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7th June 2004

7635 Un-confirmed Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday 7th June 2004.

7636 Present: Councillors T.B. (Bernard) Fryer, A.W. (Arthur) Graves, J. (June) Greenwell, R.M. (Ralph) Henderson, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, the Clerk – P.G. (Peter) Challenor, PC 1283 Roger Brooksbank, ECSO Deborah Gwilliam, and three members of the public. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, Councillor Houghton, chaired the meeting.

7637 Apologies for Absence: Chairman – Councillor P.(Peter) Roberts, Councillors J. (John) Burrow, C.J. (John) Eden, and County & District Councillor S.M. (Sarah) Fishwick.

7638 Receipt of Declarations of Members’ Interests relating to any items appearing on the agenda.


7639 Minutes of the Previous Meeting.

The Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting, held on 6th May 2004, were approved, and then signed by the Chairman of the Meeting.

7640 Receipt of information about matters arising from the Minutes of previous meetings, not covered by the Agenda.

There were no matters arising.

7641 Matters raised by Members of the Public for future consideration.

No matters were raised.

7642 Update from the Community Police Officer

(a) PC Brooksbank’s report included (1) a reduction in vehicle crimes since the introduction of an enhanced Police presence, (2) problems for motorists emerging from Spring Bank have been reduced, since PC Brooksbank spoke to several residents about parking too near the junction, (3) fly-posting has similarly been reduced, and (4) theft of the name sign for the Bowling Club, plus two vehicle registration plates.

Councillors’ remarks included (1) the good publicity given to the need for locking of house doors, (2) the parking problem at the junction of Spring bank had indeed improved to the right of the exit, but there is still a problem to the left, (3) a group of cockle-pickers had visited The Shore, on one occasion only, and (4) there are still instances of parking on both sides of Emesgate Lane, causing difficulties for large vehicles.

(b) PC Brooksbank gave a verbal report about the new “Police And Community Together” scheme, and explained that it is proposed that meetings of the PACT Committee should be included in the Parish Council meetings, in lieu of the update from the Community Police Officer. Whilst this could not be done, in the manner suggested, Members are keen to co-operate, with the Police, in the PACT scheme. PC Brooksbank will produce written proposals, for circulation with the next agenda, and for formal consideration at the next meeting.

7643 Report from City & County Councillor Sarah Fishwick.

Councillor Fishwick’s report was given by Councillor Greenwell and made reference to (a) the one visit of cockle-pickers, (2) all the safety improvement work has now been completed at the level crossing, (3) it has been established that strimming of grass around the public seats is a County Council function, possibly delegated to the City Council, and (4) nothing further has been done about the pollution reported on The Shore.

7644 Reports on Meetings and Projects

(a) Silverdale Land Use Survey. Councillor Henderson had found some discrepancies in the draft plans, and would be liaising with the City Council.

(b) The Parish Plan Countryside Group had met on 6th April, and now looks for the assistance of one, or more, dog owner(s) – volunteers invited.

(c) Councillor Greenwell and Mrs Rachel Bodenham had attended a seminar, run by Community Futures, as a result of which an application had been made for a grant from the Rural Development Scheme, to assist with renewal of the Children’s Playgound.

(d) Councillor Henderson reported on his attendance at the AGM of LAPTC. The meeting expressed a preference for charters to be with district councils, rather than the County Council.

(e) Councillor Houghton reported on his attendance at the meeting of the Silverdale CE School Governors, and indicated that this was his last meeting, because representation from minor authorities is being cancelled. The School will be writing to the Parish Council, to seek observations regarding their request for road-edge railings, outside the School entrance. The Governors are looking to increase the proportion of daytime meetings, and this may disturb the attendance pattern. Phase 2 of the building works, will probably not commence for another two years, or so.

7645 Correspondence

Receipt of the following items was noted and any action determined, by resolution, as indicated:

1. Mr & Mrs Jolly – copy of complaint about garden clearance at 43 Stankelt Road.

2. Mr & Mrs Jones – copy of complaint about garden clearance at 43 Stankelt Road.

3. Lancaster CC – draft scheme for Members’ Allowances.

4. Lancashire CC – request for observations about Charter under “Quality Parish” scheme.

RESOLVED that the Clerk should write to request details of those services which are likely to be included in a Charter, and details of the financial arrangements. A preference for a district charter should be expressed.

5. Cornhill Insurance – conditions for increase in Indemnity cover.

It was noted that there is now a requirement for money received by the Council to be checked monthly, as having been credited to the Council’s bank account. This check to be done by a Member who is not a bank signatory.

6. Geraldine Smith MP – response from Dr Kim Howells MP about level crossing.

RESOLVED that thanks be expressed to Councillor Fishwick, and those other persons who had worked so diligently, to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

7. DEFRA – receipt of ERDP grant application for Children’s Playground.

8. LAPTC – change of Executive Secretary

9. NTS – Clerk’s Training Bursary (would not apply to Silverdale)

10. NALC – communications toolkit for local councils.

11. NALC – policy update on high hedges consultation

12. NALC – administration update re National Conference.

13. Mr Ribbons – enquiries about work of Parish Lengthswoman.

RESOLVED that the Clerk reply, to explain the outcome of item 12 of the agenda.

14. AONB – “Waymarker”, May

15. NHS Trust – recruitment of ‘public members’ and leaflets. Leaflets were distributed, and the scheme was explained by Councillor Greenwell.

16. Lancaster Strategic Partnership – “A Vision for 2020”

17. Clerks & Councils Direct – May.

18. Lancashire County Council – joint structure plan, deposit edition.

7646 Planning

(1) It was noted that the following Planning Applications were dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25, and comments made as indicated:

04/00267/FUL – Waterslack Garden Centre – amendments to proposals for change of use of ground floor of dwelling to farm shop, replacement and enlargement of garden centre and coffee shop and landscaping of overflow car park:

On the 5th of April the Council objected to the proposals on the following grounds, and these are reiterated:

(1) Members are concerned that the site is not appropriate to cope with an increase in traffic

(2) The site access is unsatisfactory

(3) The proposals show an over-intensive development of the café

(4) The proposals will have a detrimental affect on the quality of life for occupiers of and neighbouring residential properties.

The Members also wish to register their dismay at the apparent start of work on developing the site, prior to obtaining Planning Permission.

Subsequent to receipt of the amended plans, five Members held a site meeting, as a result of which their concerns were increased. Now the Council further OBJECTS to the proposals, as follows:

There is ongoing concern about the viability of Silverdale village shops, and the Silverdale Parish Plan highlights the need to take all possible steps to preserve shopping facilities in the Village centre. We note the comment from the applicants that they are proposing to sell a similar range of products to those sold in Low Sizergh Farm Shop. This farm shop sells dairy produce, meat, vegetables, bread, cakes, and other groceries, as well as craft items. If this proposal goes ahead, it will inevitably reduce sales in the village shops, particularly to caravan site residents, who would be able to combine routine food shopping, with a visit to the café and garden centre. Village residents without access to a car would not be able to do this. There is the possibility of some village centre shop closures, with an adverse impact on village amenities. The granting of planning approval for a Farm Shop, at Waterslack Garden Centre, would work against the Parish Plan policy, and we strongly request that permission be refused for this element of the proposal.

04/00537/FUL – 19 The Row – erection of a two storey extension to the side and a single storey extension to the rear – NO OBJECTIONS.

04/00538/FUL – 11 Shore Road – Erection of a two storey side extension to form garage with bedroom over and single storey side and rear extensions to form snug, dining room, increased utility room and new WC: NO OBJECTIONS.

04/00551/ADV – Waterslack Garden Centre – retention of sign: OBJECTION on the grounds that the sign is too large, the colours are inappropriate for this setting, and it advertises a “Farm Shop” which does not exist.

04/00629/FUL – 53 The Row – erection of extensions to the front and side: NO OBJECTIONS.

04/00662/FUL – Hemplands, Cove Road – erection of an attached garage (amendment to application 01/00143/FUL) – OBJECTIONS on the grounds that the agent for the applicant should have drilled test holes before the work commenced, and these would have revealed the presence of solid rock. The height of the garage should be restricted to that approved under the original application.

04/00621/AD – The Barn, Moss Lane – Agricultural Determination as to whether further details are required for te erection of an agricultural storage building – this Council asserts that FURTHER DETAILS ARE REQUIRED for the following reasons:

1. The size and design of the building gives the indication that this building, together with other buildings on the site, are not for agricultural purposes associated with this site, which is currently devoted to grazing land for ponies.

2. The large size and design of the building is inappropriate for the landscape of this area.

(2) Members reiterated their objections to 04/00662/FUL – Hemplands, Cove Road, and asked that the Clerk should take up the matter, via LAPTC, if the application is granted. This is not the first time that a building has been constructed so as to be higher than approved, and there needs to be a firm stand taken against such occurrences.

(3) The following Planning Applications were considered, and comments made as indicated.

04/00538/FUL – 11 Shore Road – erection of a two storey side extension to form garage with bedroom over and single storey side and rear extensions to form snug, dining room, increased utility room and new WC (amended plans): NO OBJECTIONS

03/01547/CU – Hazelwood Hall, Hollins Lane – change of use of nursing home to 22 holiday apartments (amended plans): The submitted plan shows the removal of the two main objections to the previous proposals, and this Council therefore has NO OBJECTIONS. However, the Council reserves its position regarding detailed proposals for the buildings, as these have not yet been received.

(4) The following decisions, advised by Lancaster City Council, were noted.

04/00404/FUL – 9 Wallings Lane – construction of a rear dormer: GRANTED

04/00510/FUL – Silverdale Bowling Club – erection of an extension to pavilion to form store for maintenance equipment: GRANTED

04/00080/FUL – 32 Wallings Lane – erection of a two storey side extension and conservatory: GRANTED

04/00091/FUL – 12 The Row – demolish existing garage and rebuild in another location: GRANTED

04/00327/FUL – land opposite 49 The Row – erection of a barn for storage of machinery and produce: REFUSED

04/00364/FUL – Hazeldene House, Hollins Lane – erection of an extension to the rear to provide new living/garden room and front entrance porch: GRANTED

7647 Urgent action taken in accordance with Standing Order 25 (other than Planning).


7648 Parish Lengthsman Scheme.

(a) RESOLVED to withdraw from the Joint Parish Lengthsman scheme, but to invite the Head of the Countryside Service to attend the next meeting, should he believe that the Council has not taken account of material factors.

(b) RESOLVED to advertise for a replacement Parish Contractor.

7649 Annual Return to External Auditor

(a) RESOLVED that the following Statement of Accounts be approved and be submitted on the Audit Return for the year 2003-2004.

31.03.2003 31.03.2004 £ £

Balances Brought Forward 11174 14242

(+) Annual Precept 8995 9893

(+) Total other receipts 3040 1480

(-) Staff costs 2857 3049

(-) Loan interest/capital repayments nil nil

(-) Total other payments 6030 9839

(=) Balances carried forward 14322 12727

Total cash & investments 14322 12727

Total fixed assets and long term assets 31668 37157

Total borrowings nil nil

It was noted that the difference between the “Balances Carried Forward” for the year ended 31.03.2003, and the “Balances Brought Forward” for the year ended 31.03.2004 is £80. This is the gross face value of the 2 ½ % Consolidated Stock (rounded up), which was sold by HM Treasury, at the beginning of April. The total proceeds of the sale amounted to £40.06, which was credited to the Council’s account on 17th April, and is included in the “Total Other Receipts” for the year ended 31.03.2004.

(b) RESOLVED that the answer “yes” be inserted against all questions in the Statement of Assurance, and that the Chairman and Clerk be authorised to sign the Statement, on behalf of the Council.

7650 Bank Account – Silverdale Children’s Playground

RESOLVED that the name “Silverdale Children’s Playground” be added to the title of the Parish Council’s current bank account, with the Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank. This arrangement is to enable income to be credited to the one account, regardless of whether it be made in favour of the Charity or the Council. The Clerk confirmed that this arrangement would be permitted under the Playground Deed of Trust, which has recently been approved by the Charity Commission.

7651 Finance

(a) Councillor Houghton (not being a bank signatory) conducted the monthly check of all money received by the Council and found the bank statements to be satisfactory.

(b) Cheques for the following accounts were signed:

Lancashire Youth Association (donation – S.137) 10.00 (056)

Silverdale Bowling Club (donation – S.137) 150.00 (057)

Xenocom Ltd (Web Site fee) 58.75 (058)

Phil Hargreaves (repair of bus shelter) 175.00 (059)

British Gas Trading Ltd (electricity for pillar clock) 48.34 (060)

7652 Items for Information

(1) Councillor Greenwell expressed her delight that the Action for Silverdale Children Group had been awarded a grant of £7,000 towards the cost of the Playground renovation. All Members agreed that this was the result of very commendable efforts, by members of the Group, and wished to record their congratulations.

(2) Councillor Graves drew attention to the grass which had blown off agricultural vehicles, travelling through the village, with not attempt being made to clear up afterwards.

(3) Councillor Henderson drew attention to the overgrowth of trees and shrubs, opposite to The Parrock, which drooped particularly low, when wet, and obstructed the footway. This matter will be an item for the next agenda.

7653 Date of Next Meeting.

It was noted that the date of next meeting is Monday 5th July 2004. Items for the agenda to reach the Clerk by no later than Friday 25th June, and copies of reports to reach the Clerk by no later than Monday 28th June.
Peter G. Challenor

Clerk to the Council

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