4th November 2013
10487 Un-confirmed Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday, 4th November 2013.
10488 Present: Chairman – Councillor T.G. (Terry) Bond, Councillors H.M.E. (Harriet) Bradfield, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, S.L. (Shirley) Mason, K. (Keith) Palmer, N. (Nigel) Ribbons, P.N. (Paul) Williams and A. (Angela) Woods, City Councillor K. (Kath) Graham, the Clerk – L.D. (Denise) Challenor, the Deputy Clerk – S.D. (Sue) Hayward and one member of the public.
10489 Apologies for Absence: PC 2866 Tony Marsh.
10490 Receipt of Declarations of Members’ Interests Relating to any Items Appearing on the Agenda
10491 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Monday, 7th October were approved then signed by the Chairman.
10492 Receipt of Information about Matters Arising from the Minutes of Previous Meetings, not Covered by the Agenda
The Chairman referred to: (1) item 10363, regarding the sight-lines at the junction of Hollins Lane and Slackwood, and reported that the vegetation has been cut down and the posters on the railings have either been removed or relocated so that the sight-lines are now clear; (2) item 10467, regarding the BBC’S visit to Leighton Moss, and advised that visitor numbers to the reserve have increased and the overflow car parks are in use.
The Clerk referred to: (1) item 10466, regarding the public toilets, and advised that Newclear drains will carry out the camera survey this week; (2) 10480, regarding a 3-year contract for the annual service of the pillar clock, and reported that in order to benefit from the 15% discount all 3 years have to be paid for in advance. RESOLVED to continue with annual payments rather than pay for 3 year’s servicing in advance.
Councillor Williams referred to: (1) item 10470, regarding the Hawes Villa campsite, and wondered why the planning application had not come before this Council; (2) item 10484, regarding graffiti at Silverdale Station, and advised that this needs to be removed.
Councillor Bradfield referred to item 10479, regarding the petition about the train service, and suggested that an announcement be made at the meeting on 6th November (about the 20/30 mph speed restrictions), asking the public to sign the petition. RESOLVED that Councillor Williams collect the petitions during week commencing 11th November.
Members referred to item 10425, regarding Superfast Broadband, and discussed the location of the cabinets. It was noted that the Clerk has written to the ‘Superfast Lancashire’ team to request more information. RESOLVED that the most recent communication be copied to Mr David Morris MP and that Councillors Ribbons and Houghton be involved with any subsequent communication.
10493 Matters Raised by Members of the Public for Future Consideration
10494 Update from the Community Police Officer
A written report from PC Marsh was read by the Chairman: (1) 23 incidents were reported last month, 2 of which were recorded as crimes – heating oil stolen from a property on Spring Bank and the theft of the padlock from the Shore Road car park honesty box; (2) in relation to the PACT priorities the police have continued to monitor the parking situation in the village and have patrolled the village concerning anti-social behaviour. No incidents have been reported at the playing field; (3) the police can be contacted using the non-emergency telephone number 101 and email carnforth.npt@lancashire.pnn.police.uk . Morecambe Neighbourhood Policing Team (which includes Silverdale) has its own Facebook page and the Constabulary has a presence on the web, Facebook, and Twitter. The Constabulary also offers a free SMS and email bulletin service called “In The Know”.
Members noted that a lot of problems were caused by inconsiderate parking over the half-term week when there was increased traffic in the village.
10495 Report from County Councillor Alycia James
Councillor James was not present at the meeting and her report was not available.
10496 Report from City Councillor Kath Graham
Councillor Graham advised that: (1) the planning application for 55 Stankelt Road is to go before Committee either in December or later; (2) she is making enquiries about the Lancaster City Council (Lancaster CC) contracts for emptying the septic tanks in the village.
10497 Reports on any Meetings Attended by Members or the Clerk
Councillor Palmer reported that he had attended a meeting of the Trowbarrow LNR Management Advisory Group and the AONB Executive Committee.
The Chairman reported that he, along with representatives from other Parish Councils etc, had attended an evening with members of the BBC’s Autumnwatch team.
10498 Planning
(1) It was noted that the following planning application had been dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25a:
Tree Application 13/0125/TPO Royal Hotel, Emesgate Lane. Branch reduction to beech tree. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
(2) It was noted that no planning decisions had been advised by Lancaster CC.
10499 Urgent Action Taken in Accordance with Standing Order 25 (other than Planning)
25 (a) Parish Council Property and Functions
It was noted that the Clerk has ordered a Picea Omorika tree for the playground and that the order had been changed following circulation of the photographs from the nursery; Mr Stefan Laws has agreed to plant the tree.
25(b) Non-Parish Council Property and Functions.
10500 Correspondence
Receipt of the following items of correspondence was noted and any action determined as indicated:
a) Lancaster CC inform that a Development Management Plan (www.lancaster.gov.uk/planningpolicy) has been published and invite representations (by 21st November) from interested parties on the document’s soundness and legal compliance. The plan is available in libraries and town halls. It was noted that a further plan, specific to the area covered by the Arnside and Silverdale AONB, will be produced;
b) the Arnside and Silverdale AONB partnership have launched the second consultation of the Review of the Statutory AONB Management Plan. Consultation runs until 18th November;
c) copy of a letter from the Chairman to Mr David Talbot regarding Burton Well Scroggs;
d) Skylines Magazine from the Air Ambulance;
e) Ms Lucy Arthurs’ response to the queries about work on Leighton Hall’s land;
f) LALC write to invite interested parties to attend an open forum regarding insurance scenarios, to be held early 2014 (deadline to respond – 15th November);
g) the Boundary Commission’s final recommendations of the electoral review of Lancaster. www.lgbce.org.uk ;
h) Clerk and Councils Direct publication;
i) the Planning Enforcement Officer’s letter which confirms that the application from Hawes Villa to have a maximum of 5 motor home units has been granted.
10501 Woodland
RESOLVED to form a sub-committee to manage the 4 major areas of woodland owned by this Council – Burton Well, Bankwell, Woodwell and Burton Well Scroggs. RESOLVED that the sub-committee comprise 8 people including 2 Parish Councillors (one of whom to be appointed Chairman); the sub-committee will manage the 4 areas to ensure public safety and maintain the biological habitat – by the use of working parties, applying for grants and the use of contractors. All financial transactions must be approved by the Parish Council.
Further RESOLVED that Councillors Bond and Ribbons represent this Council on the sub-committee.
It was noted that the Natural History Society and the National Trust are interested in being involved.
10502 AONB Management Plan Review
It was noted that there is little in the Review that affects this Council apart from endorsing the need for affordable housing. RESOLVED that Councillor Palmer respond stating that this Council believes that there is a need for more affordable housing in Silverdale.
10503 Toposcope
It was noted that the proposed toposcope (in memory of the Queen’s Jubilee) may require planning consent as the site is on National Trust land (next to the Pepper Pot); the Chairman is awaiting confirmation of this from Lancaster CC. In the event of requiring planning permission, RESOLVED to complete the requisite application forms.
10504 Exhibition of Photographs
The Chairman reported on the recent exhibition of photographs which attracted more than 200 visitors. Entrance to the exhibition was free but donations to Cancer research were invited and £178 was raised. It was noted that the Chairman will meet with the organizers this week to discuss the possibility of holding another exhibition next year. It was noted that the Council had already resolved to contribute up to £200 towards the cost of putting on the exhibition (minute 10409); in addition Members RESOLVED to reimburse the Chairman for the £30 in Junior prizes and £13.49 printing costs and to fund the hall hire if an exhibition is held again next year.
10505 Finance
(a) It was noted that no money had been received by the Council since the last meeting.
(b) RESOLVED to authorise payment and sign cheques for the following accounts
Mr A. J. Houghton (Basic Parish Allowance) £ 25.00 (870)
Mrs S. Mason (Basic Parish Allowance) £ 25.00 (871)
Mr N. Ribbons (Basic Parish Allowance) £ 25.00 (872)
Mr P. Williams (Basic Parish Allowance) £ 25.00 (873)
Ms A. Woods (Basic Parish Allowance) £ 25.00 (874)
Ms H. Bradfield (Basic Parish Allowance) £ 25.00 (875)
Mr T. Bond (Chairman’s Allowance) £185.00 (876)
Mr P. Williams (toilet cleaning) £200.00 (877)
Envirocare (contractor) £312.00 (878)
Mr Stefan Laws (parish contractor) £166.25 (879)
Mr T. Bond (reimbursement -photographic exhibition (s137)) £43.49 (880)
North West Air Ambulance (donation s137) £200.00 (881)
Gaskell Memorial Hall (photographic exhibition) £180.00 (882)
British Gas (clock electricity) £14.53 (884)
Hygiene Cleaning Supplies (toilet sundries (2 invoices)) £177.25 (885)
Playdale (aerial slide) £1115.59 (886)
United Utilities (water for toilets) £94.76 (887)

(c) The quarterly Financial Statement of Accounts was noted and approved. Following advice from the Internal Auditor RESOLVED not to set aside monies for the expected invoices from previous years any longer (in respect of work carried out by Mr Paul Holgate and the Probation Service).
(d) It was noted that 4 tenders had been submitted for felling the trees at Bankwell as follows: Envirocare – £520 + VAT, Mr John Lawrence – £350, Westmorland Tree Care Ltd – £160 + VAT and Mr Stefan Laws – £150. RESOLVED to check with Mr Laws that he has appropriate insurance and, if so, to accept his tender. If Mr Laws does not have appropriate insurance RESOLVED to accept Westmorland Tree Care Ltd’s tender.
10506 Notice Boards
1. to arrange for Mr Laws to relocate the notice board in the playing field because parents sitting on the benches near the entrance are unable to see the children playing;
2. that the Chairman adjust the door to the playing field notice board so that it fits tightly.
It was noted that the Clerk has adapted the notice board on the Gaskell Hall to make it easier to open.
10507 Items for Information
1. Councillor Ribbons reported that a charity quiz will be held at 8pm on Friday, 8th November at Silverdale Hotel in aid of the playground.
2. The Chairman indicated that he had received complaints about the inconsiderate parking by some residents of Rock Villas, Lindeth Road.
10508 Suggestions for Future Agenda Items
1. An update on The Royal. (Councillor Palmer)
2. Progress on the proposed skate park. (Councillor Palmer)
3. Donation towards the conservation of the Silverdale Hoard. (All)
4. Review of the Standing Orders and how they might best be implemented with regards public participation. (Councillor Bradfield)
5. Landing sites for the air ambulance helicopter. (Councillor Houghton)
10509 Date of the Next Meeting
It was noted that the date of the next meeting is Monday, 2nd December 2013. Items for the agenda to reach the Clerk before Friday, 22nd November and copies of reports to reach the Clerk before Monday, 25th November.

Sue D. Hayward, Deputy Clerk to the Council