2013/05/09 Playground

9th May 2013
210 Un-confirmed Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Children’s Playground Charity Trustees held in the Silverdale Institute on Thursday, 9th May 2013.
211 Present: Chairman – Councillor T.G. (Terry) Bond, Councillors H.M.E. (Harriet) Bradfield, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, S.L. (Shirley) Mason, K. (Keith) Palmer, N. (Nigel) Ribbons and A. (Angela) Woods, the Clerk L.D. (Denise) Challenor, the Deputy Clerk – S.D. (Sue) Hayward and one member of the public.
212 Apologies for Absence: Councillor P.N. (Paul) Williams.
213 Minutes of Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the Extraordinary meeting of the Playground Charity Trustees held on Thursday, 4th April 2013 were approved then signed by the Chairman.
214 Receipt of Information about Matters Arising from the Minutes of Previous Meetings, not Covered by the Agenda
215 Receipt of Declarations of Trustees’ Interests Relating to any Items Appearing on the Agenda
216 Matters Raised by Members of the Public for Future Consideration
The member of public asked: 1. if the Trustees are still looking into the age limit for the playground – her understanding of the Declaration of Trust is that it is for children up to the age of 14; 2. the reason for considering moving the aerial runway and mentioned that the April 2012 minutes state that the bark needs to be raked regularly (which would help with drainage). She also asked how often the bark has been renewed.
217 Aerial Runway
It was noted that the Chairman had met with the Lancaster City Council (Lancaster CC) Playground Inspector who had advised that the aerial runway is in a good position on the field – there is no need to move it because of drainage issues. The Inspector suggested raking the bark to level it out then applying a membrane followed by a layer of rubber chippings – this could be done by the Parish Contractor (possibly with help); both bark and rubber chippings need to be raked regularly. He will advise on stockists and costs for shredded pallets which might be another option. RESOLVED to ask the Inspector his advice on the use of wood chips (if the National Trust is happy to supply them) and to discuss this matter again at the next meeting.
218 Trust Deed
It was noted that the Chairman had spoken to Mr Jim Bolton who has no recollection as to other documents which might indicate an age limit for users of the field, or the origin of the age limit. The Clerk has found a document – an Order from the Charity Commissioner (dated 20/3/1978) stating that if the Trustees should construct a tennis court on the field then the Parish Council may permit adults as well as children to use them. This would seem to indicate no legal age restriction.
219 Playground Inspection/ Trip Hazards
RESOLVED that Lancaster CC be asked to infill the areas between the original wetpour and wooden strips with wetpour.
220 Alcohol-free Zone
It was noted that there is already legislation for dealing with the consumption of alcohol by under 18 year old and that an alcohol-free zone would be difficult to enforce. Members of the public are asked to contact the police if they see alcohol being consumed by under age drinkers on the field.
221 Date of Next Meeting
It was noted that the date of the next meeting is Monday, 3rd June 2013.
Sue D. Hayward, Deputy Clerk to the Trustees