4th February 2013
10243 Un-confirmed Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday, 4th February 2013.
10244 Present: Chairman – Councillor T.G. (Terry) Bond, Councillors H.M.E. (Harriet) Bradfield, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, S.L. (Shirley) Mason, K. (Keith) Palmer, N. (Nigel) Ribbons and P.N. (Paul) Williams, the Clerk – L.D. (Denise) Challenor, the Deputy Clerk – S.D. (Sue) Hayward, PC 2866 Tony Marsh, ESCO 7301 Gerald Hurtley, County Councillor S.M. (Sarah) Fishwick (part), City Councillor K. (Kath) Graham and 9 members of the public.
10245 Apologies for Absence: Councillor A. (Angela) Woods.
10246 Receipt of Declarations of Members’ Interests Relating to any Items Appearing on the Agenda
Councillor Palmer expressed an interest in agenda item 15 in that he has carried out some contractor work for the AONB.
10247 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Monday, 7th January were approved then signed by the Chairman.
10248 Receipt of Information about Matters Arising from the Minutes of Previous Meetings, not Covered by the Agenda
The Chairman referred to: (1) item 10143 (c), regarding the National Trust’s suggestion that a multi-user path be tried in Eaves Wood, and advised that the National Trust have decided not to go ahead with a trial due to the number of objections; (2) item 10233, regarding Silverdale Institute, and reported that he attended their last committee meeting and is hopeful that a decision will be made about a skate park at their next meeting; (3) item 10238, regarding the Annual Parish Meeting, and advised that this will be held on Monday, 25th March.
The Clerk referred to: (1) item 10236, regarding water usage in the public toilets, and advised that this was considerably less in previous years; (2) item 10236, regarding the public toilets – the response from Lancaster City Council (Lancaster CC) when asked if the drains blocked when they had the responsibility was that the tree roots had caused blockages and it was supposed that the new pipe work would resolve the problem; also, there are some redundant pipes which indicate that changes to ‘the run’ have been made; (3) item 10239 (c), regarding septic tank charges, and reported that following discussions with Lancaster CC the charges have been reduced from £1390.00 to £400.
10249 Matters Raised by Members of the Public for Future Consideration
Two members of the public made comments as follows:
1. Neighbourhood Watch’s campaign for the introduction of a cold calling zone has failed again – a 50% (or more) response in favour of a zone was needed in order for Trading Standards to become involved but there had been only a 25% response; no more attempts will be made to introduce a zone in view of the expense involved in campaigning.
2. Concern was expressed about the planning application for The Royal: (1) it was felt that if the plans go ahead access to Gaskell Close would be problematic especially given the number of residents who are children, are elderly or have disabilities. Emergency vehicles might have difficulty gaining access to Gaskell close. It was suggested that access to the proposed new development be via The Royal’s land rather than Gaskell Close; (2) parking on Gaskell Close might be a problem; (3) trees would be taken down that had been planted to help with privacy.
10250 Update from the Community Police Officer
PC Marsh reported that: (1) 21 incidents have been reported since the last meeting. Of these one has been recorded as a crime, namely the theft of money from the Shore Road honesty box; (2) on 3rd February there was a large police presence in the area around Warton Crag. This was in response to a missing teenager who was located safe and well; (3) in relation to the PACT priorities the police have continued to monitor the parking situation in the village in general and have monitored the situation by the Co-operative store and by the clock tower.
The Chairman asked if there have been reports of nuisance caused by young people in the playground – PC Marsh replied that there have been none. Villagers are reminded that incidents can be reported to the police via telephone number 101 or 01524 63333.
The police asked the Chairman for suggestions as to areas from which the 20mph speed limit can be monitored (a straight stretch of road is needed).
10251 Report from County Councillor Sarah Fishwick
RESOLVED to defer agenda item 7 as it was thought that Councillor Fishwick would arrive later.
10252 Report from City Councillor Kath Graham
Councillor Graham reported that: (1) Mr Alan Ferguson (National Trust Ranger) has commented on the success of the re-siting of the bin at Park Lane (bags of dog waste are no longer being hung on nearby trees); (2) she has asked for The Royal planning application to come before a planning committee (3) the replacement sign for Woodlands Drive will be fitted soon.
10253 Reports on any Meetings Attended by Members or the Clerk
Silverdale Institute Committee – the Chairman had reported on a meeting he attended under 10248 above.
10254 Planning
RESOLVED to bring forward agenda item 11.
(1) It was noted that the following planning applications had been dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25a and comments made as indicated:
13/00002/FUL 18 Lindeth Road. Erection of a single storey extension to rear. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
13/00004/FUL 23 Spring Bank. Conversion of garage and store to kitchen and storage area including the raising of the roof. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
(2) The following applications were considered and comments made as indicated:
12/01189/OUT 20 Emesgate Lane. Outline application for the erection of a detached dwelling. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS although concerns about access were expressed;
13/00035/FUL Silverdale Hotel, Shore Road. Combined sewer separation works, new sewage treatment plant, new soakaway, new pump house, new grease separator and general modifications to existing drainage (revision of 12/00305/FUL). NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS although it was suggested that the high pressure sewage pipe be laid round the back of the building (rather than the front) in case of a burst.
12/01186/FUL Royal Hotel, 15 Emesgate Lane. Erection of two semi-detached dwellings with associated sewage treatment plant, landscaping and access arrangements.
RESOLVED to comment as follows:
The Council welcomes a planning application for housing which is of a more affordable nature than other recent applications.
With regard to this application, whilst having no particular objection to the housing, the Council have concerns about the proposed access onto Gaskell Close. Gaskell Close is a long cul-de-sac which, where it is adjacent to the Royal, is single track and of limited scope for widening. It is believed that the Highways Authority should confirm the access is appropriate.
The main concern of the Council rests with the remainder of the site.
The Parish Plan 2003 states that “continued maintenance and future enhancement of The Royal is important for the vitality of the village.” The Council have concerns that piecemeal development of the whole site will result in further loss to the commercial centre of the village.
In a previous planning application for this site the Council expressed the view that the viability of the public house as a commercial concern had not been fully disproved, this still remains the case.
The Parish Council believe that Lancaster CC should ensure that the Planning Committee review the application in the light of the development of the whole site, and not just in isolation.
One of the actions under the Parish Plan was for the local planning authority to hold a ‘planning for real exercise’ with local people to include ideas for the centre of the village. This was actually supported by the then Lancaster CC Planning Officer. This has never been done and now seems to be a rather urgent action given this planning proposal.
01/13/0067 Bleasdale House School. Erection of canopy to entrance area of stand alone buildings. View only online www.lancashire.gov.uk/planning register. It was noted that Members had been unable to view the plans on the website; RESOLVED to request a hard copy.
(3) It was noted that no decisions have been advised by Lancaster CC.
10255 Correspondence
Receipt of the following items of correspondence was noted and any action determined as indicated:
a) a request for a donation towards books for the children’s Christmas party of £69.99, to the Silverdale Field Day Committee. RESOLVED to make the donation;
b) Clerk and Councils yearbook and publication;
c) LALC agenda for 28/1/13 and minutes of meeting of 26/11/12;
d) Unities Utilities information on testing non-household water meters;
e) reply from Mr Jeffrey (Planning) in response to the Council’s suggestion about Ridgeway Park site (in connection with the Local Plan);
f) response from Mr Noble (Lancaster CC) about water consumption at the public toilets;
g) A. Dobson, Head of Regeneration Partnerships and Policy, writes about the Parish Partnerships Project (e mailed 23/1/12 to Cllrs);
h) a letter from a resident suggesting that the Council request an extension of time from Lancaster CC to consider “The Royal” planning application.
10256 Urgent Action Taken in Accordance with Standing Order 25 (other than Planning)
25 (a) Parish Council Property and Functions
It was noted that the Clerk had ordered a cradle swing for the playground at a cost of £115 for the swing + £20 for delivery and installation.
25(b) Non-Parish Council Property and Functions
10257 Tenders
RESOLVED to adopt the tenders for grass cutting, Parish Contractor and playground – grounds maintenance (that had been circulated with the agenda) subject to the following amendment: – the addition of “ground litter to be picked up on a weekly basis and disposed of in the bin” to the playground tender. Further RESOLVED to continue with 12 month contracts.
10258 Internal Audit
RESOLVED to ask Mrs Jean Colwell if she will carry out the internal auditing of the accounts; RESOLVED to pay £100 for this service.
10259 AONB Donation
RESOLVED to ask that the AONB to provide a written record of works carried out in Silverdale before considering whether or not a donation should be made under section 137.
10260 Finance
(a) It was noted that no money had been received by the Council since the last meeting.
(b) RESOLVED to authorise payment and sign cheques for the following accounts:
Envirocare (contractor) £318.00 (791)
Mr Paul Williams (toilet cleaning and grit) £185.80 (792)
Mr P. Hargreaves (clearing of tree) £45.00 (793)
Mr P. Hargreaves (contribution to cricket field bench (section 19)) £100.00 (794)
Lancaster CC (septic tank/toilets) £400.00 (795)
Silverdale Field Day Committee (donation for books) £69.99 (796)
North West Air Ambulance (donation – see 10262 below) £200.00 (797)
(c) The quarterly Financial Statement of Accounts including toilet costs were noted and approved.
(d) It was noted that the Council’s account with British Gas (clock electricity) is £44.86 in credit (this takes into account the recent bill of £56.86).
10261 Dog Waste Bags
RESOLVED that supplies of dog waste bags be provided at the following sites: The Chase (RESOLVED to ask the permission of the AONB to attach a dispenser for bags to the waymarker sign there); Woodwell; The Lots (dispenser already in situ).
10262 North West Air Ambulance Donation
RESOLVED to donate £200 to the North West Air Ambulance under Section 137 (Local Government Act 1972) (£200 proposed by Councillor Mason and seconded by Councillor Bradfield).
10263 Tree Survey
The Chairman reported that Mr Roger Cartwright, arboriculturist, has carried out a survey of the trees at Woodwell, Burton Well and Bankwell and that some trees have been identified as in need of urgent removal, some are in less urgent need of removal and some have been identified for surgery. It was noted that United Utilities are currently removing some of the trees (at no charge); RESOLVED to consider the tree survey again after United Utilities have finished.
10264 Precepts
RESOLVED to sign the 2013/14 precept request for £18,043. It was noted that, as a result of the introduction of localized council tax support, Lancaster CC has approved compensating one-off grants for 2013/14 for every affected parish (£630 for Silverdale) and will forward 2 payments (total £18,043).
10265 Report from County Councillor Sarah Fishwick
Councillor Fishwick reported that: 1. she will find out the current position on the implementation of superfast broadband this week; (2) she had picked up a lot of litter from the village over the weekend – most of which was paper which had spilled out of over-filled recycling bins at Silverdale School; (3) a request has been made for the bench near the Co-operative store to be relocated as children have been climbing onto the wall of a resident’s property from the bench; (4) there have been a number of complaints about the siting of a Salvation Army clothes bank outside the Co-operative store.
It was noted that water overflowing from various gullies has been icing over.
10266 Items for Information
1. The Chairman reported that he had received a letter from a resident of St. John’s Avenue regarding the provision of a grit bin on the island. Councillor Fishwick offered to enquire about the criteria for the siting of bins and whether, if this Council funded one, it would be filled by Highways.
10267 Future Agenda Items
1. Lancashire County Council’s criteria for the provision of grit bins. (All)
2. The planting of a Christmas tree in the playground. (All)
10268 Date of the Next Meeting
It was noted that the date of the next meeting is Monday, 4th March 2013 Items for the agenda to reach the Clerk before Friday,22nd February and copies of reports to reach the Clerk before Monday, 25th February.
Sue D. Hayward, Deputy Clerk to the Council