2014/08/04 Playground

SILVERDALE PARISH COUNCIL – Trustees of Silverdale Childrens Playground Charity

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Playground Charity 521323 Trustees, which followed the Parish Council Meeting on 4th August 2014, in the Silverdale Institute, Spring Bank, Silverdale.

Present: Chairman Terry Bond, Tony Houghton; Nigel Ribbons; Angela Woods; Shirley Mason; City Councillor Kath Graham; the Clerk Denise Challenor and 2 members of the public.

284 Apologies for absence. Were received from Keith Palmer; Harriet Bradfield; Paul Williams and Sue Hayward.

285 The Minutes of the last meeting held on 8th May 2014 were approved then signed by the Chairman.

286 Matters arising.
• The end caps have been purchase and Cllr. Ribbons is holding the supply.
• The zip-wire has been tightened by the contractor.

287 Declarations of Trustees interests relating to any items appearing on the Agenda -None.

288 Matters Raised by Members of the Public for Future Consideration .- None.

289 The Annual Accounts for 2013-14. These were approved by the Trustees. The amount held is currently £154.67.

290 Playground Report.
Junior Area
Anti wrap bearing damaged on the cradle seat swing- Cllr. Ribbons and Bond will inspect.
Rubber surfacing shrunk from the edges and lifting by cradle seat swings. – Enquire if ‘City’ can do the work out of any remaining allowance.
Senior Area
End Balance Beam rotting at fixing point. – The Cllrs can see nothing wrong with it.
Rubber surfacing shrinking from edges and lifting to multi unit. – Enquire if ‘City’ can do the work out of any remaining allowance.
Seats require lifting to 450mm ground clearance, shackle pins worn and require replacement. The seat heights meet Rospa guidelines. Cllr. Ribbons and Bond will inspect the pinsand decided next meeting.

291 The trustees authorised a cheque to be signed for £56.58 to Silverdale Parish Council to cover the cost of materials for repairs. (end caps & wood)
The next meeting of the Trustees – September. .
Denise Challenor
Clerk to the Trustees.