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10th June 2002
6996 Minutes: of a meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute, on Monday 10th June 2002.
6997 Present: Councillor Mr C.J. Eden,(Chairman), Councillors Mr C.H. Beckford, Mrs S.M. Fishwick, Mr T.B. Fryer, Mrs J. Greenwell, Mr R. Henderson, Mr A.J. Houghton, the Clerk and two members of the public.
6998 Apologies for Absence: Councillor Mr A. Graves, and Police Constable 874 Daley (Community Police Officer).
6999 Minutes: The Minutes of the previous meeting held on the 4th March 2002,were amended by the deletion of the words “NO OBJECTION, however”from Minute 6993 (1) in respect of consultation PLR/00/01136 relating to the proposed development by Two Castles Housing Association on land off Shore Road. After amendment, the Minutes were confirmed and signed by the Chairman.
7000 Matters arising from the Minutes of the previous meeting:

Election of Representatives to outside organisations (Minute 6981) Councillor Henderson asked whether meetings of the ‘interim’ AONB Executive Committee would be public meetings and would he therefore be entitled to attend the meetings, in addition to the official representative (Councillor Mr C.J. Eden). The Clerk stated that he had been told informally that the meetings would be open to the public and felt that Councillor Henderson would therefore be able to attend, if he so wished.

Seat Plaque (Minute 6985) The Chairman suggested that a suitable seat for the commemorative plaque is located at the corner of Hazelwood and Stankelt Road. This location was agreed. It was reported that comments had been made that it appeared that the Council were commemorating the Queen’s Golden Jubilee with the re-installation of the plaque to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V. It was confirmed that this was not the case and the action taken in restoring and re-installing that plaque at this time was nothing more than a coincidence of timing.
7001 Report of any relevant matters by City and County Councillor Mrs S.M. Fishwick.

Councillor Mrs Fishwick’s report covered the following topics: publication of declared interests for City Councillors, County Social Services elevation to one-star status from ‘special measures’ as a consequence of a projection for closing certain establishments in line with government policy, discussions about regional government, and the closure of Junction 34 (northbound) of the M6 motorway from 14th to 28th June.
7002 Reports on Meetings

LAPTC meeting, 27th May. Councillor Mr Henderson reported that he had attended the meeting and that all the officers had been re-elected.

Carnforth Market Town Initiative meeting, 25th May Councillor Mr Henderson reported that this had been an excellent meeting, which included presentations by representatives of two other towns which had undertaken a market town initiative. There would be a further training meeting on June 13th, which he would also attend. Councillor Mrs Fishwick stated that she had also attended the meeting on 25th May, but had done so as an individual resident of the area and not in an official capacity. Both Councillors emphasised that the project has relevance to all the villages and communities around Carnforth and may therefore have implications for Silverdale.
7003 Playground Equipment (Minute 6990) Mr A. Graves has not yet submitted his invoice for the initial phase of the emergency work carried out at the Playing Field. The Chairman undertook to discuss this with him.
7004 Parish Plan Grant Application (Minute 6991) It was confirmed that the working group comprised the Chairman – Councillor Mr C.J. Eden, Councillor Mrs J. Greenwell and the Clerk. The working group were authorised to complete and submit the formal application for a grant from the Countryside Agency for assistance in compiling a Parish Plan. RESOLVED that the total cost of the project is estimated to be £7000, the Parish Council contribution would not exceed £350, support in kind is estimated to be valued at £1650, and that a grant of £5000 be requested from the Countryside Agency. A detailed breakdown of costs and other entries on the application would be left to the working group. Councillor Mrs Greenwell questioned the Council’s position in regard to the indemnity condition that “The Applicant shall be liable for and shall meet any costs, claims and expenses claimed against him or against the Countryside Agency, arising out of the Grant-aided Work(s)”. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the insurers in order to clarify the Council’s position.
7005 Financial Regulations A draft set of Financial Regulations had been circulated with the agenda and was considered by members. One small addition was proposed and accepted. RESOLVED that the Financial Regulations attached to these Minutes as Appendix One be adopted by this Council and that the provisions thereof shall be retrospective to 1st April 2002.
7006 Budget for 2002-2003 A draft budget, being partially retrospective, had been circulated with the agenda and was considered by members. One small addition was proposed and accepted. RESOLVED that the Budget for 2002-2003 attached to these Minutes as Appendix Two be adopted by this Council and that the provisions thereof shall be retrospective to 1st April 2002.
7007 Letter to External Auditor for 2001-2002 A draft letter, regarding Section four of the audit return for 2001-2002, had been circulated with the agenda and was considered by members. It was agreed that the accounts would not be circulated to all members and that the Clerk be authorised to write an appropriate substitute letter. This decision was taken on the basis of a communication from LAPTC, enclosing a photocopy of a letter from the Audit Commission, which had not been received in time for circulation before the meeting. It was understood that the Audit Commission had received so many letters of concern from parish councils, regarding the non-appointment of internal auditors, that it had been decided to relax the requirement for 2001-2002 only.
7008 Appointment of Independent Internal Auditor for 2002-2003 The Clerk reported that only Yealand Conyers Parish Council had responded favourably to the suggestion of mutual auditing. However, as it is not permissible to have a reciprocal arrangement, it was not possible to pursue the previous suggestion, without the involvement of either Warton or Yealand Redmayne PCs. In the absence of any other suggestion it was AGREED that the Clerk should approach the former internal auditor for Arnside Parish Council. The terms of the offer would be to act as independent internal auditor for the financial year ending 31st March 2003 for a fee of £20. If the offer is accepted, the appointment would commence immediately and then confirmed at the next ordinary meeting of the Council.
7009 Statement of Accounts 2001-2002 The annual statement of accounts was included in the agenda, in the format requested for the annual audit return, and was considered by members. RESOLVED that the following Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2002 are hereby approved:

“Last Year” “This Year”

£ £

Balances Brought Forward 10524 9566

(+) Annual Precept 8423 8570

(+) Total other receipts 1238 443

(-) Staff costs 1926 2211

(-) Loan interest/capital repayments nil nil

(-) Total other payments 8693 5194

(=) Balances carried forward 9566 11174

Total cash & investments 9566 11174

Total fixed assets 17 17

Total borrowings nil nil
7010 Parish Council Web Site After discussion regarding future requirements for the operation of Parish Councils and also the probable qualifications for “Quality Parish” status, it was RESOLVED that the Council should commission the production of a Parish Council Web site, with a “gov.uk” domain, for the publication of Parish Information, a Newsletter, Minutes, Notices, Invitations to Tender and the Agenda for the next meeting. The current cost estimate being £250, with an annual maintenance charge of £40.
7011 Planning

(1) Applications received since the last meeting:

The following applications were considered at the meeting:
02/00536/FUL 12 The Row

erection of a two storey extension to the side comprising dining area WC and entrance with en-suite bedroom over – NO OBJECTIONS
02/00542/FUL The Sheiling, Slackwood Lane

erection of a studio/utility room extension – NO OBJECTIONS
02/00549/OUT 39 Lindeth Road

outline application for erection of one house on land to rear – OBJECTIONS:

(a) the Parish Council wish to reiterate the observations made on 6th September 1999 in respect of application 99/704, relating to the erection of a new bungalow in the rear garden of 41 Lindeth Road, i.e. “over-intensive use of a small garden site, ‘back land’ development contrary to aims of securing well planned development, narrow driveway inadequate to serve further development and setting a precedent”.

(b) the height of a house would be unacceptable and the dwelling should be restricted to a bungalow.

(c)There is a concern about the future of the trees on this site and it is therefore recommended that a Tree Preservation Order be made.
02/00604/FUL Land between 11 & 13 Townsfield

installation of rooflights and rear dormer to house – NO OBJECTIONS
02/00615/FUL Beach House, Shore Road

erection of a conservatory extension – NO OBJECTIONS
TPO 49 (1979) Rear of 18 Wallings Lane

removal of certain trees within W1 (trees marked with marker paint)

TPO 49 (1979) Rear of Mole End, Wallings Lane

removal of certain trees within W1 (trees marked with marker paint)

(2) Decisions notified by Lancaster City Council:
01/01389/FUL 37 The Row

erection of an extension to form new porch, first floor extension to form bedroom and erection of a detached double garage – GRANTED
02/00175/FUL Land between Trowbarrow Cottages and Haweswater Cottage, Moss Lane

erection of a pole barn – GRANTED
02/00211/FUL Ridgway Park, Gibraltar Road

siting of two portable type buildings in walled area – GRANTED
02/00449/FUL Silverdale Cricket Club

erection of a cricket pavilion and garage/workshop – GRANTED
(3) Appeals: none
7012 Correspondence 33 items of correspondence had been received since the last meeting and were tabled for the information of members. Those items which were not covered elsewhere in the agenda did not require further attention.
7013 Footpath No.19 – The Shore Note was taken of the contents of the letter from Lancashire County Council, dated 15th May 2002, regarding footpath No.19, acknowledging that the “erosion of the path is caused by the action of the tide and is beyond the control of the County Council”. The letter also indicated that “The Right of Way will continue to exist on its current line although the surface available to walk on may change over lanes”. It was agreed that the Clerk should respond to the letter, asking that any ‘public footpath’ signs, other than those which might be legally required, should be removed, as it was felt that the existence of the signs would encourage people to walk along a dangerous route.
7014 Termination of the Lancashire Coastal Way A request had been received from Lancashire County Council for permission to erect a metal plate indicating the start/finish of the Lancashire Coastal Way in the vicinity of the Millennium Clock. Members were in favour of the erection of such a plate. The Chairman will make contact with the owner of the adjacent wall before a reply is sent.
7015 Council-owned seats on The Shore It was agreed that the Clerk should write to Mr & Mrs Houghton to confirm that the four bench seats located on The Shore, at grid reference 458749, are owned and maintained by the Parish Council. Any claim made in respect of any injury attributable to a defect or inadequate maintenance would be referred to the Council’s insurers.
7016 Contract for Playing Field and War Memorial It was noted that two local contractors were invited to tender for three maintenance and repair contracts in the parish. Only one contractor decided to tender and therefore the contracts were awarded to Mr Doug Fishwick, as follows:

1. Strimming, weeding and clearing at the Playing Field £55.00

2. Repairs to fencing at the Playing Field £50.00

3. Garden maintenance at the War Memorial May-November £100.00
7017 Accounts for Payment

Cheques for the following accounts were signed:

Lancaster City Council – swing seats etc £149.23

St.John’s Parochial Church Council – flag donation £ 43.00
7018 Items for Information

(a) The Clerk advised members that there is a Freephone number for reporting defective street lights: 0800-132631

(b) Councillor Mr Beckford tendered his apologies for the next meeting. Members also noted, with dismay, the announcement of his intention to retire from the Parish Council in September.
7019 Date of Next Meeting – July 1st 2002

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