9th April 2015
10932 Un-confirmed Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute on Thursday, 9th April 2015.
10933 Present: Chairman – T.G. (Terry) Bond, Councillors H.M.E. (Harriet) Bradfield, S.L. (Shirley) Mason, K. (Keith) Palmer, N. (Nigel) Ribbons and A. (Angela) Woods, the Clerk – L.D. (Denise) Challenor, the Deputy Clerk – S.D. (Sue) Hayward and four members of the public.
10934 Apologies for Absence: Councillors A.J. (Tony) Houghton and P.N. (Paul) Williams.
10935 Receipt of Declarations of Members’ Interests Relating to any Items Appearing on the Agenda
10936 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Monday, 2nd March were approved then signed by the Chairman.
10937 Receipt of Information about Matters Arising from the Minutes of Previous Meetings, not Covered by the Agenda
The Chairman referred to item 10904, regarding the post office, and advised that some residents have lodged objections to the proposed move to the newsagents, because it is felt that parking problems will be exacerbated.
Councillor Ribbons referred to item 10914, regarding Broadband for the Rural North, and reported that the fibre has been ‘blown through’ to Yealand village hall, but will not be connected until May. Apparently superfast broadband is now available in Silverdale via British Telecom.
10938 Matters Raised by Members of the Public for Future Consideration
1. One resident expressed her satisfaction that the parish council has withdrawn its application for the Woodlands Hotel to be considered as a community asset.
2. Objections were expressed to the planning applications for Red Bridge, Moss Lane (erection of a detached dwelling) and land adjacent to Ferndale, Wallings Lane (outline application for one dwelling) on the grounds that there is no perceived need for additional larger dwellings in the village. Further objections were raised regarding Red Bridge on the grounds that it is outside the Silverdale development area, there is no street lighting and parking is difficult.
3. The regulations regarding outbuildings in the AONB are stricter than those in other parts of the Lancaster City Council (Lancaster CC) area.
4. The station waiting room – a resident has written to Carnforth Heritage who advised that they would consider match-funding should the Parish Council put forward an initiative for use of the room, the resident also suggested it be made a community asset.
10939 Reports on any Meetings Attended by Members or the Clerk
1. AONB Executive Committee Meeting
Councillor Palmer reported that: Ms Janet Barton from the Morecambe Bay Partnership gave a presentation on the new cycle way which will be officially launched in June; Network Rail are negotiating with the landowners regarding the footpath at Trowbarrow regarding its ‘right of way’ status; Silverdale Parish Council were thanked for their donation of £700 towards the work of the AONB; the draft Development Plan should be ready by April 2016.
10940 Annual Parish Meeting
It was noted that the Neighbourhood Plan had been mentioned. RESOLVED to discuss this as an agenda item at the next meeting.
10941 Planning
(1) It was noted that the following planning applications had been dealt with under the provisions of Standing Order 25a and comments made as indicated:
15/00165/FUL 11 Townsfield. Demolition of existing garage and erection of a replacement single storey site and rear extension. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS;
15/00197/CU Ridgway Park, Lindeth Road. Change of use of residential school to dwelling. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS;
15/00209/FUL Highcroft, Bottoms Lane. Erection of a porch to the front elevation and a garage to the side. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS;
15/00263/FUL 3 The Green. Erection of a detached outbuilding. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS;
15/00264//LB 3 The Green. Listed building application for the erection of a detached outbuilding. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS;
15/0032/TPO Mawsons, Ridgway Park. Various works to trees. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
(2) The following planning applications were considered and comments made as indicated:
15/00225/CU Ridgway Park. Change of use of former summerhouse from use class C2 to C3 with conservatory extension, formation of domestic curtilage and erection of garden maintenance store (resubmission of 14/00947/CU). It was noted that Members felt unable to comment as there was insufficient detail;
15/00332/OUT Land Adjacent to Ferndene, Wallings Lane. Outline application for the erection of one dwelling. PLANNING OBJECTIONS on the grounds that: there is limited access on the track; the development is considered too large for the size of the plot; the proposed building is not in keeping with the surrounding area and buildings; the field below the proposed dwelling is one of the proposed development areas and the drainage would go into that field.
15/00193/FUL Red Bridge, Moss Lane. Erection of a detached dwelling. PLANNING OBJECTIONS on the grounds that it is situated in an area away from public transport and, therefore, is considered unsustainable (as agreed by Lancaster CC in a previous application elsewhere); there are concerns that there is no drainage into Myers Dyke (SSSI); there is no need for new, large houses; the road is narrow and there are traffic and parking issues.
15/00320/FUL Silver Mist, 16 Wallings Lane. Erection of a greenhouse. NO PLANNING OBJECTIONS.
(3) It was noted that no decisions had been advised by Lancaster CC.

10942 The Clerk’s report of any action (other than consideration of Planning Applications) taken under the provisions of Standing Order 25
25a) Parish Council Property and Functions
It was noted that: (1) the toilets had been vandalized and that sufficient Members have given approval for a replacement sanitary bin for the ladies’ toilets at a cost of £23.94; (2) the door to the gentlemen’s toilet is loose, the bottom of the door is rotten and the cement around the frame is crumbling. The Clerk has asked Mr Mike Murphy to inspect the door. RESOLVED to instruct Mr Murphy to repair the door if the cost is no more than £120.
25b) Non-Parish Council Property and Functions
It was noted that, as instructed, the Clerk has withdrawn the application for the Woodlands Hotel to be considered as a community asset.
10943 Correspondence
Receipt of the following items of correspondence was noted and any action determined as indicated:
a) Ms Sue Heise applies for a grant (under Section 137) to hire Silverdale Village Institute for ‘brush up’ language sessions. RESOLVED to pay the cost of the room hire at £10 a session (for 3 to 4 months);
b) the Pension Regulator explains the need to offer pensions to employees from 1/4/2016. RESOLVED that the Clerk seek advice from LALC about setting up systems should any employees wish to take up the offer;
c) Ms Suzanne Richardson, Regional Network Manager for the Post Office, writes proposing a move to the newsagents. (Six week consultation document ending 13th April 2015);
d) a resident writes about Trowbarrow Quarry and urges the Parish Council to get interested parties to work together to present a case against the closed footpath;
e) Mrs Jean Colwell, retiring Internal Auditor, sends a thank you card for the floral arrangement;
f) Lancaster CC invite the Parish Council to nominate important local green spaces. RESOLVED to nominate the field to the West of the bowling green (behind ‘Gillion Field’);
g) Rural Futures seek the Parish Council’s opinion on whether it is worthwhile trying to organize a collaborative bid for funding from the new Countryside Stewardship scheme to maintain small parcels of land. RESOLVED to reply stating that this Council would be interested in joining the scheme if beneficial;
h) notice of the formal consultation on the ‘Public rights of improvement plan’ until 15th June. It was noted that a hard copy of the draft plan is available to view in the library during the 12 week consultation period and alongside this a series of informal drop-in sessions are being held where views can be discussed face to face with a Rights of Way Officer – the nearest being at Lancaster Central library on Tuesday, 14th April from 3-7pm. RESOLVED to discuss the plan at the next meeting of this Council once Members have had chance to see the document in the library;
i) Clerk & Council’s Direct;
j) FLAG Publication;
k) LCR Spring 2015;
l) Keer to Kent Spring 2015.
10944 Website
RESOLVED to offer to extend Mr Steve Lamb’s tender for website maintenance (as per the tender document) for another year.
10945 Public Toilets
RESOLVED to ask Mr Stefan Laws to paint the toilet window at a cost of up to £45 and to repair the gutter for £35 including materials.
10946 Finance
a) Councillor Woods conducted the monthly check of all money received by the Council and found the records to be satisfactory. It was noted that there had been the following receipt: Lancaster CC precept – £22,298.00 (BACS) and that Lancaster CC have granted Small Business Relief for Silverdale public toilets which means there will be no charge for rates.
b) RESOLVED to authorize payment and sign cheques for the following accounts:
British Gas (clock) £36.69 (1035)
FLAG (membership) £10.00 (1036)
SELRAP (membership) £15.00 (1037)
Mrs S. Hayward (salary, expenses & holiday pay) £549.32 (1038)
Mrs L.D. Challenor (salary and expenses & holiday pay) £1352.97 (1039)
HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE for LDC) £304.99 (1040)
Mr P. Williams (cleaning toilets) £225.37 (1041)
Mr S. Laws (contractor – £166.25 + £30) £196.25 (1042)
Mr S. Laws (painting toilets) £395.00 (1043)
LALC subscription £323.62 (1044)
Mrs M. Mackintosh (lady’s slipper artwork (S137 grant)) £208.63 (1045)
c) It was noted that the External Auditors Timetable and Return have been received and that, this year, the Council has been randomly selected for an intermediate review.
10947 Appraisals
It was noted that the Clerk and Deputy have had their appraisals and that both were satisfactory.
10948 Silverdale Hotel
RESOLVED that the Chairman and Councillor Ribbons write to Marston’s brewery expressing concern regarding the turnover of landlords at the Silverdale Hotel.
10949 Items for Information
1. The Chairman: (1) reported that PC Barr had attended a coffee morning in the Gaskell Hall and that Councillor Williams had shown him the damage to the public toilets; (2) The Chairman pointed out that this would be the last meeting of the current Council and thanked all Members for their work during their term of office.
2. Councillor Palmer advised that the drain outside 61 Stankelt Road is blocked.
10950 Suggestions for Future Agenda Items
1. Neighbourhood Plan. (All)
2. Silverdale station waiting room. (All)
3. Public rights of improvement plan. (All)
10951 Date of Next Meeting
It was noted that the date of the next meeting is Monday, 11th May 2015. Items for the agenda and copies of reports to be with the Clerk by Tuesday, 5th May.
Sue D. Hayward, Deputy Clerk to the Council