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4th August 2003

7401 Minutes: of an Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday 4th August 2003.

7402 Present: Chairman – Councillor C.J. (John) Eden, Councillors J. (John) Burrow, T.B. (Bernard) Fryer, R.M. (Ralph) Henderson, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, P.(Peter) Roberts, the Clerk – P.G. (Peter) Challenor, County & District Councillor S.M. (Sarah) Fishwick. There were no members of the public present.
7403 Apologies for Absence: Councillors A.W. (Arthur) Graves and J. (June) Greenwell.

7404 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting, held on 7th July 2003, and of the Special Meeting held on 24th July were approved, and then signed by the Chairman.

7405 Matters arising from the Minutes of previous meetings:

7389 Joint Parish Lengthsman Scheme: The Clerk reported that Silverdale’s application to join the scheme has been accepted. The Manager of the scheme will be asked to attend the next meeting of the Council, on September 1st, in company with the new Lengthswoman, currently only known as Emma.

7388 Children’s Playground: The playground has been strimmed and Members were complimentary about the standard of the work done.

7382 Correspondence(c): The Chairman reported that he had been contacted by Mr Robin Horner, of the RSPB, following his receipt of our letter concerning camping on The Shore. Although the main area of concern had been at The Cove end of the shore, Mr Horner suggested that the landowner at the Shore Road end might help matters by erecting a rugged ‘no camping’ sign. As the landowner concerned is Councillor Houghton, this suggestion was passed to him during the meeting.

7224 Items for Information(b) Councillor Henderson advised that train operators have been asked to reduce their claims on public subsidy. He expressed concern that this could result in a reduction in the level of service provided.
7406 Urgent Action – Standing Order 25

The Chairman reported that the safety barrier around the pool at Woodwell had been broken. Recognising the danger to persons walking adjacent to the barrier, he consulted two other Members and it was agreed that emergency repair work should be carried out. This had been arranged by Mr Philip Hargreaves, whose invoice for £40 was presented for payment. Members agreed that the repair had been carried out to an excellent standard and were unanimous in authorising payment of the account (to be paid at the next meeting).

7407 Report of any relevant matters by City and County Councillor Mrs S.M. Fishwick.

Councillor Fishwick’s report made reference to (1) the problems with unstable buildings in Carnforth, and (2) Ridgway Park School. Councillor Houghton suggested that a few buildings in Silverdale appear to be of a similar design to those affected in Carnforth, but it was not felt that there is any cause for concern. Councillor Houghton also asked about the traffic speed counter which had been in use in Gibraltar Lane and suggested that Councillor Fishwick should try to gain access to the results of the survey.

7408 Reports on Meetings

(a) LAPTC 28th July. Councillors Henderson and Roberts had attended. It had been noted that Councillor Pat Quinton has been appointed to the Cabinet of Lancaster City Council with a reference for Rural Affairs. She had asked members to highlight issues about liaison between City and Parish Councils. The LAPTC had asked for nominations for persons to the new Area Road Safety Committee, but were surprised that only about 30% of councils had submitted nominations. The Clerk confirmed that he had not received any correspondence on the matter. It was agreed that the representatives to the Parish Plan Transport Group should be nominated as representatives for Silverdale.

There had been a report on the new “Quality Parish” scheme and both Members were agreed that there would be a considerable benefit to the Council in attaining this status. Councillor Roberts had raised the question about continuing “Quality” status, in the event that a clerk should leave a council, as it is an absolute requirement that the clerk of any “Quality” council should be qualified to the AQA standard. It was noted that the “Quality” status would continue for the four-year period, even if an un-qualified clerk should be appointed, but renewal cannot be granted without the new clerk having attained the qualification.

Mention was made of the fact that Councils could face considerable additional charges if the External Auditors found it necessary to raise queries about Annual Audit Returns.

7409 Parish Plan

The Chairman distributed copies of the second draft version of the Plan. Additional copies will be supplied to members of the Action Groups. A meeting has been arranged for Thursday September 4th, at 7.30pm, in the Silverdale Institute when it is hoped that members of the Action Groups will meet to make final comments on the Plan.

The Clerk advised that production of the final Plan is likely to require a further instalment of the approved grant. The conditions of the grant scheme specify that this second instalment can only be paid on production of receipts, but this would necessitate using Parish Council funds, until such time as they could be repaid by the grant instalment. The Clerk was unhappy with this arrangement and had therefore negotiated with the Countryside Agency. Agreement has now been reached that a further instalment can be provided on production of a firm quotation for the final costs of producing the Plan, subject to being within the original grant budget.

Councillor Henderson reported that members of the Transport Group had carried out a detailed survey of the current usage of the Village centre on 30th July and 2nd August. Amongst other things, it had been noted that 80% of vehicles were parked for under one hour, and that 45% of vehicles were parked on private land. The roadworthiness of individual vehicles was not the subject of this study.

7410 Planning

(1) It was noted that responses to the following Applications were deemed to be urgent and were therefore dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25:

03/00852/CU – The Parrock, Shore Road – change of use and conversion of outbuilding into dwelling with attached garage and studio, alteration of existing access: OBJECTIONS on the same grounds as those made for the earlier application (03/00153/CU), as the revised access arrangements do not improve the hazardous access/egress and the hazard to other traffic.

03/00818/LB – Knowe Hill Barn, Shore Road – Listed Building application for the erection of a single storey garden greenhouse/workshop within the garden area: NO OBJECTIONS, but Members consider it would be more appropriate for the building to be constructed with stone, in keeping with the style of Knowe Hill Barn itself.

03/00845/FUL – 3 Elmslack Court – erection of a dormer extension to the side: OBJECTIONS on the grounds that the dormer will be un-neighbourly and out of keeping with the character of properties within Elmslack Court.

(2) The following decisions, notified by Lancaster City Council, were noted:

03/00687/FUL – RSPB Visitor Centre, Leighton Moss – installation of a sun centre on

the roof: GRANTED.

03/00604/CU – 19 Stankelt Road – Change of use to a 5-bedroomed guest house:


02/01508/CU – Hazelwood Hall, Hollins Lane – conversion and reconstruction of nursing home to provide 22 apartments with new access off Hollins Lane: REFUSED.
7411 Correspondence

14 items of correspondence have been received since the last meeting and were tabled for the information of members. The following items were specifically noted:

The LAPTC has arranged an instructional seminar at Lancaster Town Hall, on the subject of the AQA Qualification for Clerks, at a cost of £5. As this is part of the training programme for the Clerk, it was agreed that he should attend.

7412 Mileage Allowance

It was noted that the Mileage Allowance rates, recommended by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services, have been revised. The rate for the smallest engine size (voluntarily adopted by Officers and Members of this Council) is now 36.4p per mile.

7413 Internal Audit

It was noted that the Independent Internal Audit for 2002-2003 has been completed. Payment of the agreed £20 fee to Mrs Jean Colwell was therefore approved.

7414 Annual Audit Return

The draft Statement of Assurance, to be submitted to the External Auditor, under Section 2 of the Annual Return for 2002-2003, was approved and will be signed, on behalf of the Council, by the Chairman and the Clerk.

7415 Training Course

It was noted that the Society of Local Council Clerks has classified both Arnside and Silverdale Parish Councils as being above their threshold for “small councils”, and that the discounted cost of the “Working with your Council” course is £110, rather than £80 as recorded in Minute 7386b. RESOLVED that the increased half-fee of £55 be paid (the other half being paid by Arnside Parish Council).

7416 Members Allowances

Members considered the implications of the Local Authorities (Members Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 (outline details having been previously circulated to Councillors). It was noted that Parish Councils are at liberty to set lower allowances than recommended, or decline to accept specific allowances, once assessment has been made by the Parish Remuneration Panel. RESOLVED that an Application be made to Lancaster City Council for Assessment by the Parish Remuneration Panel.

7417 Support for the Silverdale Post Office

It had been reported that some customers of NatWest bank have been experiencing difficulties in making arrangements to use cash cards, for withdrawals of cash at the Post Office. Although it is understood that these difficulties have now been resolved, it is suggested that any NatWest customer who has any further difficulty should telephone 0800-200400.

Members wish to encourage residents to make use of the Post Office for cash withdrawals and for receipt of pension payments. A document has been received to confirm that there is no requirement to have pensions paid into banks – this is just an option. Any person wishing to be able to draw their pension at a post office can continue to do so, using the Post Office Card Account system – further information, and assistance, is available at Silverdale Post Office.

7418 Lancaster City Council draft Supplementary Planning Guidance Note 16

Copies of the Note had been issued to, and studied by, Members, prior to the meeting. It was determined that this Council does not see a need to make any comments.

7419 Accounts for Payment

Cheques for the following accounts were signed:

Mr C.J. Eden – 700 copies of Parish Plan questionnaire £ 16.61 (017)

LandMarque Landscapes – strimming of Playground on behalf of Mr Doug Fishwick £ 35.00 (018)

Mr P.G. Challenor – salary and expenses £818.83 (019)

Mrs Jean Colwell – internal audit fee £ 20.00 (020)

7420 Items for Information

(1) Councillor Houghton asked if there are any noxious weeds on land owned by the Parish Council. It was generally thought that there are none, but several Members will check.

(2) Councillor Houghton made mention of another site where thistles are growing in abundance. It was agreed that private landowners should be encouraged to attend to such matters.

(3) Councillor Houghton reminded members that there is still space for a replacement public seat, on the land which he owns at The Shore.

(4) Councillor Houghton produced a draft sign which he had thought of erecting on his land, at The Shore, warning of the dangers of the incoming tide. As this is a private sign, on private land, he was asked to remove the name of this Council, but he was otherwise encouraged to provide the signs.

(5) Councillor Roberts reminded Members that he has previously mentioned the complaints made about youngsters skateboarding in Stoneleigh Court. This had been previously brought to the attention of PC Daley, but it appears that the problem is continuing, and it will therefore be brought to the attention of the new Community Police Officer.

(6) Councillor Fryer indicated that the new waste bin near to The Cove, needs fixing in place, as it is frequently blown over.

(7) Councillor Henderson expressed concern about the number of horse-riders who do not wear high conspicuity clothing.

(8) Councillor Henderson made mention of several serious acts of vandalism and wondered whether or not they had been reported to the Police. Members wished to emphasise that it is important to report all criminal acts to the Police, no matter how trivial they may seem.

7421 Date of Next Meeting – Monday September 1st 2003.

Peter G. Challenor

Clerk to the Council

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