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6th February 2006


8110     Un-confirmed Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Monday, 6th February 2006.


8111     Present: Chairman – Councillor P. (Peter) Roberts, Councillors C.J. (John) Eden, T.B. (Bernard) Fryer, J. (June) Greenwell, R.M. (Ralph) Henderson, the Clerk – P.G. (Peter) Challenor, the Deputy Clerk – S.D. (Sue) Hayward, PC 1118 John Bassinder, CPO 3488 Kathleen Bromilow, County and District Councillor S.M. (Sarah) Fishwick and four members of the public.


8112     Apologies for Absence: Councillors J. (John) Burrow, A.W. (Arthur) Graves and A.J. (Tony) Houghton.


8113     Receipt of Declarations of Members’ Interests Relating to any Items Appearing on the Agenda



8114     Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Thursday, 5th January were approved and then signed by the Chairman.


8115     Update from the Community Police Officer

RESOLVED to bring forward agenda item 6, under Standing Order 12 (b), in order that PC Bassinder could then leave to attend another meeting. PC Bassinder gave a verbal update. No crimes had been reported for January. PC Bassinder is checking the parking situation but is not giving warnings at the moment in view of the difficulties of parking whilst the car park to the Royal Hotel is closed, once reopened he will make illegal parking a priority. RESOLVED to add Spring Bank to the list of roads to be monitored. Notices have been put up at Jenny Brown’s Point asking people not to block the gateway, PC Bassinder will continue to monitor parking problems there. There is to be a greater police presence at weekends when police cars will be patrolling the area during the early hours of the morning.


8116     Receipt of Information about Matters Arising from the Minutes of Previous Meetings, not Covered by the Agenda

Councillor Greenwell referred to item 8089 regarding the checklist to be used for monitoring the playground. The checklist has been revised following the last meeting of this Council. Councillor Greenwell advised that the ASCT have asked for volunteers to help with the weekly inspections. RESOLVED:

1. to look at the possibility of including Parish Councillors on a rota

2. to adapt the checklist for weekly use, the extensive checklist being more suited to monthly inspections

3. to include a key e.g. 1 = good state of repair, 5 = in need of urgent attention.


Councillor Henderson referred to item 7267 regarding the Local Planning Design Guide and asked the Clerk if he could pursue the possibility of a design guide specifically for Silverdale with guidance, in particular, on dealing with planning applications for bungalows.


8117     Matters Raised by Members of the Public for Future Consideration

A member of the public spoke about the planning application for 17 Birch Drive and thanked this Council for its comments on this and Councillor Greenwell for her support.


8118     Report from County and District Councillor Sarah Fishwick

Councillor Fishwick gave a verbal report on the following: (1) Cumbria View – to be opened in May by Witherslack Care as a care home for children (2) the Carnforth Connect/ Silverdale Shuttle service – various meetings are being held to try and maintain these services (3) Silverdale Station – a meeting has been arranged to discuss access to the car park. The problem with recurring floods at the station entrance have been dealt with.


8119     Reports on any Meetings Attended by Members, or the Clerk


The Chairman attended a meeting on 23rd January.

(b) AONB Executive Meeting

The Chairman had attended a meeting on 25th January at which there was a presentation by Richard Bamford on the Limestone Heritage Project.


8120     Correspondence

Receipt of the following items of correspondence was noted and any action determined as indicated:

1. George Fox School Educational Charity – publicity request.

2. ODPM – proposed standards of conduct.

3. Lancashire County Council (Lancs. CC) – termination of bus service No.33 after 1930 hrs, from 27th March 2006.

4. Sheila Charnley – letter re objection to revised plans for 17 Birch Drive (and see correspondence item 9 below). RESOLVED to write to Lancaster City Council (Lancaster CC) about the handling of this planning application expressing serious concerns and covering the following points : (1) that this Council had been given inaccurate information (2) despite the objections a decision has been made without the full Planning Committee (3) the Trough of Bowland AONB, rather than the Arnside and Silverdale AONB, has been referred to in error.

5. Lancs. CC – consultation re parish charters. RESOLVED that the Chairman and Councillor Henderson respond to this.

6. Home Housing – reply to concern re overgrown flower bed – action is to be taken to deal with this.

7. Lancs. CC – Minerals & Waste Development Framework.

8. Mr Perrin – copy reply from Northern Rail, re train service to Silverdale.

9. Mr Manson – copy letter to Lancaster CC re 17 Birch Drive.

10. Lancaster CC – bids for additional lighting to beat crime.

11. Lancaster CC – reply to query about street cleaning. The road sweeper will call later in the day when there are fewer parked cars, Silverdale is on a 12 weekly schedule.

12. Roger Cartwright – complaint about obstruction of gateway at Jenny Brown’s Point, this has been dealt with.

13. Clerks & Councils Direct – January 2006.

14. AONB – “Waymarker”, February 2006.

15. Ruth Redman – copy letter re planning application for shed in Gaskell Close.

16. AONB – invitation to contribute an article for “The Bittern”. Councillor Greenwell has written an article on Silverdale Parish Council including mention of the award of Quality Parish status. Councillor Greenwell has also sent in an article to ‘Keer to Kent’.

17. Local works – Summer 2005.


8121    Planning

(1) It was noted that the following planning applications were dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25a, and comments made as indicated:

05/01533/FUL – 65 The Row – alterations and extensions incorporating erection of two storey extension to west elevation, erection of porch and installation of roof window to east elevation and erection of new porch to south elevation: NO OBJECTIONS.

05/01501/FUL – 17 Birch Drive – erection of a two-storey extension to the side, and a garage to the front: OBJECTIONS on the following grounds :

1. The development is out of character in design in this location.

2. It is un-neighbourly as it will result in a significant loss of light and privacy to near neighbours.

3. The proposed garage replacement could be used also as a workshop given its size.

4.There still appears to be differences between the plans and the boundary lines which make it difficult for the Parish Council to make an informed view.

5.The development would not be in keeping within an AONB setting.

05/01621/FUL – Westfield, Gaskell Close – retention of shed: NO OBJECTIONS.


(2) It was noted that insufficient comments were received for a consultation response to be made on the following application:

06/00052/FUL – 59 Emesgate Lane – erection of a single storey side extension to form a sun room.


The Lancaster CC website had been used to look at this planning application and had proved too difficult. RESOLVED to write to Lancaster CC about the difficulties of downloading planning applications and to revert to circulating hard copies of applications until the difficulties with the website have been resolved.


(3) It was noted that there were no planning applications requiring comment at this meeting.


(4) The following decisions advised by Lancaster CC were noted:

05/01528/FUL – 46 Emesgate Lane – first floor extension over existing garage: GRANTED.

05/01501/FUL – 17 Birch Drive – erection of a two-storey extension to the side, and a garage to the front: GRANTED.

05/01460/FUL – Old Waterslack Farmhouse, Waterslack Road – erection of a Field Shelter and a Feed/machinery Store: REFUSED.

05/01470/FUL – 1 Castle Bank – erection of a two-storey extension to provide a lounge with bedroom over and a detached garage: GRANTED.

05/01533/FUL – 65 The Row – alterations and extensions incorporating erection of two storey extension to west elevation, erection of porch and installation of roof window to east elevation and erection of new porch to south elevation: GRANTED.

05/01276/FUL – Ridgway Park – erection of single-story modular building, replacing existing portakabins: GRANTED.

TPO 157 (1989) – Rock Villas, Lindeth Road: CONSENT.


8122    Urgent Action Taken in Accordance with Standing Order 25 (other than Planning):

25(a) Parish Council Property and Functions

It was noted that Mr Phil Hargreaves had been asked to investigate a report of a loose seat at Jenny Brown’s Point and rectify it (Councillor Henderson)


25(b) Non-Parish Council Property and Functions

It was noted that an enquiry to Lancaster CC had been made regarding the road-sweeping schedule (Councillor Houghton)


8123    Contracts

It was noted that 4 tenders had been received and contracts were awarded as follows:

(a) RESOLVED to accept Mr Phil Hargraves’s tender (tender A), for one year, at a cost of £3,328. This covers: (I) playing field – mowing the grass, collecting and disposing of the grass cuttings, cutting the hedges, strimming, looking after the landscaping and the play equipment (including minor repairs) (ii) St. John’s Avenue – mowing the grass, as and when needed (iii) Parish Contractor – general maintenance around the parish, including the repair of public seats owned by the Parish Council – average one full day a month.

(b) In addition RESOLVED to accept Mr. Paul Holgate’s tender (tender D), at a cost of £700 + VAT. This also covers works to the playing field including: strimming, mowing, hedge trimming, tree maintenance, fertilising grass and plants, cleaning playground equipment, painting equipment and gates, raking of bark etc and inspecting the eqiupmnet. RESOLVED to ask the two contractors to work together to enable the landscaping to the playing field to be completed and the optimum care of the field in its first year.


8124    School Travel Plan

Councillor Henderson reported that a survey had been carried out in connection with the School Travel Plan, the contents of which are being analysed and will be presented to Lancs. CC.


8125    Lancashire Playing Fields Association

RESOLVED to renew the subscription of £11.00 to the Lancashire Playing Fields Association.


8126    Finance

(a) Councillor Fryer conducted the monthly check of all money received by the Council and found the bank statements to be satisfactory.

            (b) Cheques for the following accounts were signed:

                        Mrs Susan Hayward (salary & expenses)                             £277.86           (139)

                        Mr Peter Challenor (salary & expenses)                               £935.66           (140)

                        Mr A.W. Graves (Christmas Tree)                                      £ 25.00           (141)

                        Silverdale Institute (hall hirings)                                       £121.00           (142)

                        British Gas (clock electricity)                                              £ 24.39           (143)


8127    Suggestions for Future Agenda Items

1. To discuss the arrangements for the opening of the playground (Councillor Greenwell)

2. To discuss the relationship between this Council and the Silverdale Institute (Councillor Greenwell)


8128    Date of Next Meeting

It was noted that the date of the next meeting is Monday, 6th March 2006. Items for the agenda, to reach the Clerk before Friday, 24th February and copies of reports to reach the Clerk before Monday, 27th February.

Sue D. Hayward

Deputy Clerk to the Council

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