2014/05/08 Playground

8th May 2014
275 Un-confirmed Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Children’s Playground Charity Trustees held in the Silverdale Institute on Thursday, 8th May 2014.
276 Present: Chairman – T.G. (Terry) Bond, Councillors H.M.E. (Harriet) Bradfield, A.J. (Tony) Houghton, S.L. (Shirley) Mason, K. (Keith) Palmer, N. (Nigel) Ribbons, P.N. (Paul) Williams and A. (Angela) Woods, the Clerk – L.D. (Denise) Challenor, the Deputy Clerk – S.D. (Sue) Hayward and 2 members of the public.
277 Apologies for Absence: None.
278 Minutes of Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the Ordinary meeting of the Playground Charity Trustees held on Monday, 3rd March 2014 were approved then signed by the Chairman.
279 Receipt of Information about Matters Arising from the Minutes of Previous Meetings, not Covered by the Agenda
280 Receipt of Declarations of Trustees’ Interests Relating to any Items Appearing on the Agenda
281 Matters Raised by Members of the Public for Future Consideration
282 Repairs
RESOLVED to ask Mr Stefan Laws to tighten the zip wire to the aerial slide and to ask that he check the greasing on the swings as they are very noisy when in use.
It was noted that the Clerk has ordered a supply of end caps.
283 Date of Next Meeting
It was noted that the date of the next meeting is Monday, 4th August 2014.

Sue D. Hayward
Deputy Clerk to the Trustees