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2nd August 2004

7678 Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday 2nd August 2004.

7679 Present: Chairman – Councillor P.(Peter) Roberts, Councillors C.J. (John) Eden, J. (June) Greenwell, R.M. (Ralph) Henderson, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, the Clerk – P.G. (Peter) Challenor, County & District Councillor S.M. (Sarah) Fishwick, PC 1283 Roger Brooksbank, and three members of the public.

7680 Apologies for Absence: Councillors J. (John) Burrow, T.B. (Bernard) Fryer and A.W. (Arthur) Graves.

7681 Receipt of Declarations of Members’ Interests relating to any items appearing on the agenda.


7682 Minutes of the Previous Meeting.

The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting, held on 5th July 2004, were approved, and then signed by the Chairman.

7683 Receipt of information about matters arising from the Minutes of previous meetings, not covered by the Agenda.

7213 Reports on Meetings: Councillor Henderson stated that he understood that a ramp was supposed to have been constructed at the station, by April of this year, giving access to the RSPB site. He further understood that Mr Andrew Dobson, Chief Planning Officer of Lancaster City Council, had assumed responsibility for the work. It was agreed that City Councillor Fishwick would make enquiries and report back.

7669 Appointment of Parish Contractor: Councillor Eden sought confirmation that Mr Hargreaves had been asked to do some work at the former bus shelter.

7684 Matters raised by Members of the Public for future consideration.


7685 Suspension of Meeting

RESOLVED that the meeting be suspended, in order to allow the Chairman to make a presentation to Councillor Eden, on behalf of Members and the Clerk. This was in recognition of his extremely devoted service as Chairman of the Council, from 1993 to 2004. Following an appreciative response by Councillor Eden, the meeting was resumed.

7686 Update from the Community Police Officer

(a) PC Brooksbank’s report included (1) the theft of the Ladies Slipper Orchid, from Silverdale Golf Club, (2) a vehicle break-in at the main RSPB car park, (3) improvements in the parking situation at the exit from Spring Bank, (4) non-recurrence of speeding in Gibraltar Lane since he had spoken to the Head Teacher, regarding her staff at Ridgway Park, and (5) the commencement of a “Be Safe – Be Seen” campaign at the village school.

(b) Members made comments about parking in Emesgate Lane, and the need for children to wear conspicuous clothing when walking from the Station to the village.

Councillor Fishwick also explained that there were some difficulties with the traffic lights for the roadworks at the junction of Emesgate Lane and Stankelt Road.

7687 Report from City & County Councillor Sarah Fishwick.

Councillor Fishwick’s report included (1) accommodation for adults with mental health problems, (2) deferral of the Regional Government Referendum, (3) enforcement of Planning conditions for access to the residential accommodation at the Station, (4) the re-opening of the Royal Hotel, (5) Hazelwood Hall plans have been passed, (6) the monitoring of sewage discharges at Hazelwood Hall and The Shore, (7) the granting of Planning Permission, on appeal, for The Parrock, and (8) the report that the AONB is pushing for the introduction of speed limits of less than 60mph in many rural locations.

7688 Report by Silverdale Sport & Recreation Development Committee.

Mike Reynolds and Tom Ward addressed the Council, and explained that they felt that Members, and the insurance company, might be under a mis-apprehension about the Committee’s proposals for goal posts at the Playing Field. Having listened to their explanations it was determined that there should be a further consideration of the matter, as an agenda item, at the next meeting. The report also provided the opportunity for an update of the Committee’s aspirations for a multi-purpose site.

The Committee felt that the Council could help by ‘spreading the word’, and Members readily agreed to do what they could. Members thanked the two representatives for their report.

7689 Reports on Meetings and Projects

(a) Councillor Greenwell reported on a meeting of Action for Silverdale Children, held on 26th July. Money is available for Phase 1, but the installation costs are high, and so members of the Group are looking for ways to cut costs. The proposals include the provision of a seat, and it was thought that some person might wish to provide one, as a memorial.

ASC is working towards becoming a registered charity.

It was thought advisable to send a copy of the proposals to the insurance company, even though it is extremely unlikely that they could have any cause for objection.

(b) Councillor Henderson reported on a meeting of the Countryside Working Group, held on 21st July. Of particular note is the agreement, in principle, for the creation of a new permissive path, to the east of Challan Hall, and he hoped that Members will give this their support. The Group intends to make use of the advice contained in the new Countryside Code, as regards keeping dogs under control.

(c) Councillor Henderson reported on his attendance at a Lancaster Area meeting of LAPTC, on 26th July. The meeting expressed concern over the proposals of BT to remove a number of public payphones. They did however welcome the announcement of a new Sunday bus service, linking the University with various villages, as far as Arnside.

A new canal boat service starts at Carnforth on August 12th.

(d) Councillor Henderson reported on his attendance at a meeting, on 15th July, of the Lancaster Area Rural Road Safety Committee.. There is a need to explain some of the new speed camera signs, and to this end, members of the public are encouraged to visit www.safe2travel.co.uk.

(e) Councillor Henderson advised that he had attended a meeting of the Joint Parish Committee, on 21st July, but did not consider that any matter justified a report.

(f) The Chairman reported that he had attended at meeting of the AONB Executive Committee, on 25th July. At the meeting it was announced that the Chairman of the Executive, Mr Colin Peacock, had been elected Chairman of the National Association of AONBs.

7690 Correspondence

(a) Receipt of the following items was noted and any action determined, by resolution, as indicated:

1. Allianz Cornhill – new insurance documents, confirming that the Fidelity Insurance has been increased to £25,000.

2. Geraldine Smith, MP – enclosure of response from Dr Allan Sefton re level crossing.

3. Geraldine Smith, MP – enclosure of response from Network Rail re level crossing.

4. Geraldine Smith, MP – confirmation that she will attend December meeting of PC.

5. Powergen – enquiry about 25+-acre sites suitable for Community Power wind farms.

RESOLVED that Members are not aware of any suitable sites within the Parish.

6. FLAG – Newsletter, July.

7. Morecambe Bay Partnership – Beachcare, summer edition.

8. Mrs Pauline Beckford – ‘thank you’ card for Council’s expression of sympathy.

9. Lancs CC – update of School Organisation Plan 2003-2008.

10. LAPTC – agenda for meeting 26th July

11. AONB – Waymarker, July.

12. The Countryside Agency – Definitive Map for parish.

RESOLVED that a letter be sent to the Countryside Agency, reiterating our Members’ concern that a large area of Warton Sands is shown in green, as common land, even though it would be a dangerous area in which to walk. Copies of the letter should also be sent to Geraldine Smith MP, and to the new Chairman of the National Association of AONBs.

13. Landscape Trust – Keer to Kent, summer.

14. Clerks & Councils Direct – July

15. NALC – Local Council Review, July.

(b) Councillor Greenwell asked whether it would be appropriate for selected e-mails to be included in “Correspondence”. The Clerk agreed that he would normally do so, but had omitted to include the e-mail correspondence with Two Castles Housing Association. This will be included on next month’s agenda.

7691 Planning

(1) It was noted that the following Planning Applications were dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25, and comments made as indicated:

04/00846/FUL – 11 Shore Road – erection of a two storey side extension to form garage with bedroom over and single storey side and rear extensions to form snug, dining room, increased utility room and new WC: NO OBJECTIONS

04/00406/FUL – Oak Tree Barn, Bottoms Lane – erection of a timber shed (amended plans): OBJECTIONS on the grounds that this is inappropriate development for this location.

04/00788/FUL – 19 Shore Road – increase height of boundary walls to 3 metres: NO OBJECTIONS

04/00798/FUL – Ridgway Park – siting of one portakabin style classroom for a period of 2 years: NO OBJECTION but the Council would reiterate the problems of traffic on the lane, and our desire to have it designated as a ‘walking lane’, with a 20mph speed restriction.

04/00891/ADFD – Letter Box Field – erection of an agricultural storage building: OBJECTIONS on the following grounds:

1. This is an inappropriate location for the erection of an agricultural storage building. It is a large building and would be located in an isolated, but prominent open landscape position, and would set an unfortunate precedent for the construction of similar buildings throughout the AONB area.

2. There are no details of any new highway access.

3. It is proposed to retain the existing, inadequate buildings. If however the new building were to be sited on the location of the two existing buildings, as part of the existing building complex, then this Council would be more supportive.

(2) The following Planning Application was considered, and comments made as indicated.

04/00662/FUL – Hemplands, Cove Road – erection of an attached garage (amendment to Application 01/00143/FUL): NO OBJECTION, as this proposal is now acceptable, but Members wish to record their concern about the principle of granting permission for a particular design, and then allowing a building to be constructed to a different size (with, or without, retrospective Permission).

(3) The following decisions, advised by Lancaster City Council, were noted.

04/00629/FUL – 53 The Row – erection of extensions to the front and side: GRANTED

04/00582/FUL – Tree Tops, 14 Wallings Lane – erection of first floor extension and attached garage: GRANTED.

04/00551/ADV – Waterslack Garden Centre – retention of sign: REFUSED

04/00406/FUL – Oak Tree Barn, Bottoms Lane – erection of a timber shed (amended plans): GRANTED.

7692 Urgent action taken in accordance with Standing Order 25 (other than Planning).


7693 Joint Parish Committee

The Clerk had been informed, by the secretary to the Joint Parish Committee, that the Constitution provided for two representatives from Silverdale PC, whereas we currently have three Members nominated. Councillor Eden offered to stand-down, leaving Councillors Roberts and Henderson as the two nominated Members. It was however emphasised that meetings are open to all Members, and indeed to members of the public.

7694 Internal Audit.

(a) It was noted that the Internal Audit of the Accounts for 2003-2004 has been concluded, and that the Report is satisfactory (it has now be sent to the External Auditor).

(b) RESOLVED that a payment of £20 be made to the Internal Auditor, Mrs Jean Colwell.

7695 Finance

(a) Councillor Eden conducted the monthly check of all money received by the Council and found the bank statements to be satisfactory.

(b) Cheques for the following accounts were signed:

Mrs Jean Colwell (Internal Audit fee) £ 20.00 (061)

Mr P.G. Challenor (salary & expenses) £745.64 (062)

FLAG (subscription – S.137) £ 4.00 (063)

British Gas (electricity for Clock) £ 12.47 (064)

7696 Items for Information

(1) Councillor Houghton expressed his concern about the apparent vagueness of the selection procedures being used by Two Castles Housing Association, for Whinney Fold. Councillor Eden clarified the situation.

(2) Councillor Eden had attended the Coffee Morning held by the Lonsdale District Carers Association. He had noted that Age Concern would like more involvement with the community, and he wished to publicise the contacts for both organisations:

Age Concern 01524-720232, and Lonsdale Carers Freepost NWW3320A, Morecambe LA3 1BR.

He expressed the view that there is a very wide range of support services which can be provided, and he urged residents to make use of them.

7697 Date of Next Meeting.

It was noted that the date of next meeting is Monday 6th September 2004. Items for the agenda and copies of reports to reach the Clerk by no later than Friday 27th August.
Peter G. Challenor

Clerk to the Council

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