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1st July 2002

7020 Minutes: of a meeting of the Silverdale Parish Council held in the Silverdale Institute, on Monday 1st July 2002.

7021 Present: Councillor Mr C.J. Eden,(Chairman), Councillors, Mrs S.M. Fishwick, Mr T.B. Fryer, Mr A. Graves, Mrs J. Greenwell, Mr R. Henderson, Mr A.J. Houghton, the Clerk and Police Constable 874 Daley (Community Police Officer).
7022 Apologies for Absence: Councillor Mr C.H. Beckford.

7023 Minutes: The Minutes of the previous meeting held on the 10th June were confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

7024 Matters arising from the Minutes of the previous meeting:

7014 Termination of the Lancashire Coastal Way. The Chairman reported that the plaque would be made of cast iron, painted black with gold lettering. Agreement had been reached with the owner of the adjacent wall for the siting and fixing of the plaque by Lancashire County Council.

Councillor Henderson drew attention to the new leaflet, produced by the Countryside Management Service and already being distributed with the “Keer to Kent” magazine. Members were dismayed to learn that the map shows the route of footpath 19, which is regarded as being dangerous. The Clerk will write to the CMS as a matter of urgency.

7025 Update by Police Constable 874 Daley (Community Police Officer). There were seven reported crimes in the area, during June, which is two more than the total for June 2001. There is a prevalence of thefts from vehicles parked in ‘beauty spots’ and PC Daley requested further publicity to warn of the danger of leaving valuables, including credit cards, in parked cars. The Police had been involved in investigating two cases of juvenile nuisance, overnight parking at Woodwell, speeding near the Church and one road traffic accident.

Members wished to record their appreciation of the Community Policing effort and intend to make their comments known at meetings of other organisations.

7026 Report of any relevant matters by City and County Councillor Mrs S.M. Fishwick.

Councillor Mrs Fishwick had nothing specific to report, having been on holiday, but was asked to investigate the removal of the aluminium re-cycling bin from the village.

7027 Reports on Meetings

Joint Parish Councils meeting, 26th June. The Chairman presented a report of the meeting attended by himself and Cllr Henderson. There had been much discussion and concern about the new governance arrangements for the AONB, particularly as regards Parish Council representation. Proposals would be taken to the next Forum meeting. It is understood that the new manager posts for the AONB have been advertised, with many well qualified persons applying.

The subject of the “Vital Villages” scheme had been discussed and it was noted that most of the councils represented were making application, although Warton had now received the Grant.

General concern had been expressed about the extent of information required for the “Register of Members’ Interests”, which was considered unnecessary.

At the conclusion of this report, members discussed the matter of Parish Council representation within the AONB management structure and confirmed that they were not at all happy about the current proposals. It was suggested that there needed to be a “Service Level Agreement”, linked to the level of financial support provided by the Council. In the absence of a satisfactory agreement it was suggested that the Council may consider it necessary to withdraw all financial assistance to the AONB management organisation.

Carnforth Market Town Initiative. Councillor Mrs Fishwick reported that she had been elected to the Steering Committee as a resident. Councillor Mr Henderson reported that he had been elected to the Steering Committee as a parish councils representative.

7028 Playground Equipment (Minute 7003) Mr A. Graves has not yet submitted his invoice for the initial phase of the emergency work carried out at the Playing Field, but undertook to do so, once he has been able to restore the adapted swing.

7029 Parish Plan Grant Application (Minute 7004) It was reported that the formal application had been submitted and it is hoped that a grant will be received within the next few weeks. It was confirmed that members are anxious to start work on the project, in conjunction with members of the Neighbourhood Watch Group and other interested parties within the village, but that this could not be done until such time as the grant is received. The Clerk will write to all members as soon as the award has been made.

7030 Appointment of an Independent Internal Auditor (Minute 7008) It was noted that Mrs Jean Colwell has accepted the Council’s invitation and has therefore been appointed to act for the financial year ending 31st March 2003. A single payment of £20 will be made for the benefit of her services.

7031 Parish Council Web Site (Minute 7010) The Clerk confirmed that the quotation of £250 + VAT for the design of the site, and £50 + VAT for annual registration and hosting, from Xenecom Ltd, of York, had been accepted. The Office of Government Commerce had insisted on a County Suffix, because of the existence of three “Silverdale”s in the Country. The domain name “www.silverdale-pc-lancs.gov.uk” had therefore been registered. The Web Site is now on line, in ’embryo’ form, and will be developed during the next few weeks.

7032 It was noted that the new rates of car allowances payable as from 1st April 2002, under the NJC Agreement, for both members and officers of a parish council (for casual users up to 8,500 miles p.a.) are:

up to 999cc: 35.8p per mile

1000-1199cc: 39.9p per mile

over 1200cc: 49.4p per mile


7033 Planning

(1) Applications received since the last meeting:

The following applications were considered at the meeting:

02/00683/FUL 18 The Row – erection of a detached garage – No Objections

02/00685/FUL Wolf House Gallery – removal of condition No.6 on application No.01/01131/CU restricting occupancy of dwelling – No Objections

(2) Decisions notified by Lancaster City Council:

02/00505/FUL 1 Bradshawgate Drive – erection of a conservatory to side and back and a garage/store – GRANTED

02/00615/FUL Beach House, Shore Road – erection of a conservatory extension – GRANTED

7034 Correspondence 31 items of correspondence had been received since the last meeting and were tabled for the information of members. A letter from Lancashire County Council, asking for a payment of £25 for copies of Commons Registrations documents, was passed to County Councillor Mrs S. Fishwick, as it was felt that a charge was not justifiable. The Clerk was asked to write to St.John’s Church to ask for a copy of the definitive list of “Flag Days”, so that those relating to civic occasions could be identified

7035 Accounts for Payment

A Cheque for the following account was signed:

British Gas – electricity for Pillar Clock 05.10.2001 to 06.06.2002: £9.97 (873)

7036 Items for Information

(a) The Chairman reported that he had asked the CMS to investigate damage to the roof of the bus shelter (quotations to be considered at next meeting). He had also asked the CMS to carry out strimming around the seats as a matter of some urgency.

(b) The Council has received a request to examine the records of the1977 Silver Jubilee Celebrations. Whilst we know that we can withdraw all the written records from County Records Office, the whereabouts of the cine film is unknown. An item will be placed in the Parish Magazine requesting information.

(c) Councillor Houghton advised that the village school had received an excellent OFSTED Report and this fact had also been publicised by the Lancashire Strategic Partnership.

(d) Comment was made that the footpath across The Lots seemed to be overgrown.

7037 Date of Next Meeting – August 5th 2002

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