5th November 2012
10175 Un-confirmed Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday, 5th November 2012.
10176 Present: Chairman – Councillor T.G. (Terry) Bond, Councillors H.M.E. (Harriet) Bradfield, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, S.L. (Shirley) Mason, K. (Keith) Palmer, N. (Nigel) Ribbons, P.N. (Paul) Williams and A. (Angela) Woods, the Clerk – L.D. (Denise) Challenor, the Deputy Clerk – S.D. (Sue) Hayward, County Councillor S.M. (Sarah) Fishwick and 13 members of the public.
10177 Apologies for Absence: PC 2866 Tony Marsh and City Councillor K. (Kath) Graham.
10178 Receipt of Declarations of Members’ Interests Relating to any Items Appearing on the Agenda
10179 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Monday, 1st October were approved then signed by the Chairman.
10180 Receipt of Information about Matters Arising from the Minutes of Previous Meetings, not Covered by the Agenda
The Clerk referred to: (1) item 10118, regarding the painting of the railings, and advised that she has not heard further from the Unpaid Work section of the Probation Service; RESOLVED that the Chairman press for a reply; (2) item 10139, regarding water usage in the public toilets, and reported that United Utilities are looking into this, they will visit the site on 9th November and would like to meet a representative of this Council on site; RESOLVED that the Chairman and Councillor Williams meet with United Utilities.
Regarding item 10142, Members noted that the AONB have carried out clearance work at Bankwell.
10181 Matters Raised by Members of the Public for Future Consideration
One member of the public advised that community development rights have been withdrawn on her property and so planning permission is required for certain improvements which wasn’t necessary before.
A number of people spoke of the need for a skate park in the village; about 10 – 15 of the young people in the village skate, cycle and scooter regularly; it is felt that if a there was a specially provided area this might attract more visitors who would use the local businesses etc as well as the skate park itself. There have been complaints about the young people skating etc on the road and the police have been called.
10182 Update from the Community Police Officer
A written report from PC Marsh was read by the Chairman: (1) 48 incidents have been reported in the Silverdale area 3 of which are crimes – the theft of diesel (Storrs Lane), the theft of batteries (Moss Lane) and an assault – the offender has been arrested and charged; (2) one call had been received in relation to the motorcycle rally; (3) in relation to the PACT priorities the police have continued to monitor parking on Cove Road and the village in general; they have spoken with some of the youths skating near the clock tower and have continued to monitor the situation.
RESOLVED that the Chairman raise the attendance of the police at PACT meetings at a forthcoming meeting which will be attended by local parish councils and the police.
10183 Report from County Councillor Sarah Fishwick
Councillor Fishwick reported that: (1) a new bus timetable is in operation but that there are some ‘teething problems’, for example, some of the buses leave the station before the train has arrived; the timing of one of the buses means that bus passes can’t be used by those joining the bus at the first stops on the route but can be used by those joining at subsequent stops which are reached after 9.30am; (2) she has had complaints from some residents about the location of the signage on Bottoms Lane in connection with the 20 mph speed limit.
10184 Report from City Councillor Kath Graham
Councillor Graham was not present at the meeting but had e mailed a report to the Clerk [the e mail had been sent before the meeting but opened by the Clerk after the meeting] advising that: (1) Lancaster City Council (Lancaster CC) are planning to send the Community Payback Team to clear the overgrown footpath at the rear of the flats on Lindeth Close; (2) she has contacted Environmental Services again about the sign for Woodlands Close
10185 Reports on any Meetings Attended by Members or the Clerk
1. Trowbarrow LNR Management Advisory Group
Councillor Palmer reported that a Woodland Grant Scheme is starting, a dormouse study is about to start and that motorbikes have been in use – should any members of the public see motorbikes on site please would they contact the police.
2. AONB Executive Committee Meeting
Councillor Palmer advised that: the AONB Officer is continuing to take part in the National Grid North West Coast Connections Process looking at the design and routing of the new electricity transmission line from the West Cumbria coast; a report on the proposed Management Plan Review process had been circulated; the AONB had received a letter from Lancaster CC setting out how the AONB designation had been taken into account during the development of the Local Plan for the Lancaster district.
10186 Planning
(1) It was noted that the following planning application had been dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25a and comments made as indicated:
01/12/0919 Bleasdale House School, Emesgate Lane. Erection of canopy shade. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS;
12/00868/FUL 2 Gaskell Close. Erection of a single storey extension to the side. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
(2) The following applications were considered and comments made as indicated:
12/00957/FUL Croziers Croft, Moss Lane. Erection of a 1.2 metre high timber fence as indicated in the specification submitted within application 11/00117/FUL. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
12/00941/FUL The Barn, Moss Lane. Proposed new fence and dwarf wall. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
12/00747/FUL The Barn, Moss Lane. Retrospective application for the installation of solar panels. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
12/00950/FUL 3 St Johns Avenue. Erection of 2 no. 4 bed dwellings with associated on site parking to replace previously demolished dwelling. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
12/00965/FUL 15 Hazelwood. Erection of a single storey rear and side extension. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
(3) It was noted that no decisions had been advised by Lancaster CC.
10187 Skate Park
RESOLVED to bring forward agenda item 13 regarding the creation of a skate park for the village.
RESOLVED that Councillor Ribbons find out more information about mobile skate parks (e.g. a ‘half pipe’) – the cost of which might be shared with a neighbouring parish council(s) – and prefabricated, large scale temporary structures (possibly second hand), including costs and locations where such structures are already in use.
Members noted that this Council does not own any suitable land on which a structure can be erected. RESOLVED that the Chairman contact the committee for Silverdale Institute to ascertain if the land at the end of the Institute building can be used and Silverdale School to discuss possibilities there.
Further RESOLVED that the Clerk contact Grange over Sands town council to request information about their skate park.
10188 Urgent Action Taken in Accordance with Standing Order 25 (other than Planning)
25 (a) Parish Council Property and Functions
25(b) Non-Parish Council Property and Functions
10189 Correspondence
Receipt of the following items of correspondence was noted and any action determined as indicated:
a) a resident writes to ask if the Council can do anything about the poor condition of the highway on Lindeth Rd, between Kayes and Waithman’s Barn; it was noted that Highways is to carry out work to this area;
b) consultation on the “Meeting Housing Needs Supplementary Planning Document” ends 9th November www.lancaster.gov.uk/planningpolicy tel. 01524 582383;
c) LALC Newsletter and workshops on Chairmanship, Finance and Neighbourhood Plans;
d) SELRAP publication;
e) Came and Company “Parish Matters” publication; it was noted that this includes guidelines for Christmas tree lights:
f) Lancashire County Council write about possible additions or deletions to the claim for a Definitive Map Modification Order regarding Public Footpath No. 14 (Jenny Browns Point) which is still under consideration; RESOLVED to agree the proposed amendments;
g) public consultation on Minerals Safeguarding Areas – ends 30/11/12, www.lakedistrict.gov.uk/allocations;
h) Keer to Kent.
10190 Speed Restrictions
It was noted that the new 20mph and 30mph speed restrictions are in force now that the signage is in place and advice is sought from Highways as to how awareness might be raised; it was noted that the police have advised that motorists found to be exceeding the 20 mph speed limit will be given an endorsement on their driving licence and a fine – there will not be an option to attend a speed awareness course.
RESOLVED to instigate a campaign to press for the speed limit to be brought down in the areas outside the 20 and 30mph zones. RESOLVED that the Chairman write an article for the Silverdale newsletter and the parish magazine.
10191 Local Development Plan
It was noted that there is to be a meeting about the proposed Local Development Plan on 8th November at the Gaskell Hall.
Members consider that a number of planning applications have been agreed for backland developments and feel that future development of market properties should be resisted, rather there is a need for low rent/ affordable housing and small market dwellings. Members would like clarification as to whether or not all of the brownfield sites in the village have been identified in the Plan. RESOLVED that the Chairman draft a letter to Lancaster CC with this council’s response to the Plan for consideration at the next meeting of this Council.
10192 Dog Waste Dispensers
1. continue with the dispenser for dog waste bags at The Lots subject to permission from the National Trust to have a dispenser there on a permanent basis;
2. to continue purchasing the supply of dog waste bags from Silverdale post office;
3. identify more sites for dispensers at the next meeting; it was noted that dispensers not on parish council land will require the permission of the land owner; sites should be identified where there is a particular problem with dog fouling and should be close to where there is a litter bin. It was also noted that there should be a formal arrangement with one person to fill the dispenser(s).
10193 Finance
(a) It was noted that no money had been received by the Council since the last meeting.
(b) RESOLVED to authorise payment and sign cheques for the following accounts:
Mr A. J. Houghton (Basic Parish Allowance) £ 25.00 (761)
Mrs S. Mason (Basic Parish Allowance) £ 25.00 (762)
Mr N. Ribbons (Basic Parish Allowance) £ 25.00 (763)
Mr P. Williams (Basic Parish Allowance) £ 25.00 (764)
Mrs A. Woods (Basic Parish Allowance) £ 25.00 (765)
Mrs H. Bradfield (Basic Parish Allowance) £ 25.00 (766)
Mr T. Bond (Chairman’s Allowance) £185.00 (767)
Mr Paul Williams (toilet cleaning) £177.80 (768)
Envirocare (Parish Contractor) £744.42 (769)
Mr A.T. Dunn Ltd (new toilet cistern and flush) £378.00 (770)
Playdale Playgrounds Ltd (swing) £138.06 (771)
Ms M. Machintosh (framing for ceramic wall plaque) £209.32 (772)
RESOLVED not to pay Lancaster CC £1390 in respect of septic tank charges as it seems that the charges have not been apportioned fairly amongst the users and some charges have not been apportioned at all e.g. the use of a CCTV camera to inspect the drains. RESOLVED that the Chairman draft a letter for circulation amongst Members.
(c) RESOLVED to approve the quarterly statement of accounts.
10194 Christmas Trees and Lights
RESOLVED to purchase lights up to the cost of £100 for the tree at Bleasdale House School if they are not providing lights themselves.
RESOLVED to authorise Envirocare to supply 2 x 12’ trees at a cost of £80 each.
10195 Items for Information
1. The Chairman advised that: (1) a working party has started to clear Burton Well Scroggs; (2) arrangements are in place for the Remembrance Day service on Sunday, 11th November.
2. The Clerk reported that: (1) 2 replacement yew trees have been planted in the War Memorial Gardens at a cost of £40 each (including planting) and Mr Neil Pharaoh has been instructed to tidy the Gardens before Remembrance Day; (2) her computer is temporarily out of order and she may not be able to access e mails.
10196 Suggestions for Future Agenda Items
1. December meeting – the draft Local Plan. (All)
2. December meeting – possible sites for dog waste dispensers. (All)
3. An update on The Royal Hotel. (Councillor Palmer)
10197 Date of the Next Meeting
It was noted that the date of the next meeting is Monday, 3rd December 2012. Items for the agenda to reach the Clerk before Friday, 23rd November and copies of reports to reach the Clerk before Monday, 26th November.
Sue D. Hayward
Deputy Clerk to the Council