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18th April 2005

7899 Un-confirmed Minutes of a Special Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday, 18th April 2005.

7900 Present: Chairman – Councillor P. (Peter) Roberts, Councillors J. (John) Burrow, C. J. (John) Eden, A. W. (Arthur) Graves, J. (June) Greenwell, R.M.(Ralph) Henderson, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, the Clerk – P.G. (Peter) Challenor, the Deputy Clerk – S.D. (Sue) Hayward, County and District Councillor S.M. (Sarah) Fishwick, Action for Silverdale Children Trust (ASCT) representatives, Cove Road residents, PC 1118 John Bassinder and approximately 60 other members of the public.

7901 Apologies for Absence: Councillor T. B. (Bernard) Fryer and E.C.S.O. Deborah Gwilliam.

7902 Receipt of Declarations of Members’ Interests Relating to the Agenda Item

Councillor Fryer had declared his prejudicial interest and had been advised by the Clerk that he would not, therefore, be able to remain in the meeting for the only item on the agenda. He had decided not to attend (rather than create disruption by leaving what was expected to be a crowded room).

7903 Public Discussion of Item 4, in accordance with Standing Order 21

The Chairman invited members of the public to join in discussion of item 4.

7904 Perceived Public Concern Regarding some of the Structures Being Erected on the Playing Field

Below is a summary of the discussion:

(a) Residents with property in the immediate area of the playing field (various residents had submitted letters to this Council expressing their concerns):

1. All residents supported the development of the playing field and congratulated the ASCT on their successful grant applications.

2. Concern was expressed about:

– the layout of the field and the need to have space available for ball games

– the appearance of the equipment which, it was felt, should be in keeping with the AONB status of the area.

– the loss of view from the houses facing the field

– the loss of privacy (children playing on the New Wave (tower) structure will be able to see into the houses opposite)

– possible loss of value to local properties

– safety, particularly with regard to extra parking and the nature of the entrance

– the lack of consultation by this Council with residents, the AONB and the planning/ highways authorities

– the availability of plans and the approval of the plans by this Council
(b) ASCT:

1. Residents were thanked for coming to the meeting and for their comments.

2. Details of the design of various elements of the scheme were pointed out on the photographs and site plan on display.

3. A lot of thought had been put into the design of the playing field, Playdale had been chosen as the contractor because the equipment is made mainly from timber and is of good quality. It was felt that the design of the equipment is in sympathy with the surrounding area. Phases one and 2 had been put in the same area of the field to enable parents and carers to supervise children of different ages more easily.

4. The design of the field still allows space for ball games.


(c) Other members of the public:

Various views were expressed which generally reiterated or enlarged on the points outlined above. It was noted that detailed plans and photographs had been presented at the Annual Parish Meeting.

(d) County and District Councillor Fishwick:

1. Councillor Fishwick explained that she has some planning knowledge and that planning authorities are not able to take loss of view or loss of value to property into consideration when making decisions.

2. The playground is similar to that found in other villages.

3. The playing field will be an asset to the village, providing more opportunities for play, she supports the development and congratulated the ASCT on their successful fundraising.

4. Highways departments are reluctant to restrict parking because of the difficulty of enforcing restrictions.


(e) Silverdale Parish Council:

Comments were made on the following points:

1. Consultation – The Chairman apologised for the limited consultation, he explained that this Council had not expected to be so successful with its attempts to fund raise and that the time scales imposed by some of the grant giving bodies had restricted opportunities to consult. Councillor Greenwell acknowledged that the sudden and unanticipated appearance of Phase 2 must have been a shock to residents living nearby and also apologised that there had been no formal consultation about the relocation of equipment. The plans had been on display during the Field Day and at Parish Council meetings, but it was now apparent that they should have been made more widely available. Councillor Greenwell reported that AONB officers had assisted with grant applications and a DEFRA representative had scrutinised the plans in detail and visited the site. She felt that it was now important that decisions were made at the meeting so that there could be some progress. The Clerk was concerned that residents had not been able to access the plans on the web site.

2. Safety – The Clerk advised that the Road Safety Officer had been contacted (via County Highways) regarding the additional parking and is due to submit a report.

3. Planning – The Clerk advised that in view of the size of the equipment on the playing field it had been thought that planning permission was not necessary and that there was no legal duty to consult. It is now realised that planning permission is necessary for Phase 3 as the Aerial Runway exceeds 4 metres and planning permission will be sought if Playdale are unable to reduce the maximum height of the structure to 4 metres or less.

4. Relocation of the New Wave structure – the Clerk had estimated that it would cost at least £10,000 to relocate the equipment in Phase 2. Councillor Greenwell advised that as far as the grants were concerned minor modifications to the scheme were acceptable to DEFRA but that it is likely there would be difficulties if major changes were made.

5. Approval of the plans – the Clerk clarified that the plans had been approved at the November meeting of this Council.

(f) Mr. Paul Holgate expressed strong support for the playing field proposal as it stood and offered to donate trees to help screen the scheme.
7905 Instructions to Playdale and other Action


(1) the New Wave structure should remain in its present location (to relocate it would jeopardise the scheme)

(2) the red parts of the play equipment might be painted green if the Council consider such action to be desirable

(3) Playdale be asked:

(a) for advice on removing the roofs on the New Wave structure; the roofs should remain if they are a safety feature or are desirable to restrict use by older children

(b) to quote for the replacement of the tube slide with a standard slide

(c) to mark the layout of the Adventure Trail on the ground so that the size and location can be looked at by interested residents and a decision be made as to whether or not the trail should be relocated

(4) a meeting be held on site preferably this week to discuss the Adventure Trail

(5) a final decision on the Adventure Trail should be made after the foregoing meeting under the provisions of Standing Order 25.

(6) alternatives to the’cone’ be considered.

(7) Playdale be instructed to recommence work immediately with instructions on the Adventure Trail and cone preferably to be available before the end of the week

(8) Mr. Holgates’ offer to donate trees for the site be accepted (Mr. Fletcher can help with advising on suitable trees if necessary)

(9) the entrance gates to the under 5s play area be discussed at the next Playground Liaison Meeting

(10) a final decision on the details of Phase 2 be made at the next Parish Council meeting when a response has been received from Playdale. It is hoped that a new sketch of proposed changes to the entrance to the playing field will be brought to that meeting.

Sue D. Hayward

Deputy Clerk to the Council

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