3rd September 2012
10124   Un-confirmed Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday, 3rd September 2012.
10125   Present:  Chairman  –  Councillor T.G. (Terry) Bond, Councillors H.M.E. (Harriet) Bradfield, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, S.L. (Shirley) Mason, N. (Nigel) Ribbons, P.N. (Paul) Williams and A. (Angela) Woods, the Clerk  –  L.D. (Denise) Challenor, the Deputy Clerk  –  S.D. (Sue) Hayward, PC 2866 Tony Marsh, County Councillor S.M. (Sarah) Fishwick, City Councillor K. (Kath) Graham and 7 members of the public.
10126   Apologies for Absence:  Councillor K. (Keith) Palmer (another meeting).
10127   Receipt of Declarations of Members’ Interests Relating to any Items Appearing on the Agenda
10128   Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Monday, 6th August were approved then signed by the Chairman.
10129   Receipt of Information about Matters Arising from the Minutes of Previous Meetings, not Covered by the Agenda
The Clerk referred to: (1)  item 10104, regarding the drains behind the Gaskell Hall, and advised that Lancaster City Council (Lancaster CC) have confirmed that new drains have been laid; (2)  item 10112, regarding the ceramic panels, and reported that they can be added to this Council’s public liability insurance; (3)  item 10114, regarding the electricity bill for the clock – British Gas have accepted that no standing charge is payable, this has now been removed and a refund has been credited to the account for the period charged; British Gas also asked that the meter be re-read following her query about the reading – this has been done and the new reading taken into account; (4)  item 10115, regarding UKHost4u, and advised that she has e mailed an example of how their link might appear on this Council’s website to those Members with access to e mail and that LALC have said there is no reason why the link cannot be displayed.  RESOLVED to arrange for the link to be displayed in return for free hosting of the website, (5)  item 10119, regarding Bottoms Lane – the AONB have advised that spindle is quite common in the AONB area and can withstand pruning; Mr Neil Pharaoh has stated that he will be trimming the overgrowth by hand; (6)  item 10120, regarding works to the gentlemen’s toilet – Mr Dunn has replaced the cistern but the work took 2 hours longer than expected, the charge will be £390 + VAT; (7)  item 10121, regarding the stile near Challan Hall, she has reported this to Lancashire County Council (Lancs. CC) who have advised that stiles are being replaced with gates where possible.
10130   Matters Raised by Members of the Public for Future Consideration
Members of the public spoke on the following:
1. correspondence item (c) [the National Trust’s suggestion to create multi-user paths in Eaves Wood] and asked if details could be provided when Members discussed this item on the agenda;
2. overgrowth on the roadside – a request was made for this to be cleared sensitively with Lancs. CC liaising with the Parish Council;
3. the War Memorial Gardens – a request that any improvements do not involve too much hard concreting;
4. the brash that has been left at Burton Well and which is in need of attention;
5. a request for information on the proposed development on Cove Drive;
6. the B4RN project; Members were advised that the University of Aberdeen is carrying out a research project on people’s expectations of broadband provision – 2 villagers from Silverdale have been interviewed;
7. the ceramic panels made by Silverdale School children which will be put up soon by Mr Phil Hargreaves who is kindly doing so free of charge;
8. a perception that there is a noticeable increase in traffic on Cove Road (to and from Holgates caravan site) and concerns about road safety.
10131   Update from the Community Police Officer
PC Marsh reported that: (1)  over the period 6th August to 3rd September 24 incidents have been reported none of which were crimes, (2)  the police have attended reports of door-to-door sellers of aerial photographs; whilst there was nothing untoward the police would like to remind residents to make use of door chains if fitted and, if at all uncertain, not to answer the door, (3)  the police were copied into the correspondence concerning youths on bicycles (as recorded at the last meeting) and contacted the aggrieved party direct. A description of those involved has been circulated to all Carnforth officers and the area has been patrolled to deter recurrence, (4)  there has been a report of quad bikes being used on the Shore Road car-park; this area features in the police patrols of the village, (5)  in relation to the PACT priorities the police have continued to monitor the parking situation on Cove Road and the village in general. There have been no reports to the police of wild camping this year, possibly due to the inclement weather.
RESOLVED that the police continue with the same PACT priorities.
10132   Report from County Councillor Sarah Fishwick
Councillor Fishwick reported that: (1)  she has notified Highways of the flooding on Lindeth Road (opposite the  post box) and at the bottom of Elmslack Court/ Woodlands Drive and of the disrepair to the stone stile on Ford Lane; (2)  level crossing works are to be carried out as a result of which New Road will be closed, for a distance of 20 metres either side of the level crossing, from 23:25 hours on Saturday, 29th September to 13:25 hours on Sunday, 30th September (or to the completion of the works, whichever is earlier); a diversion route will be in operation. No bus services are affected and pedestrian access will be maintained; (3)  she will e mail information on the Lancaster Core Strategy and National Planning Policy Framework to the Clerk.
10133   Report from City Councillor Kath Graham
Councillor Graham reported that: (1)  she notified Lancaster CC of the overgrown shrubs at the junction of Lindeth Road and Lindeth Close when this was raised at the July meeting; (2)  public consultation on proposed developments is likely to take place on 8th November (with reference to the member of the public’s query above). She has had several letters from residents about the proposed developments which are draft and will try and obtain a map showing the area affected; (3)  the bin at the bus stop on Park Lane cannot be moved into the car park but can be relocated outside the car park.
10134   Reports on any Meetings Attended by Members or the Clerk
1. Proposed 20mph Zone
The Chairman reported that Councillors Houghton, Fishwick and he had attended a meeting about the 20mph zone and were satisfied with the final proposals. It was noted that most of the repeaters (reminding drivers of the speed limit) will be attached to existing posts. Works will start in October.
10135   Public Rights of Way
The Clerk reported on a Lancs. CC training session on rights of way maintenance delivery by parish and town councils; as there seem to be no advantages to this Council maintaining the rights of way itself and a lot of work would be involved RESOLVED not to participate in the maintenance delivery and to ask Lancs. CC to continue dealing with it.
10136   Planning
(1)  It was noted that the following planning applications had been dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25a and comments made as indicated:
12/00736/FUL  6 Bradshawgate Drive.  Erection of front porch.  NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
12/00426/CU  Leighton Hall Home Farm, Leighton Park.  Redevelopment of existing Leighton Hall Home Farm Complex including conversion, extensions and new build to 19 luxury self-catering holiday units with associated access parking and landscaping. Amended site plan to show location of proposed package treatment plant. Additional planting to boundaries.  NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
(2)  It was noted that an appeal has been lodged against a refusal of planning permission on 12/00027/REF 52 Emesgate Lane.  Erection of a 3 bedroomed detached house. Comments by 19th September.
(3)  It was noted that no decisions had been advised by Lancaster CC.
10137   Urgent Action Taken in Accordance with Standing Order 25 (other than Planning)
25 (a)  Parish Council Property and Functions
25(b)  Non-Parish Council Property and Functions
The Clerk reported that:
1. she has written again to British Telecom (BT) regarding the possibility of land at the telephone exchange being used for allotments and will ask about the screening of the exchange building when she has received a reply to the query about allotments;
2. she has sent out a number of letters to residents concerning overgrown hedgerows etc.
10138   Dates of Parish Council Meetings
It was noted that the dates for the 2013 meetings have been set and a list of dates has been circulated to Members.
10139   Finance
(a)  It was noted that no money had been received by the Council since the last meeting.
(b)  RESOLVED to authorise payment and sign cheques for the following accounts:
Mr Paul Williams (toilet cleaning and dog waste bags)     £182.15  (745)
Envirocare (contractor work)         £676.42  (746)
Broker Network Ltd. Insurance (Came and Company – parish council insurance) £1623.29  (747)
United Utilities (water for toilets)        £494.12  (748)
RESOLVED that, as water usage seems to be surprisingly high, the water usage at the public toilets be monitored over the next quarter following the installation of the new cistern/ flush to the gentlemen’s WC and the new drains;  further RESOLVED that the Clerk contact United Utilities to ask where the water meter is located.
10140   Dog Waste Bags
RESOLVED to continue with the trial provision of dog waste bags at The Lots and to review the trial at the November meeting; further RESOLVED that the Chairman and Councillor Williams keep the dispenser supplied with bags.
10141   Insurance
RESOLVED to add the ceramic panels to the insurance schedule (for public liability) and to check that there is no extra charge for this.
10142   Woodwell and Bankwell
RESOLVED that the Clerk contact the AONB to ask: 1.  when work will be carried out to clear the weeds and bulrushes etc at Bankwell; 2.  if they are able to clear a third or half of Woodwell.
RESOLVED to consider including the clearance of Woodwell in the 2013/14 tender for the parish contractor given that grass cutting is already included in the contract.
10143   Correspondence
Receipt of the following items of correspondence was noted and any action determined as indicated:
a)  Mr Rob Petley-Jones supplies the latest 5 year revision to the management plan for Gait Barrows NNR;
b)  Mr Brooks writes about the disappearance of Bard’s Well. It was noted that the well has been dug out and is running again but that it has been (and will be) affected further by tidal erosion;
c)  Mr Alan Ferguson (National Trust) writes to ask the Parish Council’s view on the creation of a multi-user path in Eaves Wood for a trial period and to ask for help with seeking local opinion; Park Road is perceived to be busy and dangerous for horse riders and cyclists and the National Trust is considering permitting horse riding and cycling along the lower track through the wood (known as Inmans Road); speedy off-road mountain biking would be discouraged.  It was noted that this Council thinks the idea is a good one in principle. Members of the public wishing to comment should contact Mr Alan Ferguson direct (tel: 01524 702815) Alan.Ferguson@nationaltrust.org.uk;
d)  SELRAP publication;
e)  LALC’s Conference Agenda for 22nd September at Leyland.  They include information regarding the Local Government Boundary Commission’s next stage of the discussions (which will run until 15/10/2012) and the number of Councillors required to cover the new boundaries covered by the City Council.
f)  Lune Valley Rural Housing Association newsletter, summer 2012.
10144   Broadband Provision
It was noted that the Chairman has contacted both B4RN and Lancs. CC/BT regarding broadband provision. Both are willing to attend a parish council meeting and an open meeting.  RESOLVED that the Chairman write to Mr Eddie Sutton, Deputy Chief Executive of Lancs. CC, to invite him to attend the October meeting of this Council.
10145   Items for Information
1.  The Chairman reported that: (1)  there is overgrown vegetation at Slackwood Lane, Gibraltar Lane, the path by the old post office/ entrance to The Lots, Shore Close and Lindeth Road (by Kayes nursery and opposite Lindeth Close); (2)  he would like to thank Mr Barry Ayre for repairing the notice board on The Green.
2.  Councillor Mason advised that the garden in front of Silverdale School is overgrown.
3.  Councillor Williams reported that one of the waymarkers on Emesgate Lane has fallen over.
4.  The Clerk advised that the Silverdale Field Committee have written to thank this Council for covering the cost of buying a trophy.
10146   Suggestions for Future Agenda Items
1.  An update on The Royal Hotel.  (Councillor Palmer)
2.  Contacting the Co-operative store about the possibility of a community shop window.  (Councillor Bradfield)
10147   Date of the Next Meeting
It was noted that the date of the next meeting is Monday, 1st October 2012. Items for the agenda to reach the Clerk before Friday, 21st September and copies of reports to reach the Clerk before Monday, 24th September.

Sue D. Hayward
Deputy Clerk to the Council