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1st September 2003

7422 Minutes: of an Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday 1st September 2003.

7423 Present: Chairman – Councillor C.J. (John) Eden, Councillors T.B. (Bernard) Fryer, A.W. (Arthur) Graves , J. (June) Greenwell, R.M. (Ralph) Henderson, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, the Clerk – P.G. (Peter) Challenor, Mr Steve Edwards (Lancashire County Council), Miss Emma Kitching (Parish Lengthswoman), and three members of the public.
7424 Apologies for Absence: Councillors J. (John) Burrow, P.(Peter) Roberts, County & District Councillor S.M. (Sarah) Fishwick, and PC Roger Brooksbank.

7425 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting, held on 4th August 2003 were approved, and then signed by the Chairman.

7426 Public Participation

A member of the public expressed concern about the recent introduction of an ‘honesty box’, within the area used for parking of cars, on The Shore, and stated that he was aware of strong objections being voiced by several residents. This being a matter which has been raised with several Councillors, it was thought appropriate to invite Councillor Houghton, as the owner of the land, to address the concerns which had been expressed. As he did not wish his reply to be recorded in the Minutes, and because Standing Orders prohibit any such response, the Chairman proposed that Standing Orders be suspended.

RESOLVED that Standing Orders be suspended for the remainder of this item, and that no record of Councillor Houghton’s response be recorded in the Minutes.

Following Councillor Houghton’s response, and a general discussion of the matter, it was RESOLVED that Standing Orders be reinstated.

7427 Matters arising from the Minutes of previous meetings:

7418 Lancaster City Council draft Supplementary Planning Guidance Note 16. Councillor Greenwell had been unable to attend the previous meeting, when this item was discussed, but she questioned whether the restriction on new development includes single private dwellings. The Clerk confirmed that this is the case, although the matter is subject to appeal. It is hoped that, by recording this point in the Minutes, members of the public could be alerted to the fact that the policy even applies to a proposal to build a house for themselves, in their own garden, or on a small plot of land.

7382 Correspondence (c) and 7420 Items for Information (4): Councillor Houghton stated that he is not prepared to install ‘no camping’ signs on his land, as he reserves the right to decide whether or not to permit anyone to camp. He has however provided a sign to warn of the danger of the incoming tides, and Members expressed their thanks for this action.

7428 Reports on Meetings

(a) Joint Parish Councils Committee. The Chairman presented a report from the meeting held on 21st August.

The main item of discussion was a proposal that the constituent parish councils should subscribe to a Memorandum of Agreement with the Countryside Agency, agreeing to a specified figure of donations to the AONB each year until March 2005, with three-yearly

reviews thereafter. The object of this agreement would be to secure enhanced contributions from the Countryside Agency, and the representatives determined that they would recommend the scheme to their councils.

The Clerk pointed out that donations to the AONB are made under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972, and could not be used to finance the work of any statutory authority, nor to pay for work which might fall within any statutory powers. He reminded Members that there had been some concern about the legality of making the contribution last year, and that it had been determined that this year’s payment would be conditional upon receiving a list of work done during the period of April to September, and which is outside the scope of the statutory powers referred to. The Clerk concluded his comments by advising that this Council should not subscribe to the Memorandum, unless a satisfactory Service Level Agreement is forthcoming from the AONB.

The Chairman reported that the other significant item discussed relates to the role of the AONB in the Planning Consultation arrangements. It has been determined that the AONB will make such comments as are considered appropriate, but will not engage in active lobbying.

At the conclusion of the Chairman’s report, it was noted that the new Parish Lengthswoman had joined the meeting (having been delayed by a medical emergency), and it was therefore RESOLVED that Standing Orders be suspended in order to allow for her to be introduced.

Mr Steve Edwards introduced Miss Emma Kitching and spoke briefly about her work, commencing on September 29th, and working an average of 8 hours per week in Silverdale. Mr John Ball (Clerk to Warton Parish Council) has been appointed as coordinator for the four parishes within the joint scheme, but there is a need to appoint a Member of this Council to act as a Parish Representative, for the purpose of submitting requests for work to be done. It was agreed that Councillor Burrow will be asked to consider taking on this role. Following a discussion of the work which Miss Kitching is likely to undertake, she, and Mr Edwards were thanked for taking time to address the Council. It was RESOLVED that Standing Orders be reinstated for the remainder of the meeting.

(b) Limestone Heritage Project Committee. Councillor Henderson reported from a meeting he had attended on 13th August. In support of his report, he referred to letters he has written to all the AONB parish councils and to the Limestone Heritage Project Officer. The report made reference to limekilns, ponds, walls, easy access schemes, other access schemes, bridleways and horses-only routes. Particular concern was expressed about the details of the scheme for a bridleway extending from Hollins Lane to Browns houses. Councillor Henderson expressed his concern about the definition of the proposed bridleways (full bridleways, or horses-only routes). It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the Limestone Heritage Project Officer, to ask him for definitive guidance, and to invite him to address a future Parish Council meeting.

(c) AONB Executive Committee. In the absence of the Chairman, Councillor Henderson had attended the meeting held on 27th August. He advised that, with Miss Rowena Lord having left the AONB Unit, it had been decided that the Management Plan would be completed by external consultants. The consultants had undertaken to consult all principal authorities and parish councils, and to finalise the report by the end of February 2004. Planning protocol was also discussed, and was followed by a presentation on the Limestone Heritage Project.

7429 Parish Plan

Councillor Greenwell reminded Members that there is a meeting of the ‘action group’ representatives, this coming Thursday, 4th September, to give final consideration to the draft Plan. Councillor Greenwell feels that several action groups will now wish to develop their proposals into positive actions, and wondered how this should be handled, in cases where there is a clear involvement of the Parish Council. The Clerk suggested the formation of a Parish Plan Development Committee of the Council, with restricted delegated powers. This will be discussed at the meeting with the action groups, and will then be considered at the next meeting of the Council.

Councillor Greenwell has been informed, by the Countryside Agency, that Silverdale is no longer excluded from the scope of the Leader Plus scheme, and this might provide an avenue for funding of some of the projects recommended by the Parish Plan. The Clerk has obtained additional information about the scheme, which has a much greater scope than the Broadband initiative referred to in Minute 7382(b). It is understood that County & District Councillor Fishwick has attended a meeting on the subject and her advice will therefore be sought.

7430 Planning

(1) The following applications were considered and commented upon at the meeting:

 03/01024/FUL – 11 Cove Road – erection of extension to side and rear and a detached garage: NO OBJECTIONS, however the Parish Council is concerned that access to the garage may, in part, be of insufficient width to permit a pedestrian to pass a car, in safety.
 02/01506/FUL – 12 Clevelands Avenue – removal of existing conservatory and replacement with another: NO OBJECTIONS.
 03/00933/LB – Knowe Hill Barn – erection of a boundary wall to the south of Know Hill Barn: NO OBJECTIONS.

(2) The following decisions, notified by Lancaster City Council, were noted:

 02/01034/FUL – Ridgway Park School, Gibraltar Road – erection of extension to existing school building, to form new dining room with bedrooms over (scheme 2) GRANTED.
 03/00739/FUL – Knowe Hill Barn, Shore Road – erection of a single storey garden greenhouse / workshop within the rear garden: GRANTED.
 03/00818/LB – Knowe Hill Barn, Shore Road – Listed Building application for the erection of a single storey garden greenhouse/workshop within the garden area: GRANTED.
 03/00845/FUL – 3 Elmslack Court – erection of a dormer extension to the side: REFUSED.
(3) It was noted that the owner of Beech House, Lindeth Road has applied for permission to undertake the following work, in respect of trees which are subject to Tree Preservation Orders (for information only):

 TPO 252(1996) – T1 Beech tree: reduce in height to make safe
 TPO 305(1999) – G1: fell 2 yew trees and crown reduce remainder, to make safe.

7431 Correspondence

21 items of correspondence have been received since the last meeting, and were tabled for the information of members. The following items are to be dealt with as specified:

(1) A letter has been received from the Boundary Commission, encouraging all stakeholders to make comments by Sept 8th. It was agreed that this Council should recommend that a new

unitary authority should be created, based upon a combination of the current Districts of Lancaster, South Lakeland and Barrow-in-Furness, plus the remaining areas of the former Westmorland.

(2) The Clerk will submit the Annual Accounts to the Charity Commission in respect of (a) public quarries, and (b) public watering places.

(3) The Chairman will liaise with several other Councillors, in order to compile a response to the request from the Audit Commission, regarding the standard of service provided by Lancaster City Council.

(4) A letter has been received from the Limestone Heritage Project Officer, regarding the walls around the grounds of the Silverdale Institute, and suggesting that the Parish Council might make a donation. It seems doubtful that this would be permitted under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972, but Members will give the matter some further consideration, as it will be set for the agenda of the next meeting. In the meantime Councillor Fryer will attempt to locate photographs of a section of wall, which is reported to have never have existed.

(5) A questionnaire has been received from the Joint Advisory Committee regarding an Accessibility Technical Report. It was agreed that Councillor Greenwell should complete the questionnaire, in consultation with County & District Councillor Fishwick.

7432 Bank Signatories

It was noted that the Alliance & Leicester Bank has introduced a new rule, which has the effect of restricting signatories on the Council’s account, to a maximum of five persons. Minute 7366 is therefore disapplied.

7433 Accounts for Payment

Cheques for the following accounts were signed:

 Mr C.J. Eden photocopying for Parish Plan £ 1.00 (021)
 Mr C.J. Eden ‘Q’ Fasteners for Parish Plan £ 1.75 (022)
 Mr Phil Hargreaves repair of damaged rail at Woodwell £ 40.00 (023)
 Landmarque Landscapes strimming of Playing Field £ 35.00 (024)
 John Graves & Son grass-cutting and hedge-cutting £217.37 (025)

7434 Items for Information

(1) Councillor Greenwell raised a query about a broken section of wall on The lots, but was assured that it belongs to the National Trust and will be repaired under the Limestone Heritage Project.

(2) Councillor Fryer commented on the increase in cars being turned around at the Slackwood Lane brow, and referred to a recent serious accident. The Clerk will contact County Highways and suggest that they install kerbstones in order to restrict the width of the roadway, and thereby discourage people from attempting these dangerous manoeuvres.

(3) Councillor Henderson questioned the ownership of land, upon which has been erected a sign for the Limestone Heritage restoration of the Lime Kiln in Bottoms Lane. He was informed that it does not belong to the Parish Council.

(4) Councillor Henderson submitted draft comments on the deposit edition of the Joint Lancashire Structure Plan, for onward transmission to Lancashire County Council.

7435 Date of Next Meeting – Monday October 6th 2003.

Peter G. Challenor

Clerk to the Council

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