Based on information from Lancaster City Council, Silverdale Parish Council (SPC) wants to help village residents understand what they are being asked to do to reduce the spread of COVID-19, in addition to enhanced national restrictions announced by The Prime Minister on Tuesday 22nd September. Councillors understand that residents are frustrated, dismayed, and sad about this crisis but if we all comply with the rules, we could avoid unnecessary sickness and death in Silverdale. We also ask that residents remember those who are alone and ask that they keep in touch with them by telephone and other means.
People MUST NOT socialise with other people outside of their household or ‘protective support bubble’ in private homes and gardens and SHOULD NOT in other public places in or out of the restricted area. You must not change bubbles or have more than one bubble. There are exceptions:
To give emergency assistance
To attend a birth at the mother’ request
To visit a dying person
To fulfil a legal obligation
For work, volunteering, or charitable purposes
For education or training
For the purposes of childcare (grandparents or a registered provider)
To provide care or assistance to a vulnerable person
To facilitate a house-move (this includes viewing a property)
To continue existing arrangements for access to and contact between, parents and children where the children do not live in the same household as one or more of their parents.
You MUST NOT visit the homes or gardens of friends or family in or outside Lancashire.
You SHOULD use public transport for essential journeys only and a face covering MUST be worn.
You are ADVISED not to share a car with those outside your household or support bubble.
You CAN travel in or out of Lancashire for work and education purposes.
Pubs and restaurants must operate table service only and must close at 10pm. Government advice is that you ONLY visit these venues with members of your own household or support bubble.
You CAN still go on holiday within the UK or abroad, but you should only do this with people you live with (or within your support bubble). You need to follow the rules in any area you visit and be aware of the self-isolation rules when travelling to and from certain countries. People can visit our area on holiday but must comply with the local restrictions.
This information has been provided by SPC to assist residents and at the date of issue is believed to be correct. The guidance and regulations are subject to frequent change. Users should refer to Government, Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City Council websites or publications for the latest definitive information.
Useful links:
Lancaster City Council COVID-19 FAQs:
UK Government website:

What can I do to help my family, friends and neighbours?
•Please follow the latest advice from the government in relation to self-isolation, to protect yourself and others

Wherever possible people who are self-isolating are being encouraged to ask for help from family, friends, and neighbours. We would encourage everyone who can help others to let their family, friends and neighbours know if they are available and what they can do to help.

The type of help which could be offered includes:

·        collecting and delivering shopping – leaving deliveries on the doorstep or safe place to avoid close physical contact

·        suggesting local shopping options and trusted suppliers

·        collecting and delivering prescriptions if you are the nominated person registered with the GP

·        caring for pets

·        regular social contact via telephone, FaceTime, skype calls or other methods that will avoid physical contact (offering to call your neighbour who can’t get out so they have someone to chat to on the phone could make all the difference)

·        encouraging people to contact others in the same situation by linking people together

·        delivering books and magazines or materials to support hobbies such as wool for knitting or art materials

·        reassuring people with accurate and up to date advice and information

·        signposting people to other sources of help if needed

What else can I do to help?

We are aware that informal networks of volunteers are being set up within the district.

·        Lancaster district CVS is asking people to complete an online form to coordinate these efforts. If you’re able to offer support, please register your interest and someone will then be in touch to discuss your interest or your offer

·        If you can’t donate your time but would still like to help, an urgent appeal for financial donations has been launched. This is to help provide financial support for those organisations that are providing support for vulnerable people

·        Local foodbanks are also grateful for any donations you may be able to provide, particularly from any cafes and restaurants that have perishable stock that they need to dispose of

I need help and support

There are a number of local organisations offering support to local people in need. They include:

·        Morecambe Bay Foodbank offer emergency food and support to people in crisis

·        The Olive Branch supports vulnerable local people and those who are socially disadvantaged

·        Stanley’s Community Centre in Harbour and Heysham North Wards are offering food delivery through their food club on a Tuesday evening as well as telephone support on 01524 410076

·        Marsh Community Centre is providing telephone support on 01524 843300 as well as food club services and distribution on Thursdays

·        West End Impact are offering telephone support and advice on 01524 888929 or email – they also offer takeaway food in Harbour / Heysham North on Thursdays and Sundays   

Information for voluntary organisations, charities and community groups

The city council is in the process of establishing a district-wide voucher system for emergency food that will cover all charities, community centres, churches, schools and vulnerable individuals.

Community partners are being asked to provide the following information to assist in making arrangements:

·        Your organisation name

·        Staff contact(s)

·        Contact details (email, phone address)

·        Your logo if possible

·        Details of whether you are currently operating and what those hours are

Please email these details to so that we can collate a list of those organisations who would like to be able to refer clients. We will also have a hotline for organisations on the front line who can call with any questions: 01524 932001.

Last updated: 27 March 2020


In these difficult times it is important that we all do our best to keep ourselves and our families safe and to minimise risk. However, it is also important that we all look out for and help our neighbours as best we can, particularly those who are elderly, infirm and living alone.

Attempting to provide a comprehensive statement and recommendations covering all aspects of the Coronavirus outbreak would be out of date, possibly within hours of publication. We suggest the best guidance is to adopt a common sense approach to cleanliness and contact with others, but to respond to the regular updates from informed sources.

The following actions are suggested;
1. Offer your neighbours, and especially the vulnerable ones, assistance if needed. For those adopting self- isolation, ensure they are able to obtain essential supplies. The Home Visiting Team have regular contact with a number of residents, but under current guidelines will not be able to visit them in their homes. For those concerned about anyone and think they may need extra help or support, please contact Diane Smillie on 01524 762341.

2. Maintain regular contact with news reports in the press, on radio and television broadcasts and through internet connections

3. Sources of information;

4 Local information;
Local information or guidance will be communicated through the following means:
Silverdale Parish Council Website
Silverdale Events website
Silverdale self isolation support group Facebook page
The Parish Council Notice Board.


Normally Meetings

All meetings of the Parish Council are open to the public and press, except for those (very rare) occasions when it is deemed to be appropriate to exclude the public and press, by a Resolution in accordance with Standing Orders.

Ordinary Meetings of the Council are usually held on the first Monday of each month, except when this coincides with a public holiday. Unless otherwise stated, the Ordinary Meetings are held in the Silverdale Institute, Spring Bank, Silverdale, commencing at 7.30pm.

The Annual Parish Council Meeting is held on the first Monday in May, except where it coincides with a public holiday. In the year of an election (every four years) the Annual Parish Council Meeting is held on the fourth day following the day of election, or within fourteen days thereafter.
The Annual Parish Meeting (not to be confused with the Annual Parish Council Meeting) is usually held in March, although it can be held at any time between 1st March and 1st June. In the interests of clarity, this meeting is often called “The Parish Assembly”, as it involves a coming-together of many factions of the community. Because of the large, and sometimes vociferous, involvement of the public, this meeting is usually held in the Gaskell Memorial Hall, Emesgate Lane, Silverdale.

Woodland sub-committee – this deals with the management of the 4 areas of woodland we own (Burton Well, Bankwell, Woodwell and Burton Well Scroggs), its aim  is to ensure public safety and maintain the biological habitat;


There is currently a Parish Council noticeboard outside the Gaskell Memorial Hall. This gives at least three clear days notice, and the agenda, for any forthcoming meeting of the Parish Council, and at least seven clear days notice of the Annual Parish Meeting. It also displays the unconfirmed Minutes of the previous meeting. There is also a notice board on the playing field where matters pertaining to the playground are displayed.

The same notices should appear on this Web Site.

Local Government Act 2000

In accordance with section 51 of the Act, Silverdale Parish Council adopted the Model Code of Conduct on December 4th 2001 and all members have signed statutory Undertakings to comply with the provisions of the Code. In accordance with section 81 of the Act, a register of Members’ Interests has been established by Lancaster City Council and this may be inspected at Lancaster Town Hall. A photocopy of the Register entries may be inspected at any Ordinary Meeting of Silverdale Parish Council, or by prior arrangement with the Clerk.

Freedom of Information Act 2005

On 1st January 2009, Silverdale Parish Council adopted the “Model Publication Scheme for Local Councils”, produced in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2005 and has published details of  information held in accordance with that scheme, as follows:

Information available from Silverdale Parish Council under the model publication scheme

Information to be published
How the information can be obtained
Class1 – Who we are and what we do
(Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts)
This will be current information only

All hard copies from the Clerk, some information on the website – details of both shown at end of document.
10p per page plus postage.
Who’s who on the Council and its Committees
Hard copy
Contact details for Parish Clerk and Council members (named contacts where possible with telephone number and email address (if used))
Website or hard copy
Location of main Council office and accessibility details
Hard copy
Staffing structure
Hard copy


Class 2 – What we spend and how we spend it
(Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit)
Current and previous financial year as a minimum
Annual return form and report by auditor
Hard copy


Finalised budget
Hard copy


Hard copy


Borrowing Approval letter
Financial Standing Orders and Regulations
Hard copy


Grants given and received
List of current contracts awarded and value of contract
Hard copy
Members’ allowances and expenses
Hard copy,website


Class 3 – What our priorities are and how we are doing
(Strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews)
Parish Plan (current and previous year as a minimum)
Annual Report to Parish or Community Meeting (current and previous year as a minimum)
Website or hard copy


Quality status
Local charters drawn up in accordance with DCLG guidelines
Class 4 – How we make decisions
(Decision making processes and records of decisions)
Current and previous council year as a minimum
Timetable of meetings (Council, any committee/sub-committee meetings and parish meetings)
Hard copy or website


Agendas of meetings (as above)
Hard copy


Minutes of meetings (as above) – nb this will exclude information that is properly regarded as private to the meeting.
Website or hard copy


Reports presented to council meetings – nb this will exclude information that is properly regarded as private to the meeting.
Hard copy


Responses to consultation papers
Website or hard copy


Responses to planning applications
Website or hard copy


Class 5 – Our policies and procedures
(Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities) Current information only
Policies and procedures for the conduct of council business:
Procedural standing orders
Committee and sub-committee terms of reference
Delegated authority in respect of officers
Code of Conduct
Policy statements
 All Hard copy or website

10p per page plus postage 


Policies and procedures for the provision of services and about the employment of staff:
Internal policies relating to the delivery of services
Equality and diversity policy
Health and safety policy
Recruitment policies (including current vacancies)
Policies and procedures for handling requests for information
Complaints procedures (including those covering requests for information and operating the publication scheme)
Information security policy
Records management policies (records retention, destruction and archive)
Data protection policies
Schedule of charges (for the publication of information)
Class 6 – Lists and Registers
Currently maintained lists and registers only
Any publicly available register or list (if any are held this should be publicised; in most circumstances existing access provisions will suffice)
Playground inspections – view original only
Assets Register
Hard copy


Disclosure log (indicating the information that has been provided in response to requests; recommended as good practice, but may not be held by parish councils)
Hard copy
Register of members’ interests
Hard copy /meetings


Register of gifts and hospitality
Class 7 – The services we offer
(Information about the services we offer, including leaflets, guidance and newsletters produced for the public and businesses) Current information only
None owned
Burial grounds and closed churchyards
None owned
Community centres and village halls
None owned
Parks, playing fields and recreational facilities
Hard copy


Seating, litter bins, clocks, memorials and lighting
Location of seats, otherwise N/A Hard Copy


Bus shelters
Hard copy
Public conveniences (leased from City Council/cleaned by contractor)
Hard copy
Agency agreements
A summary of services for which the council is entitled to recover a fee, together with those fees (e.g. burial fees)
Additional Information that is not itemised in the lists above

The Council is Trustee for three Charities

Hard copy


N/A – No information is held.


Actual cost of Royal Mail standard 2nd class
Cost + labour

Contact details: Mrs Denise Challenor, Tanglewood, New Barns Close, Arnside,
LA5 0BL.    Telephone : 01524 761824    
email :