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6th May 2004

7609 Un-confirmed Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday 6th May 2004.

7610 Present: Councillors J. (John) Burrow, C.J. (John) Eden, T.B. (Bernard) Fryer, J. (June) Greenwell, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, P.(Peter) Roberts, the Clerk – P.G. (Peter) Challenor, County & District Councillor S.M. (Sarah) Fishwick, and two members of the public.

7611 Election of Chairman

It was noted that Councillor Eden did not wish to stand for re-election, and he was therefore thanked for his excellent service, during the past eleven years.

RESOLVED that Councillor Roberts be elected to the post of Chairman. Councillor Roberts signed his statutory Declaration of Acceptance of Office and took the Chair.

7612 Election of Vice-Chairman.

RESOLVED that Councillor Houghton be elected as Vice-Chairman.

7613 Apologies for Absence: Councillors R.M. (Ralph) Henderson, A.W. (Arthur) Graves, and PC 1283 Roger Brooksbank,.

7614 Receipt of Declarations of Members’ Interests relating to any items appearing on the agenda.

The Chairman declared a non-prejudicial interest in item 15(2) of the agenda, in that he is Chairman of the Silverdale Bowling Club.

Councillor Houghton declared a non-prejudicial interest in item 20 of the agenda, in that he is the owner of the land concerned.

7615 Election of Representatives, etc.

RESOLVED that the following appointments be made for the year 2004 to 2005:

(a) Representatives to outside organisations:

Silverdale United Charities Councillors Henderson and Burrow.

Mansergh’s Charity Councillor Greenwell.

Warton Archbishop Hutton Charity Councillor Graves.

C of E School Governor Councillor Houghton.

AONB Executive Committee Councillor Roberts.

LAPTC – Lancaster Area Committee Councillors Roberts and Henderson.

Lune Valley Rural Housing Assoc Councillor Eden.

Churchyard Care Group Councillor Fryer.

National Trust Local Committee Councillors Fryer and Henderson.

Social Services User Groups Councillor Greenwell.

Morecambe Bay Partnership Councillor Henderson.

Joint Parish Committee Councillors Eden, Roberts and Henderson.

Carnforth Market Town Initiative Executive Committee Councillor Henderson.

(b) Internal Audit Committee:

Councillors Eden, Roberts, Houghton and Burrow.

This Committee must act independently of the Council and that the Chairman of the Parish Council shall not be elected as Chairman of this Committee.

(c) Chairman of Parish Plan Development Group: Councillor Greenwell.

7616 Minutes of the Previous Meeting.

The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting, held on 5th April 2004, were approved, and then signed by the Chairman.

7617 Receipt of information about matters arising from the Minutes of previous meetings, not covered by the Agenda.

7598 Correspondence 1. Silverdale Institute – Councillor Eden reported that the informal meeting had been deferred until June, at the request of the Institute.

7593 Matters raised by Members of the Public for future consideration (2) – consideration of the point made, concerning a Traffic Regulation Order for the road outside the Playing Field entrance, would be deferred until the ASC scheme seems likely to proceed.

7618 Standing Orders.

RESOLVED that Standing Orders, as revised in April 2004, be confirmed as being correct and appropriate.

7619 Matters raised by Members of the Public for future consideration.

One member of the public asked the Council to exert pressure, wherever possible, to preserve the nature of the Bottoms Lane area, and to protect the ancient fields, which she considers to be under threat.

7620 Update from the Community Police Officer

In the absence of PC Brooksbank, County Councillor Fishwick read out a statement, which he had given to her for the meeting. It was noted that the Police are to mount a special operation aimed predominantly at the RSPB car parks in the area, because of the high incidence of thefts from cars.

7621 Report from City & County Councillor Sarah Fishwick.

Councillor Fishwick made reference to (a) the new and old street lighting, (b) some indication of additional markings to appear at the level crossing, (c) grass-cutting around public seats – Members referred this point back to Councillor Fishwick, as it is a City or Council matter, (d) postal votes, (e) apparent diversion of a footpath at Waterslack, (f) fence damage at Red Bridge, (g) concerns about Cockling, (h) overview and scrutiny arrangement at City and County Councils, (i) possibility of Planning Enforcement for highway access to dwellings at the railway station, and (j) maybe there is a need for the Parish Council to extend the speed restriction area, on Cove Road, near to the Cricket Club – Members referred this point back to Councillor Fishwick, as it is a County Council matter.

Councillor Fishwick agreed to submit written reports for future meetings, in time for circulation with the agenda.

7622 Reports on Meetings

(a) Councillor Eden attended a meeting of the Joint Parish Committee, on 21st April. The representative from Beetham had asked for support in her efforts to get signs placed on the M6, in order to promote tourism in the area, and to support the B&B traders along the A6.

Following protracted debates with the Clerk for Arnside and Silverdale, the Chairman of the JPC had accepted that the proposed Memorandum of Agreement should be abandoned. The remaining delegates felt likewise and would make appropriate recommendations to their Councils.

(b) Councillor Greenwell and the Chair of “Action for Silverdale Children” had attended a meeting, earlier in the day, hosted by “Community Futures”, and intended to assist organisations wishing to make applications for grants. The Clerk has been asked to address some technicalities, which need to be resolved before an application can be made under the England Rural Development Project.

(c) Councillor Eden reported on his attendance at a meeting on May 4th, to discuss the proposals of the Parish Remuneration Panel. The conclusions of the Panel will be published in the near future.

7623 Parish Lengthswoman

Members discussed their concerns that the scheme did not appear to be operating as efficiently as had been anticipated. The Council has still not received a contract to sign for the half-year October 2003 to March 2004 and no money has yet been paid. The terms of the contract for the current year are also unknown. Councillor Burrow will chase up the list of jobs already compiled. The Clerk will write to the Environment t Directorate, to convey the concerns of this Council, in the hope that the administration can be improved.

7624 Correspondence

Receipt of the following items was noted and any action determined, by resolution, as indicated:

1. Mr & Mrs King – concern about proximity of proposed playframe and adventure course, at the Children’s Playground.

RESOLVED that the concerns be considered when the scheme is almost ready for implementation.

2. Silverdale Sport & Recreation Development Committee – request for outline permission to erect goalposts on the Children’s Playground.

RESOLVED to seek advice from the Council’s insurers.

3. Charity Commission – confirmation of registration of new Deed of Trust for the Children’s Playground.

4. LAPTC – notification of change of address.

5. Lancaster CC – request that we check their “Village Land Use Survey” map.

RESOLVED that Councillor Henderson be asked to liaise.

6. Davenport & Co – notice of application for a new Justice’s Licence for Waterslack Tea Rooms and Farm Shop.

RESOLVED that County Councillor Fishwick be asked to object to the off-premises part of the Application.

7. Mr Phil Hargreaves – quotation for maintenance of seats (agenda item)

8. Lancaster CC – notice of adoption of Local Plan.

9. Lancaster CC – message from Planning Officer re asking for Applications to go to Committee. NOTED.

10. Silverdale Institute – notice of appointment of new Secretary.

11. Community Futures – “Community Focus” number 22

12. Two Castles Housing Association – selection procedures for Whinney Fold.

RESOLVED that Councillor Houghton should make an appraisal.

13. AONB – “Waymarker”, April.

14. NALC – “Local Council Review”, May.

7625 Planning

(1) It was noted that the following Planning Applications were dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25, and comments made as indicated:

04/00406/FUL – Oak Tree Barn, Bottoms Lane – erection of a timber shed:

OBJECTIONS on the grounds that this is inappropriate development for this location.

Additional comment, 19.04.04, in response to request from Planning Officer: They are of the opinion that the only expansion of this Council’s response should be to indicate that the proposal is for an inappropriate “site on this development” and that it would create an “unacceptable precedent”.

04/00404/FUL – 9 Wallings Lane – construction of a rear dormer:


(2) The following Planning Applications were considered, and comments made as indicated.

04/00510/FUL – Silverdale Bowling Club – erection of an extension to pavilion to form store for maintenance equipment: NO OBJECTIONS

04/00508/FUL – 34 Wallings Lane – installation of two solar panels: NO OBJECTIONS

04/00483/FUL – 2 Wallings Lane – erection of a single storey kitchen extension, balcony bridge and earthworks to rear: DEFERRED FOR A SITE VISIT.

(3) The following decisions, advised by Lancaster City Council, were noted.

04/00155/FUL – 16 Wallings Lane – erection of a garage/workshop to rear: GRANTED.

04/00157/FUL – 10 Birch Drive – installation of two Velux windows: GRANTED.

04/00255/FUL – White Gables, Lindeth Road – erection of a rear conservatory: GRANTED.

04/00329/FUL – 2 Cove Drive – renewal of permission 99/00266/ for erection of an extension and associated alterations to existing conservator: GRANTED.

04/00038/FUL – 31 Shore Road – erection of a two storey side and rear extension and a single storey part integral garage to front: GRANTED.

7626 Urgent action taken in accordance with Standing Order 25 (other than Planning).

Mr Philip Hargreaves quoted that the cost of roof repairs to the bus shelter would be between £150 and £200. Because of the need to get the work done before the nesting swallows return, this quotation was accepted, under SO25.

7627 Year-End Balances and Part 2 Budget..

It was noted that the end-of-year balance for the combined accounts of the Council totalled £12,726.80 (to be rounded up to £12,727 for the purposes of the Annual Audit Return)

The clerk presented the following draft for a Part 2 Budget for 2004-2005:

Dedicated Reserve Funds at 31st March 2004

Playing Field £8,000

Clerk’s Retirement Gratuity £ 280

Donation to AONB for 2003-2004 £ 500

Training and associated costs £ 200

Non-dedicated Reserve Funds at 31st March 2004

General Contingency £3,747

(End of year cash balance, less Dedicated Reserves)

RESOLVED that the part 2 budget be confirmed, presented.

7628 Maintenance of Public Seats

RESOLVED To accept the quotation of £250 + cost of materials, from Mr Philip Hargreaves, for maintenance of the public seats, during 2004.

RESOLVED that it is appropriate to remove the seat at the bottom of Emesgate Lane, rather than repair it, and to have the ground made good.

It was also RESOLVED that permission be granted to Mrs Hartley to provide an additional seat, near to the Millennium Clock, subject to the proposed design being submitted to, and approved by, this Council, before an order is placed

7629 Proposed AONB Memorandum of Agreement.

The Clerk read out a statement, explaining that he is of the opinion that it would be illegal for Members to sign the Agreement, proposed by the AONB, as it incorporates a commitment to make donations of specified amounts, to the AONB, each year, up until 2008, or possibly 2014. He had requested that the AONB provide a Service Level Agreement, or similar, in order to address the underlying legal problem, but this request had been refused. He therefore saw no way in which Members could meet their obligations under Section 137(1)(b).

In addition to taking note of the Clerk’s advice, Members felt that it would be inappropriate for them to commit this Council, and future Councils, to making specific donations, when they could not anticipate the financial obligations relating to other Council activities and responsibilities.

Members wished to stress that they hope to continue their support for the work of the AONB, by making annual donations, but that they would determine the sum involved each year, without a prior commitment.

RESOLVED that this Council should refuse to sign the proposed Memorandum of Agreement.

It was also noted that this decision was in keeping with the group recommendation, at the last meeting of the Joint Parish Committee.

7630 Road Drain discharging to The Shore.

Councillor Houghton stated that he had noticed that, during periods of heavy rainfall, the discharge from a road drain, onto the part of The Shore which he owns, can smell somewhat unsavoury. He had sent samples for testing and his concerns had been confirmed, but no preventative action had been taken by the City or County Councils. He wished to inform Members that he had dug a trench acoss the land, in order to contain the outfall, and hoped that residents would accept the wisdom of his actions, even though the trench looks unsightly.

7631 Traffic problems at Spring Bank junction

Members discussed the ongoing problems, created by vehicles being parked on Stankelt Road, very close to the junction with Spring Bank. RESOLVED to ask PC Brooksbank and ECSO Gwilliam to take such action as they consider appropriate, to persuade motorists to park well clear of this junction.

7632 Accounts for Payment

Cheques for the following accounts were signed:

Mr P.G. Challenor (Clerk’s salary & expenses) £769.59 (053)

Alliance Cornhill Insurance PLC (renewal premium) £779.82 (054)

LAPTC (annual subscription S.143) £326.63 (055)

7633 Items for Information

(1) Councillor Greenwell mentioned the Traffic Survey being conducted in St.John’s Avenue and Levens Way, the purpose of which was a mystery to all Members present. It was considered that road ‘placings’, outside Challan Hall, were probably also for Traffic Survey purposes, which seemed more sensible at this location.

(2) Complaints had been made about the proliferation of posters for the AGM of the Arnside & Silverdale Medical Practice, and also for Café J (Arnside). It was considered that this amounted to fly-posting, and the organisations concerned should be persuaded to use the official noticeboards only. It was also reported that when objectors had tried to remove the posters, they found that those for Café J had been nailed to posts etc, and those for the Practice had been stapled. This did not prevent the posters from being torn down, but left the nails and staples in the supporting material.

7634 Date of Next Meeting.

The date of next meeting is Monday 7th of June 2004. Items for the agenda, and copies of reports, to reach the Clerk by no later than Friday 28th of May.
Peter G. Challenor

Clerk to the Council

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