintenance work on the public seats owned by the Parish Council, at an annual charge of £150, plus the cost of all materials used. It was also noted that the Chairman and Clerk have agreed that Mr Hargreaves should be at liberty to ask for a review of the terms of this contract, if he should consider this to be desirable, in the light of further experience.


7349 2½ % Consolidated Stock

It was noted that the 2½ % Consolidated Stock, having a Nominal Value of £79.55, has been sold, through the Bank of England Postal Brokerage Service for £40.29, with the net proceeds (after deduction of 28p commission and addition of 5p interest) being £40.06, and that this sum has been credited to the Parish Council’s current bank account at the Alliance & Leicester Bank.


7350 Accounts for Payment

Cheques for the following accounts were signed:

Mrs D. Kitson (Parish Plan expenses) £ 20.86 (005)

Silverdale Churchyard Care Group (S.137 donation) £150.00 (006)

Silverdale Cricket Club (S.137 donation) £500.00 (007)

Alliance Cornhill (insurance renewal) £656.78 (008)

Xenocom Ltd (renewal of web site annual hosting) £ 58.75 (009)

John Graves & Son (cost of re-erecting swing frame) £166.14 (010)

Mr P.G. Challenor (salary etc, April-June) £770.90 (011)


7351 Items for Information

(a) The Chairman has received a copy of a letter sent to the Chief Planning Officer, objecting to the works which have been carried out at 49 The Row. The Chairman has also seen a copy of the reply, which (in the Chairman’s opinion) does not address the matters raised by the complainant.

(b) The Chairman has received a telephone call, expressing concern about the likelihood of persons venturing on to the sand bank, in the Bay, opposite The Shore, and then becoming trapped by the incoming tide. As this ‘land’ is probably within the ownership of the RSPB, the Clerk will write to notify them of the expressed concern.

(c) A group of residents have written to the Chairman expressing concern about vehicles being parked on Stankelt Road, in close proximity to the junction with Spring Bank, thereby making it both difficult and dangerous to drive out into Stankelt Road. The Clerk reminded members that he wrote to Lancashire County Council, about this hazard, on 20th August 2002. A further letter will be sent to express the concern of the residents and to ask what, if anything, is to be done to address the problem.


7352 Date of Next Meeting – Monday June 2nd 2003.



Peter G. Challenor

Clerk to the Council.

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